Homemade Eats & Treats: Spicy Chops & Tasty Garlic Spuds

Do you find it more fulfilling to cook at home or eat out? When you are always on the go or have something that has to be done, it’s sometimes hard to cook at home. For some reason, this week, the sis and I have gotten out of our groove of cooking and have been eating out around town. When I don’t cook for a few days it really gets me down. Cooking for me is relaxing and a way for me to control how my food is prepared–unlike when dining out. Read More

Clutter Doctor Anyone?

The ArtBelles with Style Network Star Amanda LeBlanc!

Friends a belle had a blast yesterday when we got the chance to sit down and interview Style Network star Amanda LeBlanc. A New Orleans native, LeBlanc got her start organizing her 1900 square foot home; friends couldn’t believe how neat her home was, and as they say the rest is Style Network history.

If you are a fan of organization or want to learn more, then The Amandas is the show for you. Got a┬áridiculously junky closet or a kitchen that a pet wouldn’t eat in? Then Shermika and I have a treat for you–just in time for spring!

Cute clear organazational dresser boxes (top right) that you can purchase at LeBlanc's store. These sturdy dark baskets can be purchased too!

The Amandas gives plenty tips on how to get homes in order, in addition to transforming lives. During the interview we were greatly inspired by LeBlanc, who is equal parts fabulous and sweet.

The main thing we took away from our sit down is that if you have a passion–stalk it! You should do what you love because it’s always going to make you happy. *clears throat* Let’s get this clutter party started!

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Hey, Asia! How ya doing? Pt. 1 of 2

These nice students offered to show us around Sensoji Temple if we helped them with their English. This is Toyko’s oldest (early 18th century) temple!

I hope you had a fab weekend because we had a very lovely time stimulating the economy. We went to Belk and racked up on shoes! Can you believe that a belle even bought a few? Ha! I got a purse too, but I am sure you already knew that! It’s funny how time passes us by. While looking at the calendar yesterday, I said to Shermika, “Hey, girl! Can you believe its been 2 years since we took over Asia?”

She looked at the calender and said, “Wow, it sure has!” I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun we had this month exactly 2 years ago yesterday! For all of you that wondered/asked us about this trip–this post is for you. We spent 3 weeks in Japan and had the time of our little lives!!!

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