Fab Thrifty Finds: A Challenge with Fox 6 WBRC News

$1.50 well spent

Who said thrifting can’t be fun? When a belle got the call to appear on Fox 6 WBRC news again and talk to viewers about thrifting, we shaked and shimmied. Even the dog was doing a happy dance! If you’ve been reading ArtBLT for some time, you know I’m frugal–and I’ve made Tamika get with the program. I coupon, I deal hunt, I thrift, and my sister joins in on the fun! She’s ALMOST as good as spotting a deal as me. Keyword is almost, y’all. Check out our vid!


Tamika and I had a ball as we explained to viewers how to shop at thrift stores and get more bang for their buck. Fox 6 News challenged us to spend $15 on a complete outfit from the thrift store. We visited the Salvation Army on Hwy 150 in Hoover and went to town! On Wednesday’s, items are 25%, so y’all know Tamika and I had no problem getting our shop on for cheap.

Here is what we found:

Khaki blazer $5.99 less 75%=$1.50 (Jimmy Hale)

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%=$5.24

Blue necklace $0.49 less 25%=$0.37

The sis paid: $7.11 total for her cute finds! 

Purse: Coach

Shoes: Rampage

I love these Rampage shoes. {link:http://artblt.com}This is their Kardinal Leopard print{/link}… She just LOVES the bows!


Since colored pants are in for the season, both Tamika and I went thrifting with that in mind. It’s important to have a game strategy while thrifting so you won’t spend endless hours on the racks. Fortunately, we managed to find what we were looking for, which is a good thing because I am a hard fit.

Black sequined shirt $4.99 less 25%= $3.74

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%= $5.24

Shoes: Aldo

With taxes, I came out at $9.78. Talk about a great deal!

Looks like a belle met the challenge and got an outfit under $15. Whoever said thrifting didn’t look this good? You can find cute threads no matter if you are a size 2 or 22. The thrift store is a treasure hunt. Do you thrift? Check back soon for some great thrifting tips!


Shermika is a writer constantly in search of her next freelance gig and an ending to her short stories. She loves to plan trips, eat tasty delicacies, and tip toe in heels. She enjoys unique jewelry, good music, reading, and chic dresses.

14 thoughts to “Fab Thrifty Finds: A Challenge with Fox 6 WBRC News”

    1. Thanks so much for all your great comments LaTanya, Jen and Lar. I hate the Salvation Army is more expensive. I’m glad you noticed our posture. We’ve been trying to get better–I naturally slough…uugh! I’m glad you enjoyed the tips LaTanya. Can’t wait to go thrifting with you Jen! Gonna be lots of fun. We’ll have to top it off with drinks and dessert.

  1. You both look gorgeous in your pink pants! This is such an inspiring post — makes me want to go to Salvation Army this minute (though they are a bit smaller here in the UK — and slightly more expensive… argh), and you are both so poised on T.V.!
    Wonderful job, Tamika and Shemika!

    1. Thanks so much, Lar! We’ll have to visit the thrift stores there when we are in your neck of the woods. It’s so much fun finding pieces that you can wear everyday. I love your thrift finds, too! FAB–You & your sis ROCK. 🙂

  2. Amazing, omg I feel like a proud relative! On the news and everything you girls are killing it! Love the feature and love the colored pants you both picked up…1.50 for a blazer I need to get in the thrift shop ASAP!

  3. You all look FABULOUS and I love your pink pants! I just bought some orange and electric blue in that above the ankle style – so crazy that those are back in style. I used to buy at Goodwill and the Salvation Army and sell on Ebay; my best buy was a Chanel suit at Goodwill for $6 that I sold for $250!! Crazy. I also buy the men’s blazers and wear them with a cute top and jeans. It’s amazing the great deals you can find.

    1. So glad you approved of our fashionable, since you’re a pretty sharp lady Jan! Now, I would have never thought to buy stuff at Goodwill and resell it on Ebay. Talk about a business mind. I have been looking for some blazers at the thrift store. I sure hope I find some. There are great deals to be had! Thanks. TV is intimidating, but fun all the same! I hope to see pics of the orange and electric blue pants. Fun colors for the summer!

  4. Oh I finally get to see the video you all were talking about! You both are SO cute! When I don’t make my own clothes, I thrift. I just cannot pay full retail for clothing. Sometimes I find excellent fabric at the thrift stores as well. You just never know what you will find. Thank you for sharing this!!!

    P.S. I awarded your blog the “Lovely Blog Award.” 🙂

    1. Awwww how sweet of you! Haven’t heard about this award, but we’ll do a little snooping. It’s neat that you make your own threads. I can sew buttons, but haven’t learned how to make clothes just yet. What an awesome gift.

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