Popcorn and Market Yumminess

Hey, friends! How did y’all enjoy the weekend? Well, in between unpacking and tidying up our new place (which seems like forever), the sis and I went exploring in Atlanta. I know y’all have heard of a wine tasting or a beer tasting, but we had our own little popcorn tasting.

We found this cool little shop called Popcorn Mania, and a belle was in popcorn heaven! We tasted everything from strawberry lemonade flavored popcorn, to beer, to Snicker’s, to dill pickle and MORE. Talk about variety.

The employees told us the company is based in South America and their first U.S. store is in Atlanta. Well, aren’t we lucky?!

We bought a few bags for some friends, but wanted you to check out a few of the flavors below. Aren’t these some beautiful colors?:

Our sweet friend Brandi also told us about Dekalb Farmer’s Market, which is a foodie’s dream. If you’re looking for the freshest produce, meat, cheese, etc. then you have to check this place out. The drive wasn’t too far, which made us real happy. Let me warn you though if you’re visiting Atlanta–the market is HUGE and packed! I’m talking about buggies colliding with one another, shoppers falling all over each other to get the last bag of grapes. Nah, I’m just kidding, but the market is huge!

There is an expansive selection of nuts, wine, spices, olive oil, seafood, and more. Tamika and I didn’t get a chance to look at everything, which means we have the immense pleasure of going back. If your palette loves international food, then this market is the place to be at. There are all sorts of international foods and spices, and I even saw squid and octopus. It reminded me of our time in Japan when Tamika and I visited the local market.

Along with some fresh collard greens, okra, peaches and more, the sis and I copped some cute bamboo plants. How you like ’em?


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