Frugal Fashionista Finds: Cute Dress & Designer Bag

The is a complete dress with a brown belt--All for under $3!

If I told you that you could get a $70 dress for under $3 and a $300 designer bag for under $100 would you believe a belle? Well, y’all better pay attention because I will tell you how to rack up without breaking the bank. I guess you know by now that the sis and I love fashion in various price ranges.

The thing about us is that we don’t really care about the price of an item–what matters is the quality and how it looks on us. We save money to have more money to shop. Tamika doesn’t care whether something is on sale or not, but on sale is always better in my book. You didn’t expect anything different did you? Check out how I rocked this outfit!

This dress was $2.97 at Penney’s (JCPenney dahling)…I scored it while shopping the clearance racks. You just saw the sale price, but on top of that I also got 15% off. This simple but adorable dress was purchased a while back (when they still accepted coupons) and the slim brown belt came with it.

Aren’t these colorful heels lovely? I already had these heels sitting in my closet, so, when I purchased the dress I knew they would look good together! Before I forget, these cute shoes came from Rainbow and were only $27. Cute, huh? They’re pretty high stilettos but let’s just say they’re super comfy and make my gams look good.

Tamika loves the designer bags and I’ve jumped on board in the last few years. This Brahmin bag retails for $295 but I scooped this cute little baby up for $99 during Belk’s Charity Sale (we tweeted it out). Talk about a deal…sweet! I was even able to get a little discount with my charity sale ticket.

You should have seen the look on ladies faces when I got this purse. It was under a rack that said $99, but I was the only belle smart enough to get an associate to double-check. They lost out because they thought it was in the wrong place. I thought the same thing, but ya gotta always have the gumption to CHECK THE PRICE.

Now that’s what you call killer shopping. There’s no use in spending tons of money to look great. You can still find quality clothing (and purses) if you know where to look. Time and patience are key my friends. Now, don’t I look glam?

This cute leapord print scarf was only $4.99 from Ross!
Vintage bracelet that I found a few years ago


Vintage earrings gifted by our sweet mama!


I LOVE these colors. It went well with my look!




Shermika is a writer constantly in search of her next freelance gig and an ending to her short stories. She loves to plan trips, eat tasty delicacies, and tip toe in heels. She enjoys unique jewelry, good music, reading, and chic dresses.

21 thoughts to “Frugal Fashionista Finds: Cute Dress & Designer Bag”

  1. Girl!! You have truly excited me! I am all about the thrill of the bargain. I developed into a full blow shopaholic by my quest for the sale! It feel oh so good doesn’t it. I do love the Naked palette. The original and Naked2. I actually have a extra Naked2 palette I purchased from Sephora to do as a giveway. BTW the black and white is stylish on ya!

  2. Thanks, ladies! I love a deal and being called cute. What about forever young? Ha! Carol, I loved your Brahmin bag that you shared via Twitter. I am all about the thrill too! Make sure to keep me posted on that giveaway. Love me some Urban Decay. Yes, the black and white does make a belle look svelte, no?

  3. Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing find! I’m completely inspired. I don’t usually have the patience to wait for sales, but then I’m also always complaining about not having enough money for clothes – duh! Isn’t Rainbow great for shoes?

    1. Cath, I love a great sale. I don’t buy ANYTHING unless it’s on sale or I have a coupon. Preferably, I like to combine both sales and coupons. I haven’t been to Rainbow in so long, but they have some great shoes there for really decent prices. Thanks for reading!

  4. Well don’t you look fabulous! So cool to hear you got such great deals on these things. Especially the dress, I love to thrift, but if you can get something new at a great price, then I’m all about it.

    1. Thanks Joyness. I love finding clothes for a steal. You are too sweet! I’m trying to get back in some old dresses too 🙂 We’ll keep more of these posts coming just for you!!

  5. You look tres glam, Shermika! And that dress?! What a steal! I thought I was being good with my “dumpster” Christian Louboutins, but you and your sis totally keep me inspired to keep looking for a bargain while looking for quality.
    p.s. You outfit looks a lot like the one Cath has on in today’s post. You guys are so making me miss Southern heat!
    p.p.s. I used to go to Rainbow for killer heels (at a great price) too! I wish there was an equivalent here in Edinburgh!

    1. Thanks Lar! I love a good steal. I still haven’t made it up to the Louboutins yet, but you must tell me about your “dumpster” ones. I’m glad we inspire you. Our mom always taught us to buy quality over quantity because you can wear quality items over and over again–therfore preserving your investment. I saw Cath’s outfit and she rocked it well! We did have the black/white thing going on eh? I love Rainbow for cute cheap heels that are decent quality (who would have thunk that!) I’m sure there is some cool shopping in Edinburgh though. I want to hear all about the little boutiques.

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