Shoe Attack: Floral Cuties

After getting several emails from many of you, I decided to do a shoe attack on these adorable Rampage heels that I wore in our Simply Fashion Challenge. This is a FIRST shoe attack for me… Everybody say hello to Rampage’s “Navy Floral Grayson” heels. 🙂 Did I ever tell you that I love peep-toe shoes? Yep, love them!

Y’all know I am not a crazy-about-wearing-heels-belle (I love to look at them), so when I saw these I was shocked that I wanted them. Now hear me out. They are cute, but what sold me was that they are so comfortable and have an adjustable strap. The sis had to show me how to walk in them being that they are about 4.5″. These are some HIGH high-heels for this belle, but it’s cool. I love how the soles have a built-in slip guard too.

The printed material is made out of fabric and I adore the cork look around the ball and heel of the shoe. These can be worn with everything from dresses to shorts. The cute little dark blue bow sets these off giving them that dainty look I love! Now that I think about it, these heels should be in one of our Frugal Fashionista posts because they were only around $30 on sale. They regularly cost around $49.99 which isn’t bad either.

I purchased these in the spring, but they can be worn in the summer. Keep that in mind when shopping for cute pieces to add to your wardrobe! Do you have any floral cuties in your closet? I already know some of you do because I’ve seen them!




Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

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  1. These are too cute– I’m with you, I like to look at high heels, but I normally don’t buy them. I like my feet to be comfy. But these are tooooo cute! Love them! I have a new pair of floral wedges that I wore to Swapnista over the weekend. They were $22 at JC Penneys!

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