Steel City Popsicles & a Doggone Good Weekend

Us posing with our cutie nephew in front of Steel City Pops!

Hey, friends! We hope y’all had a fab weekend because your fave belles sure did! Friday started with a fun day at the pool with our older sister and nephew. It was the perfect day and we really had a cool time in the water which is needed in this unforgiving Alabama heat.

On Saturday, we took the pooch to Do Dah Day (a 30+ year old dog fest), checked out a new natural/organic popsicle shop and we were on Fox 6 News yesterday talking about thrifting and fashion! Whew. That was a mouth full! :)

For you local readers you have to check out Steel City Pops. It’s a new local business that we think is unique and yummy. The owner is sweet as pie, so, you know that we’ll be back again. Let me tell you, they have so many flavors to choose from.

This weekend we tried: Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Lemon. I have one word…can you guess what it is? Divine!!! The lemon pop is so creamy you can taste the freshness, and that’s my kind of treat. You can even see the lemon zest in it.

DJ LOVED his pop… he had their Lemon-Lime!

Can you believe that this dog tried to lick my pop?!

Here are a few photos from Do Dah Day. We had a ball and so did our 4-legged baby!!


We have THE cutest/sweetest pooch on the planet!!