Fab Thrifty Finds: A Challenge with Fox 6 WBRC News

$1.50 well spent

Who said thrifting can’t be fun? When a belle got the call to appear on Fox 6 WBRC news again and talk to viewers about thrifting, we shaked and shimmied. Even the dog was doing a happy dance! If you’ve been reading ArtBLT for some time, you know I’m frugal–and I’ve made Tamika get with the program. I coupon, I deal hunt, I thrift, and my sister joins in on the fun! She’s ALMOST as good as spotting a deal as me. Keyword is almost, y’all. Check out our vid!


Tamika and I had a ball as we explained to viewers how to shop at thrift stores and get more bang for their buck. Fox 6 News challenged us to spend $15 on a complete outfit from the thrift store. We visited the Salvation Army on Hwy 150 in Hoover and went to town! On Wednesday’s, items are 25%, so y’all know Tamika and I had no problem getting our shop on for cheap.

Here is what we found:

Khaki blazer $5.99 less 75%=$1.50 (Jimmy Hale)

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%=$5.24

Blue necklace $0.49 less 25%=$0.37

The sis paid: $7.11 total for her cute finds! 

Purse: Coach

Shoes: Rampage

I love these Rampage shoes. {link:http://artblt.com}This is their Kardinal Leopard print{/link}… She just LOVES the bows!


Since colored pants are in for the season, both Tamika and I went thrifting with that in mind. It’s important to have a game strategy while thrifting so you won’t spend endless hours on the racks. Fortunately, we managed to find what we were looking for, which is a good thing because I am a hard fit.

Black sequined shirt $4.99 less 25%= $3.74

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%= $5.24

Shoes: Aldo

With taxes, I came out at $9.78. Talk about a great deal!

Looks like a belle met the challenge and got an outfit under $15. Whoever said thrifting didn’t look this good? You can find cute threads no matter if you are a size 2 or 22. The thrift store is a treasure hunt. Do you thrift? Check back soon for some great thrifting tips!