Birmingham Beautiful People Party 2012

A belle had a ball at Birmingham Magazine‘s Beautiful People Party last night! We have been waiting on this party since last year. If you didn’t know, I represented ArtBLT by helping judge the contestants for the issue, and it was such an HONOR. Between seeing all the lovely people in Birmingham and oohing and ahhing over how beautiful everything looked, the sis and I had a treat of a night. The first stop was the pictures! Now y’all know a belle had to get her pose on. We felt like mini celebrities. How do you like our pics?

We spent the night talking with old friends and meeting new ones. The atmosphere seemed like a really nice night club and was very different from last year. To us it seemed a little more intimate. We loved it! You can’t talk about beautiful people without talking about what everyone wore. Tamika and I decided to get all dolled up and throw a little fashion in the mix. Check out our looks and tell us what you think.

I got these pants as part of our thrifting challenge with Fox 6 News. They only cost  $7.49 and I got so many compliments on them last night. Although I had my signature Lancome blush on, I was still blushing from the compliments I received. My top is an old number from my mom’s closet and I had on Aldo shoes–along with my trusty Coach bag. I love this leather bracelet that was gifted from Alchemy Style because not only is it stylish, but it matches my pants perfectly.

I got this cute gray colorful number from Belk for $30 during Belk’s Charity Sale (I wore it in Savannah several weeks ago). This dotted dress is so fun and adds a playful touch to any night. I paired the dress with $7 silver pumps from Shoe Carnival and a Coach purse. Y’all know that we love a great deal…talk about being a frugal fashionista!

It seemed like the entire city was having a ball. Did you notice that sweet belle on the cover? It’s Amanda LeBlanc. Check out the rest of our pics.

Krista Conlin looked very chic. We adore her-- a lot of fun!!!

The sis & I even ran into one of our old high school friends. Such a sweet belle she is!

They had the digital graffiti board again!


Book Love: A Rare Titanic Family

It’s been 100 years since the sinking of the once proclaimed “unsinkable” Titanic ship. Long time, right? Y’all know that the sinking of the ship still intrigues people. I’ve enjoyed watching the specials over the years, wondering what treasures lie beneath the sea and lamenting the lives lost.

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the story of the Titanic was made into a famous movie starring Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio that was recently released on the big screen in 3D. Who can forget that scene with DiCaprio and Winslett on the bow of the ship?

Well, a belle got her little hands on a book written by a the great-niece of a Titanic survivor and to say I had a great read is an understatement. A Rare Titanic: The Caldwell’s Story of Survival by Julie Hedgepeth Williams is about Albert and Sylvia Caldwell, former missionaries and survivors of the Titanic.

For all you local readers, Williams is a professor at Samford University. She opens the story by introducing the Caldwell’s educational background and how they became missionaries. The reader is led on a journey with their modest upbringings, Sylvia’s acting and singing and Albert’s hope to be the principal of a school in Siam (now Thailand). We learn about the Caldwell’s cross country sailing to Siam, their fleeing the area due to Sylvia’s mysterious illness, and their time spent on the doomed ship.

The book makes one feel as if they are actually on-board the Titanic with Albert, Sylvia and their son Alden. I could visualize the food the Caldwell’s ate as they dined amongst the ship like royalty. You can feel the fear as the story is told about what happens when the Titanic hits the iceberg and what ensues. Williams does a great job with giving a lot of historical context; she even delves into what happens to the Caldwell’s after the Titanic. I won’t spoil this for you though.

If you are a history buff, or just a nerd like me, I know you’ll enjoy this book. The Titanic is such a fascinating part of history and the book offers an insight into the history of the Caldwell’s true survival. The stories that are told are quite fascinating, and it is refreshing to know Williams cemented her family’s place in history with this book.

You can buy the book on Amazon here or on Kindle. These links are affiliate links. Are you intrigued by the history of the Titanic? What book(s) are you currently reading?

Update: Check out out fun at the Titanic exhibition in Atlanta, GA!!!

Disclosure: The book was sent to us by New South Books for review. Our opinions are a belle’s own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.

Local Eats & Treats: Golden Flake Chips

The sis could barely hold all the chips we were given during our tour!

It’s Monday and we are ready for the weekend–again! We hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. A belle spent the weekend snacking on Golden Flake chips (my absolute fave) and looking for the perfect bikes. Some combo, huh?! Ha!

Speaking of chips… when you are bored in your own town what do you normally do? Well, a while back the sis and I headed for a tour of Golden Flake to see what what fun we could get into! This local business has been in Birmingham since 1923 and their products are available all over the South. I can remember visiting the facility as a child, but think I had more fun as an adult!


Here’s a partial view of B’ham’s skyline.

During our tour of Golden Flake, the sis and I saw how the chips were made after watching a short video on the company. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures. We got to sample so many products including Maizetos, which are tortilla chips, and they were fresh out of the fryer! Talk about stomp down good.

We also sampled pork skins, cheese puffs (Shermika’s fave) and plain chips. Let me tell y’all…you haven’t had a chip until you’ve had one that is fresh out the grease. To taste all the flavors while they were HOT and FRESH was amazing. The sis and I had a ball and learned so much more about this company.

Even though Golden Flake supply us with the most divine chips, they also do a lot of community work and give back to plenty of organizations. We are proud to have Golden Flake right here in our backyard.

Plan on visiting Golden Flake soon? Well, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Though the tour is free, call and make an appointment beforehand as they only allow a slim amount of peeps in daily.

2. Stop at the guard gate and sign a waiver before entering. He’s really sweet and has a piece (armed)—don’t be alarmed!

3. You can’t bring any purses and or bags inside the factory. Wear clothes with pockets to hold your keys etc.

4. You can take photos outside/in the room where the video is shown, but not inside the factory.

5. You will have to wear an unfashionable hair net, but food safety is always important in a belle’s book. Even if you have on a hat, you will have to remove it.

These are a slim few of our faves. Hoorah for chips!

Tell us, what do you do when you’re bored? What are some highlights of your city?

Frugal Fashionista Finds: Cute Dress & Designer Bag

The is a complete dress with a brown belt--All for under $3!

If I told you that you could get a $70 dress for under $3 and a $300 designer bag for under $100 would you believe a belle? Well, y’all better pay attention because I will tell you how to rack up without breaking the bank. I guess you know by now that the sis and I love fashion in various price ranges.

The thing about us is that we don’t really care about the price of an item–what matters is the quality and how it looks on us. We save money to have more money to shop. Tamika doesn’t care whether something is on sale or not, but on sale is always better in my book. You didn’t expect anything different did you? Check out how I rocked this outfit!

This dress was $2.97 at Penney’s (JCPenney dahling)…I scored it while shopping the clearance racks. You just saw the sale price, but on top of that I also got 15% off. This simple but adorable dress was purchased a while back (when they still accepted coupons) and the slim brown belt came with it.

Aren’t these colorful heels lovely? I already had these heels sitting in my closet, so, when I purchased the dress I knew they would look good together! Before I forget, these cute shoes came from Rainbow and were only $27. Cute, huh? They’re pretty high stilettos but let’s just say they’re super comfy and make my gams look good.

Tamika loves the designer bags and I’ve jumped on board in the last few years. This Brahmin bag retails for $295 but I scooped this cute little baby up for $99 during Belk’s Charity Sale (we tweeted it out). Talk about a deal…sweet! I was even able to get a little discount with my charity sale ticket.

You should have seen the look on ladies faces when I got this purse. It was under a rack that said $99, but I was the only belle smart enough to get an associate to double-check. They lost out because they thought it was in the wrong place. I thought the same thing, but ya gotta always have the gumption to CHECK THE PRICE.

Now that’s what you call killer shopping. There’s no use in spending tons of money to look great. You can still find quality clothing (and purses) if you know where to look. Time and patience are key my friends. Now, don’t I look glam?

This cute leapord print scarf was only $4.99 from Ross!
Vintage bracelet that I found a few years ago


Vintage earrings gifted by our sweet mama!


I LOVE these colors. It went well with my look!