Birmingham Beautiful People Party 2012

A belle had a ball at Birmingham Magazine‘s Beautiful People Party last night! We have been waiting on this party since last year. If you didn’t know, I represented ArtBLT by helping judge the contestants for the issue, and it was such an HONOR. Between seeing all the lovely people in Birmingham and oohing and ahhing over how beautiful everything looked, the sis and I had a treat of a night. The first stop was the pictures! Now y’all know a belle had to get her pose on. We felt like mini celebrities. How do you like our pics?

We spent the night talking with old friends and meeting new ones. The atmosphere seemed like a really nice night club and was very different from last year. To us it seemed a little more intimate. We loved it! You can’t talk about beautiful people without talking about what everyone wore. Tamika and I decided to get all dolled up and throw a little fashion in the mix. Check out our looks and tell us what you think.

I got these pants as part of our thrifting challenge with Fox 6 News. They only cost  $7.49 and I got so many compliments on them last night. Although I had my signature Lancome blush on, I was still blushing from the compliments I received. My top is an old number from my mom’s closet and I had on Aldo shoes–along with my trusty Coach bag. I love this leather bracelet that was gifted from Alchemy Style because not only is it stylish, but it matches my pants perfectly.

I got this cute gray colorful number from Belk for $30 during Belk’s Charity Sale (I wore it in Savannah several weeks ago). This dotted dress is so fun and adds a playful touch to any night. I paired the dress with $7 silver pumps from Shoe Carnival and a Coach purse. Y’all know that we love a great deal…talk about being a frugal fashionista!

It seemed like the entire city was having a ball. Did you notice that sweet belle on the cover? It’s Amanda LeBlanc. Check out the rest of our pics.

Krista Conlin looked very chic. We adore her-- a lot of fun!!!

The sis & I even ran into one of our old high school friends. Such a sweet belle she is!

They had the digital graffiti board again!



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    1. I don’t know about celebrity Sharon. We’re just two belles that love a good time. It’s very inspiring and humbling to run a blog and be recognized for it. Talk about fun! The real perk is readers like you that keep coming back!

    1. If you click on the link in the post that references me judging the competition, you will be able to see ALL of the beautiful people. I love the pic of the guy on the cover! I will try to check in with Krista and find out the designer. If I forget, remind me!

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