Frugal Fashionista Finds: Simply Fashion in the Spring Pt. 1 of 2

Shermika: Dress (c/o Simply Fashion), Bolero (JCPenney), Bag (Coach), Sandals (Off Broadway Shoes), Bracelet (Brighton). Tamika: Shirt, shorts & accessories (c/o Simply Fashion), Shoes (Belk), Bolero (Maurices).
As we told y’all a few posts ago there are a lot of hot trends this season. Other than cute spring colors and fab purses, florals have been on every fashionista’s radar–especially ours!! The one thing that we always tell people is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to 1. look trendy and 2. look cute while dressing trendy! When Simply Fashion approached a belle about doing a little spring challenge, Tamika and I jumped on it. For those of you that never heard of Simple Fashion, it’s a national clothing store that sells juniors, misses, plus, and super plus size affordable and cute threads. We were each sent $50 gift certificates with one request: spend it well! Y’all know that wasn’t a problem for a frugal loving belle that can make $50 stretch a long way. The challenge was on!!!

Contender #1

Let’s start with me first. Here’s what I got for $50 (5 items total):

2 Maxi dresses $14.99 each

1 Knee-length dress w/belt $17.99 (10% discount)

1 Necklace/earring set $4.99

With taxes, I came out at $53.19, which wasn’t too shabby at all. I tell people all the time that you can shop cheap without looking cheap. All 3 of my flowy dresses are very comfortable and the fabric is well made. I wore this beautiful floral dress to breakfast with the mom and sis, and later on that evening at an event.

This maxi dress will also be in my summer wardrobe!
Such a pretty floral print!
You should know by now that I am a heel addict. These have a small kitten heel, but are so easy breezy like my dress.

I adore this dress because the fabric is lightweight and has the number one trend this season: florals. I paired it with a black bolero, Coach Kristin bag that I absolutely love and some black Michael Shannon shoes. As for my accessories, I wore a Brighton bracelet and inexpensive fashion earrings (around $3). I was ready to rock the day out!

Contender #2

Alright, friends. It’s my turn now! Here’s what I bought (6 items total):

1 Pair of cuffed jean shorts (so comfy) $9.99

1 Short sleeve shirt $9.99

1 Necklace/earring set $4.99

1 Set of Bangles $4.99

1 Dress w/ belt $22.99

With taxes my purchase came to a total of around $56.00 and that’s only because I saw a cute necklace that wouldn’t stop calling me. I am a simple chick that loves to adorn my outfits with a fierce bag, some cute sunglasses or bangles, etc. So, when we shopped at Simply Fashion I knew that I would find something as their store was filled with not only trends, but as I like to call them “simple everyday clothes” that I could take to the next level. Here I am wearing everything from Simply Fashion except for the floral-print shoes and black bolero. Perfect for my quick trip to the mailbox, huh!

I am obsessed with dark jeans & love that these shorts are cuffed at the bottom. Isn’t that button too cute?!
Every belle needs a floral print shoe!

I am in love with this pink short-sleeve shirt as the ruffles give it that feminine touch that I love in fashion. The material is lightweight, but not see-through. I didn’t wear a necklace because I didn’t want any attention taken away from my beautiful ruffles. This shirt will be joining me in the summer months without the bolero. The bangles give the look a youthful touch. For $4.99 this is a steal, right!? I love the different colors/textures and did I mention how fun bangles are always fun?

Okay friends, my dress cost $16.99 and Tamika’s outfit cost $25. As always, I’m a much better shopper 🙂 (hehe). Check back soon for part 2 of this Simply Fashion post. Stretching $50 was fun and easy. The hard part was figuring out what to buy. So, what do you think of our Simply Fashion looks? Disclosure: We were provided with gift certificates to review Simply Fashion products. Our opinions are a belle’s own.


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21 thoughts to “Frugal Fashionista Finds: Simply Fashion in the Spring Pt. 1 of 2”

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! There was so much to choose from that a belle had to take it all in. Simply Fashion has fab clothes for ALL ages!!!!! Our 50+ year old mom wants a maxi dress now. LOL!

  1. Both of you ladies did great–you got quite a few pieces for $50. I couldn't pick a winner so I will tell you that I love contender #1 dress. Summer dresses are always in and the floral print really makes it trendy. Contender #2 I could've snatched those cute floral heels right off your toes!! Toooo cute!

    Both of you ladies look absolutely beautiful… this post reminds me that I haven't visited my local simply fashion in a hot minute–adding that to my to-do list.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Mandi. 🙂 Girl, you know you better hurry and head on over to Simply Fashion! They have some of the BEST PRICES. Period. Love their selection!! We've received a lot of emails about the clothes and my shoes this morning. Trying to respond to a few now!

  2. I think you both have really cute fashion and you both won. I have never shopped at Simply Fashion, but I will now since I see how nice you two look. I am on a tight budget so to know I can shop for good clothes and not spend a lot of money is good.

  3. I agree that you both won. Love the pictures. Ilike how you both used what you had to add to these cute clothes. Guess where I am going this weekend? If only they had a Simply Fashion for men… My husband would be fresh too! Great work ladies.

  4. Cute blog & photos… I can't pick awinner because you ladies both look great. Guess where I am getting my husband to take me shopping! If only they had a Simply Fashions for men. They don't sell men clothes do they? I still can't believe you two got so much cute stuff.

    1. Sorry for just now responding, Amy. I just cleaned out my cache and suddenly your comment popped up. Thanks for being so sweet. Take your husband's wallet and go on a Simply Fashion shopping spree, girl. You deserve it. Heck we all do! No, sorry, I don't believe they sell men threads! Maybe a wish for the wish fairy? Thanks for reading.

  5. What a great challenge, I'm challenging myself to spend less as well, $50 for a complete outfit sounds like a great deal to me! I'm going to have to go with Shermika! I'm obsessed with the dress trend so my hearts immediately drawn to her find and for just over $50…I'm inspired!

    <a>True Queen

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