All Aboard! Savannah’s Tall Ships Challenge

Y’all a belle has always wanted to visit Savannah and last weekend we had our chance. When we were invited to be a part of the Tall Ships Challenge, we were shimmying! I mean, we’ve heard about Savannah’s glorious beauty, but seeing it up front was a dream come true. The live oak trees, the urban forest, hip bohemian shops, you name it and Savannah has it!

You know we always have an adventure wherever we go. So, this post will focus on the ships, and some of the fun we got into. After reading you will want to pack your bags, gas up the tank or book a flight to head to sweet Savannah and have a great time with her too. In fact, Shermika and I pinched each other a few times… just to make sure we weren’t dreaming because Savannah welcomed us in style. A belle felt like a celeb!

The art in this historic hotel is so wonderful. There are 5 floors and an amazing staff of people.

Savannah is one of the most beautiful and hospitable places we’ve visited. The locals are friendly and the historic beauty is present on each street. We always tell everyone: “There’s nothin’ like the south!” This city did not disappoint. If you are looking for a town that has the heartbeat of a large city, but the charm of the sweet south, then look no further. Her name is sweet Savannah.

The view from our room!

Upon arriving, we couldn’t believe that we were staying at a Historic hotel, the River Street Inn. I almost fell out of my plush chair when I saw a book highlighting the inn. After talking to one of the bellmen, we discovered that the hotel is over 200 years old and has as much history as the very streets we were surrounded by. It was once used as a facility to store, grade and export cotton! The inn also has plush bathrobes for guests, so we suggest that you use them.

The River Street inn is a great place to stay with comfy rooms, killer turn down service and a beautiful atmosphere. Its close proximity to River Street is a huge plus, making it an ideal choice for a Savannah vacation. Depending on where your room is, you may hear a little noise from River Street; however, a belle did not find it unbearable.

We were so excited to see that we had beautiful bags filled with all types of goodies lying on our beds. Our rooms looked like a modern version of any good southern movie from back in the day. We had a spectacular view of the tall ships on the river and had a front seat to all the fun on River Street. Shermika and I could hardly wait to shower and head out to see these amazing vessels up close.

2012 Edition of Historic Hotels of America

These are the lovely bags that greeted us!! They made a belle feel real special!

This is the first year Savannah had this challenge and there were people from all over the world. It was awesome to see everyone there enjoying the hot weather and the tall ships. With great music in the background, we felt like lady pirates when we boarded the ships for tours.

We had a great time at the festival talking to crews of the ships and learning more about their day-to-day life out at sea. Could you imagine being out at sea a majority of the year? These fab peeps do it all the time and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of the great food we had on our first night at Savannah's Tall Ships Festival!

After the sun went to sleep we headed to the Westin Hotel to have a little dessert. To our surprise there was a sundae bar filled with ice cream and countless toppings. To top it off (no pun intended), Shermika and I had the best seats in the house for the fireworks show. Savannah has this show the 1st Friday of every month and we loved all of the fab colors in the sky. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.
  The best part was that we met a lovely couple from Atlanta. Y’all know that a belle makes a friend wherever she goes. We cannot wait to show you the rest of this beautiful trip. Stay tuned–we’ll share more photos, fun and tell you all about some of the fab peeps we met while in Savannah!


Check out our turndown service EVERY night at the River Street Inn. That’s one tasty bed, huh?

Special thanks to everyone in Savannah for making our trip possible–You know who you are!

Disclosure: We visited Savannah as part of a press trip. Our opinions are a belle’s own.


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  1. O. M. Gee! What a beautiful trip! I would smile as bright as the sun if I could wake up in a charming southern sea port everyday! And to little cute bags of chocolate no less…now that's unreal. Looks like you ladies had a blast!

    <a>True Queen

    1. YOU JEALOUS? The expat globe trotter who just took a fine picture in an iconic phone booth in London? Now, that tickles me pink. Especially since we live through your travels. So glad we’re visiting vicariously through each other. I need to watch the movie and read the book since we’ve heard the stories–the sis and I ate at the SAME PLACE–Clary’s, where the author got his inspiration. Neat huh? Post coming up soon on that though. When you venture back to the states, do try to go to sweet Savannah. Keep the expat status though. It rocks!

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