Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 1 of 3

*slow happy dance* It’s Friday and it feels so good, y’all. We made it!!! If you are looking for the perfect Girlfriends Getaway, then a belle has a treat of a spot for you located minutes from Atlanta’s main attractions: Dunwoody.

Now, don’t get it twisted. Dunwoody can hold her own. With plenty of divine local food, arts, parks, and shopping how could you ever want to leave? The sis and I packed our Plush Creations, weekend bags, and the Nikon and headed to Dunwoody. We had the best 4 days any belle could ask for. Shermika and I had a mini adventure every time we stepped inside the hotel and I am not kidding. Let’s start with the fab hotel, shall we?

We loved the free parking (a lot of hotels in this area/Atlanta don’t have it) and being centrally located to all of Metro Atlanta. We adored the staff and all of their southern hospitality at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. Shermika and I met some fab peeps that represent Dunwoody, the hotel and the state of Georgia very well.

Why pick this hotel over many of the other chains? Well, for starters, you will feel pampered the moment you walk through the doors. This “boutique” hotel maintains a quaint and cozy vibe–all while being sophisticated and chic.

Upon entering, the bellman was a hoot, and we swooned over the beautiful art that lined the walls on the way to our room. This hotel is in love with the color blue and you will see it everywhere. A sweet little birdie told us that they are renovating soon, so, if you plan on seeing it as is, now would be the perfect time.

Thanks to the Girlfriends Getaway Club, we were greeted with white wine– a belle’s fave. Also, the hotel had a sweet card and a few treats for our pooch. On our first evening there, after a few chilled glasses of wine (I won’t tell you how many), we headed to the lobby to people watch before heading out.

We love how beautiful and hip the lobby is. The seating area is even better at night when the lights are nice and dim! Want to know what the best part is? Well, each seating area is separated by sheer curtains that adds a slight touch of cool drama. Aren’t the colors lovely?!

When you visit Dunwoody, we highly suggest that you stay at least 2 nights at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. If for some reason you can’t, we demand that you grab a bite to eat there. After working up an appetite, we headed to the dining room for a late, but fantastic dinner. The sis and I had the most divine meal while being entertained by our sweet waiter. The cool thing about this hotel is that almost everyone you meet there is from some exotic place. We met funny/sweet characters from Africa to Jamaica.

Spicy chicken egg rolls with corn & other goodness! TOO good. This jalapeno ranch is slap-yo-mama-good!
Corn soup with crab. Shermika LOVED this!

Our appetizers were on point. The presentation was stellar and so was the service. Shermika and I sipped on tea and tried some of the best food that Dunwoody has to offer. You better believe that we ate every last one of those egg rolls. Mmmmm their cruchy goodness is worth its weight in gold. Next, we ordered our entrees. Here’s what I had followed by what the sis had.

Grilled chicken with a smoked Gouda cheese sauce & grilled bread. What! Need I say more?! Delish!!
Crab cakes with mango sauce and salsa

If this isn’t enough to make you drive to Dunwoody for a bite to heat, check out the dessert. We couldn’t eat all of our meals because we were stuffed, but the waiter kindly plated our food so that we could take it back to our room to store in the fridge and have warmed the next day.

Key Lime cheesecake with fresh fruit. AMAZING!!!!
Chocolate cake with icecream and fresh fruit
The ArtBelles with the super talented Chef

After our feast we headed out to hang with some friends before retiring to our rooms to do some early morning shopping at Spruill Gallery. This fun house (it really is a house) is filled with art and is about 8 minutes walking distance from Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. Check out some of the beautiful items we saw/bought.

Perfect day for shopping, huh?
This gallery had art inside & outside. This was my fave piece–“Heart” by Gordon Chandler!
We purchases several items from these fun ladies. Each item was handmade.

Isn’t my little crochet Eco teddy adorable?!

These recycled licence plate bracelets are cuteness.
The sis and I playing with puppets! You’re never too old to have fun.

So, what do you think? We hope you enjoyed visiting Dunwoody through us as much as we enjoyed sharing with y’all. Got any fun girlfriend getaways planned? Check back next week for part 2 of our Dunwoody getaway! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time, friends.

Disclosure: Our meal/stay was provided by Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites and we visited Dunwoody as part of a press trip. Thanks, y’all! As always, our opinions are a belle’s own. Thanks again to the city of Dunwoody for making us feel right at home.


Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

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  1. It looks like you two had an amazing time at Dunwoody. That hotel looks incredible, the food delicious, and I could have easily stood in front of that heart statue for hours just staring and admiring it.

  2. Oh my goodness, Tamika! That all looks amazing! I’ve been to Dunwoody a few times but never as a “tourist” and it really does look like a lovely place to spend a weekend just out of the city. The crispy egg rolls look divine and your eco bear is too, too cute!
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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