Eats & Treats: Trip/Tour at Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q

When recently visiting Atlanta, a belle had to include Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q on our stop. We were so mesmerized by their stomp down good barbecue at Taste of Atlanta and their lick-your-fingers barbecue sauce that we had to visit. How can you visit the south without including barbecue on the list?

Tamika and I stopped by the Marietta location, which is a few minutes outside of Atlanta and prides itself as the location where brothers, Danny and Larry Williamson opened their very first restaurant. We have come to know the restaurant whose food makes a belle shimmy and whose barbecue sauce makes her shake! Raise your BBQ sauces, friends… this post is for the true BBQ lovers!

Grilled Salmon Salad!

Before we ate, Leslie, a representative of this fab business, gave us a personal tour of the restaurant. Although it’s very large, it seems so cozy and I remember remarking that it is a great place to go on a first date. They sell all kinds of goodies and the staff was so friendly. That’s what we love about the South. There’s nothing like the hospitality!

Fresh meat is for sale each day!

A Southern oasis!

They have various meats cooking in open view.

Since we’d had the swine before, Tamika and I decided to try something different. Leslie had that beautiful salad you saw earlier, Tamika had the catfish sandwich and I had a pulled barbecue chicken sandwich on Texas toast. You should know by now that we both had tea– unsweetened and sweet. When our food was served, I had to add my favorite garlic roasted barbecue sauce to the mix! If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do! All of their sauces are delish.

Catfish Sandwich with onion rings!

Tender pulled chicken sandwich on Texas toast with steak fries!!

Man, this food looks good, but you gotta know that it tasted good as well! The catfish was a massive portion, so much so that Tamika could only eat half of it. It was crispy and seasoned perfectly. My sandwich was pretty darn good too.

Guess what? A belle got to see some barbecue sauce being made, y’all! Now eating was good, but seeing the sauce factory was great! Just like Paula Deen swoons over butter, Tamika and I swooned over the smell of vinegar and various spices. Check out their little factory below!

Their sauce division is not far from the restaurant.

It was neat to see how the sauce is made. You can smell some of the ingredients before entering!

This is where sauce magic happens! Everything is cooked/mixed here.

They ship all over the U.S. & you can even find their products in many grocery stores throughout the South.

We love the cute little bottles the sauce is packaged in and urged the company not to get rid of them since they’re glass.

Talk about a great adventure. Do you like barbecue or cooking with barbecue sauce? If so, what do you make?

Special thanks to Leslie and Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q for giving a belle a tour! We thank you all for your kindness & great eats! Oh yea, Leslie is the! Love her… such a sweetie! :)