Local Eats & Treats: Golden Flake Chips

The sis could barely hold all the chips we were given during our tour!

It’s Monday and we are ready for the weekend–again! We hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. A belle spent the weekend snacking on Golden Flake chips (my absolute fave) and looking for the perfect bikes. Some combo, huh?! Ha!

Speaking of chips… when you are bored in your own town what do you normally do? Well, a while back the sis and I headed for a tour of Golden Flake to see what what fun we could get into! This local business has been in Birmingham since 1923 and their products are available all over the South. I can remember visiting the facility as a child, but think I had more fun as an adult!


Here’s a partial view of B’ham’s skyline.

During our tour of Golden Flake, the sis and I saw how the chips were made after watching a short video on the company. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures. We got to sample so many products including Maizetos, which are tortilla chips, and they were fresh out of the fryer! Talk about stomp down good.

We also sampled pork skins, cheese puffs (Shermika’s fave) and plain chips. Let me tell y’all…you haven’t had a chip until you’ve had one that is fresh out the grease. To taste all the flavors while they were HOT and FRESH was amazing. The sis and I had a ball and learned so much more about this company.

Even though Golden Flake supply us with the most divine chips, they also do a lot of community work and give back to plenty of organizations. We are proud to have Golden Flake right here in our backyard.

Plan on visiting Golden Flake soon? Well, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Though the tour is free, call and make an appointment beforehand as they only allow a slim amount of peeps in daily.

2. Stop at the guard gate and sign a waiver before entering. He’s really sweet and has a piece (armed)—don’t be alarmed!

3. You can’t bring any purses and or bags inside the factory. Wear clothes with pockets to hold your keys etc.

4. You can take photos outside/in the room where the video is shown, but not inside the factory.

5. You will have to wear an unfashionable hair net, but food safety is always important in a belle’s book. Even if you have on a hat, you will have to remove it.

These are a slim few of our faves. Hoorah for chips!

Tell us, what do you do when you’re bored? What are some highlights of your city?