Shoe Attack: Sam Edelman Interview

Sam Edelman’s spring 2012 Collection

“Fashion is discipline.”– Sam Edelman

What the heck happened to our weekend, friends?! Did you have a great weekend? Shermika and I had a busy, but fab one. As always it went by too fast for a belle. On Saturday alone, we interviewed shoe designer Sam Edelman early in the morning at Belk, spoke at an empowerment conference for teen girls, and then had to do our weekend hobby: shopping! Y’all know we were out and about while loving every second.

Sam, as he asked us to call him, was the hippest, coolest, sharpest dressed shoe designer at Belk. Okay, he was the only shoe designer there, but that’s besides the point. The man is a genius and we’ll tell you why!

We have NEVER seen a dressing room/interview room like this! Cute, cute, CUTE! Like Shermika’s shoes? They’re Sam Edelman’s of course 😉

The sis and I have been rocking Sam Edelman shoes for over a software spy phone free download decade, and to say we like his designs would be a lie. We LOVE them. His styles are too hot! Mama taught us well at a young age to buy shoes and bags that will last a lifetime. This lesson has stayed with us for all of our little lives. What do we like best about his shoes? Well for starters, they are sexy and their comfort is even sexier! There are so many designs/colors to choose from, and there are different price ranges for any belle.

Sam is a shoe god and when a lady at Belk asked me if he was famous, before I knew it I said, “Heck yes!” The lady then laughed as I buy an essay politely explained to her why she had to buy a pair of his comfy slip-your-cute-feet-in sandals. This next quote illustrates why Sam is so cool!

“Your shoes should make a statement. They should make order essay online you feel good and lift your butt in the air.”–Sam Edelman

During the interview Sam revealed that he loves color blocking, mixing materials, and of course, sexy shoes. He also told the sis and I that he adores the “sexy protest ’60’s look.” Sam also has some advice for you fab ladies out there. He said that by no means should any of you belles wear a heel over 5″ as it makes you look like a street walker, and by that we mean a lady of the night. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle, but I don’t ever want to look like a lady of the night. Alright, I know you are wondering what else Edelman had to say, so, here you are: What influences Sam Edelman? Music, street styles and trends. We’ve noticed a lot of spikes on your shoes throughout the years. What’s your obsession with spikes? I’ve always been influenced by music. Therefore my shoes are influenced by the children of rock & roll stars. I love rock & roll. In the future I will have spiked sneakers. The spikes are here to stay. (I CANNOT wait for those!!!) What trends do you see for the future of the shoe industry? *while laughing he said that he won’t tell his secrets, but shared this: * I believe there will be more use of a mixture of materials. Materials from Africa, South America, etc. Also, tribal and hippie designs.

*End of Interview*

In case you are wondering, Sam was actually here in B’ham to support a charity and meet persuasive writing letter to parents his fans. We are so grateful to have met and interviewed this smart businessman! We made a few shoe purchases for the summer and will most def share with y’all soon. Until next time!

Sam’s “Beatrix”– She’s from his fall 2011 collection. They’re cute & most of all extremely comfy. I example outline research paper obesity get a lot of compliments on these.
Check out her close-up!! Y’all know I don’t like to wear heels often… this is my alternative. Love it!
With an Edelman shoe purchase, shoppers received these gift bags filled with all types of goodies including a small purse & tasty mini cupcake!!
Sam personalized our autographed cards!!

Thanks so much to everyone that made this sit-down possible. We appreciate you all so very much–xoxo!!!!


Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

6 thoughts to “Shoe Attack: Sam Edelman Interview”

  1. I love you girls! you always check up on a sistah! LOVE Sam Edelman; Shermika your looking hot in them shoes girl! The boat shoes on the table there are amazing, its incredible that you all were so blessed to snag an interview!

    BTW I voted for you on the Great Arts Blogger Challenge! Good luck girls you have a fighting chance!


  2. That's really exciting, that you met Sam Edelman! I didn't have the chance so far to buy one of his pair, but I really like his designs, and the use of spikes! 🙂 So congrats for meeting him and interviewing.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog once again! 🙂

    P.S. I voted for you! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Shan! They are every bit of 5″ so you know I was feeling like a short top model right?! The interview was so fun. I’m not big on flats, but I loved those boat shoes…might have to get a pair one day. Thanks for the vote! You know we appreciate it.

    M: I hope you get a chance to buy some Sam Edelman shoes. You’ll love them! I am a huge fan of the spikes. Thank you for voting for us. We enjoy your blog! Thanks Dominique!

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