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If you haven’t read Toni Morrison’s work, shame on you. I’ll stop and wait while you go to your local bookstore and purchase one of her works. Got it? Good. I’ve been a fan of Toni Morrison since reading A Mercy. A belle got her hands on Morrison’s phone spy app latest work, Home, and was thoroughly free java homework help impressed.

Fueled with a desire to save his sister Cee and battling his inner demons, Korean War veteran Frank Money (don’t you just love that name?) sets out on a search to find his true home–and ultimately finds himself. I was taken away with Frank’s journey and the delicate way Morrison structured the emotive novel. With her poignant prose and beautiful language, Morrison captivates the reader with scenes of how African American women were used as science experiments, the theory of eugenics, and the pain that comes with having served ones country yet still experiencing the brunt reality of racism.

Morrison leads us on a journey where Frank tells the reader his story and how did writing help shape judaism the reader is told Cee’s story, as well other stories that are woven in between. Her poetic expressions are sprinkled in, causing one to feel both hope and dismay. With her signature style, Morrison explores race relations, family, intimacy, and what it means to be black in America. Anyone can appreciate this book. I was blown away with how Morrison tackled such complex issues with brevity. But then again, this woman is an artist, and with each stroke of her pen, you can see vividly into the souls of each of her characters. Although it is one of her shorter works, I promise you won’t be dissappointed. Home is a quick read, but I always found myself flipping back to earlier chapters just to “get” things. This is one thing I LOVE about Morrison’s work. She pushes the reader to understand what she really means. Add Home to your summer reading list while you lounge poolside in those cute heels. You won’t regret it. You can buy the book on Amazon or download it to your Kindle. Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.


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