Book Love: Home

If you haven’t read Toni Morrison’s work, shame on you. I’ll stop and wait while you go to your local bookstore and purchase one of her works. Got it? Good. I’ve been a fan of Toni Morrison since reading A Mercy. A belle got her hands on Morrison’s phone spy app latest work, Home, and was thoroughly free java homework help impressed.

Fueled with a desire to save his sister Cee and battling his inner demons, Korean War veteran Frank Money (don’t you just love that name?) sets out on a search to find his true home–and ultimately finds himself. I was taken away with Frank’s journey and the delicate way Morrison structured the emotive novel. With her poignant prose and beautiful language, Morrison captivates the reader with scenes of how African American women were used as science experiments, the theory of eugenics, and the pain that comes with having served ones country yet still experiencing the brunt reality of racism.

Morrison leads us on a journey where Frank tells the reader his story and how did writing help shape judaism the reader is told Cee’s story, as well other stories that are woven in between. Her poetic expressions are sprinkled in, causing one to feel both hope and dismay. With her signature style, Morrison explores race relations, family, intimacy, and what it means to be black in America. Anyone can appreciate this book. I was blown away with how Morrison tackled such complex issues with brevity. But then again, this woman is an artist, and with each stroke of her pen, you can see vividly into the souls of each of her characters. Although it is one of her shorter works, I promise you won’t be dissappointed. Home is a quick read, but I always found myself flipping back to earlier chapters just to “get” things. This is one thing I LOVE about Morrison’s work. She pushes the reader to understand what she really means. Add Home to your summer reading list while you lounge poolside in those cute heels. You won’t regret it. You can buy the book on Amazon or download it to your Kindle. Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.

Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 2 of 3

A belle told y’all last time that we had some more goodness to share from our Dunwoody girlfriends getaway. Sorry it’s taken a few weeks, but I had surgery and some complications which landed me in the hospital for a week. Don’t fret because I am back and happy to be here with you sweet friends.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, we visited a few exhibits and had some of the best local food Dunwoody has to offer. I want to tell y’all about the amazing exhibits first…

Beautiful flowers on our walk to the exhibits.

The sis and I checked out the Titanic (this ship has an Alabama connection in this fab book) and Bodies exhibit at the gorgeous Atlantic station, which is a 15 minute drive from Dunwoody. This area is filled with shopping, good eats and a scenery that would be perfect for any belle to enjoy.

We saw the Bodies exhibit a few years ago, but if you are as interested in science as much as I am, you could go a million and one times and have a ball every time! Yes, this exhibit is just that cool.

First up today is the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The exhibit starts with you receiving a boarding ticket that bears the name of an actual passenger on the Titanic. At the conclusion of the exhibit, you find out whether the passenger lived or died (my passenger died and Shermika’s lived).

This is a must-see if you are visiting the Dunwoody/Atlanta area. You even get to touch a block of ice that demonstrates how cold the water was in the ocean that night. It is neat, but sad at the same time when you think of the lives that were lost, and the agony the passengers experienced.

Our boarding passes!! On the back it tells you your name, age, etc. Remember, when you visit, you will become a passenger on the ship!

Can you believe that it has been 100 years since the Titanic sunk? You already know that we were elated to know that we were getting a rare chance to stare history in the face!  Go ahead and check out a few of our photos:

Rent an audio guide before entering the exhibit. Punch in a code and hold the guide to your ear like a phone. Pow! You are a Titanic rockstar!!!
These gents are preparing the blue prints for the Titanic. Wonder how long it took them to draw?

Did you know that the Titanic had sister ships Britannic and Olympic? Neither did we. There was an army of people that helped design thousands of drawings, which resulted in these three ships. But, as the story goes, we all know that Titanic had to be the biggest and prettiest for all of the passengers to ooh and aaah over!

Trying to make sure these gents were going to have this ship ready in time, honey!

This is what a first class passenger room looked like. Check out the rest of it when you visit!
Though the rest of the 3-piece wool suit (vest, trousers & jacket) is still undergoing conservation, the label reveals that it was purchased in Birmingham, UK!
This wall phone is made of heavy brass & was used to connect different parts of the ship to the forward bridge.
A jar of 100 year old olives… one of the provisions carried on Titanic!
Our treasury printed these larger than now bills (certificates) from 1878-1928.

Who wouldn’t love these beautiful emeralds? There’s so much more jewelry to see, friends!

Titanic carried over 20,000 bottles of ale and beer on her voyage to the U.S. Buying one of these would have set you back a whopping 11 cents back then!
We enjoyed reading about this family & thought they were very interesting for this time. No?

This ice wasn’t near as cold as the water on the night of this dreadful day.
Grab a pair of 3D glasses they have waiting for you and take a deeper look into the wreck site!

Cool replica!!!
Names of all saved & lost based on class/crew members.
Don’t forget to sign the book!!

So, what do you think? It’s neat how a lot of these items were preserved, huh? After asking, we were told that a lot of these artifacts were preserved under water due to the luggage they were housed in. This type of leather was very strong and allowed the items to stay intact after years of being submerged. Though this exhibit was bittersweet, the sis and I enjoyed getting to see all of these wonderful artifacts. Next up is the spectacular body.

Don’t you just love her pose? That’s MY pose… You better work it girl!

I know you may look good in your clothes, but think about your body and how it functions. Never thought of it? Well, this super cool exhibit will make you think of everything from your lungs to your heart. Check out a few photos from this exhibit!

You didn’t think your head had all of these veins did you?
Here’s the largest organ we all have: skin! It’s soooo cool to see this up close!
He’s slam dunking on y’all!

Who knew we had all of these arteries and veins in our little lungs? Not this one!

Though they share a gift shop, both exhibits have plenty of goodies for purchase… including photos!

Later that day we headed to a local Dunwoody treasure: Village Burger. Let’s just say that a belle will be frequenting this spot A LOT. The young lady at the counter was extremely nice and the food was even better! Y’all already know how we feel about stellar customer service and good food. Two of a belle’s must haves in life.

I had a strawberry milkshake and Shermika had a vanilla. Talk about thick creamy goodness, y’all!
This pic makes me want to head back there this very second! I had a chilli cheese dog. Check out what Shermika had!
Yep. A juicy divine burger with Swiss cheese. Too much to handle, right?!
We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED these hand-cut fries. There’s no greater creation… except you of course!

Heading to Dunwoody soon to check out this fab food and wonderful exhibits? Well, here are a few tips/things to remember:

1. Check online for discount tickets. We’ve found them in the past, so, it can be done–It’s best to see both exhibits and get a combo discount. Here’s a quick look at their hours and ticket prices:

2. Do not bring cameras inside these exhibits because photographs or recorders of any kind are not allowed. We were granted access to bring this experience to you. Also, they don’t have lockers anymore to store purses/items in.

3. Park in the deck. It’s much cheaper (and free depending on how long you stay) than parking on the street which is very expensive for a meter. There are directories everywhere so, you won’t get lost.

4. Don’t touch anything unless it states otherwise. The Titanic artifacts are in cases, but a portion of the Bodies exhibit isn’t enclosed. These are real bodies/organs. Do respect them by not touching. Ok?

5. Grab a quick bite in Dunwoody at any local spot. Your tummy will thank you immensely!

Check out these sites to find more info on Titanic or Bodies. This is just a slim portion of what you will see when you visit Atlantic Station. For those of you that will be visiting soon, we can’t wait to hear all about your Dunwoody adventure! Check back soon for the last part of our girlfriends getaway!!!

Disclosure: We were provided with tickets to see Titanic and Bodies. Our opinions are a belle’s own. 

Birthdays, Back to Business & Snoozing in Style

Happy Monday! Firstly, allow me to thank you for your prayers, well wishes and happy thoughts while Tamika was in the hospital. We appreciate the love and support more than you’ll ever know!!! Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Hope y’all had a great weekend because a belle sure did. We celebrated Tamika’s birthday this weekend by going to dinner. We also visited one of our favorite places, Haverty’s, to attend one of their inspiration sessions.

ALL of our furniture was bought from Haverty’s. We were excited when on a recent visit, our furniture lady (yes, a belle has one), told us about monthly design events each store is hosting. This particular inspiration session, Snooze in Style, was on designing your bedroom.

Haverty’s design specialists taught us about the importance of buying a great mattress, and we saw a Tempurpedic mattress that had wireless remotes, allowing one to adjust the bed. For someone that reads in bed, I was thoroughly impressed. We even saw a mattress that is cool to the touch! We’re in the market for new mattresses and are about to redesign our space, so attending this event was a plus.

The sis and I got some cool tips on how to jazz up our rooms, like adding a bench or a shag rug for appeal. We are now on the hunt for the perfect rug to put in front of our beds! I have been pinning cool benches, so hopefully, we’ll find two on sale, or while thrifting; these will make for great DIY projects.

It pays to get up at 9 a.m. and learn how to make your space more liveable. Each guest was entered into a drawing and I won a Tempurpedic pillow! I was so happy since I have been complaining about neck pain for MONTHS since my pillows aren’t the greatest. The wish fairy was looking out for me. Now, all I have to do is save up for another one of those fancy pillows (ha!)

If there is a Haverty’s near you, we strongly suggest attending an inspiration session. Tell ’em a belle sent ya!

So what did you do this weekend?

Photo courtesy Haverty’s website

Hang Tight with a Belle

Hi friends!

I know you’ve been wondering where we’re at since we haven’t been posting. Tamika has had surgery and I’m busy trying to get her in tip-top shape. Posts will be a little slow these days as one belle can only do so much. No worries though…we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of our older posts, which I’m sure you’ll love. Thanks for your patience!