Oui, OUI to Bell Bottoms, ‘Fros & Fab Fashion

Is it just a belle or does it seem as though this month has flown by? It was just summer and now fall is here! Yay!! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend because the sis and I had a ball at the gorgeous Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center.

Can you believe that we are still unpacking? *sighs* Yep. It seems like we will never finish, but we didn’t let this stop us from having a delightful night out on the town. Friends, let me tell you about this uber fab play! If you love comedy and romance, then you have to see this play I am about to tell you about!!

Ever heard of Pearl Cleage? I hadn’t, but Shermika did. Let me just say that I am most def going to check out more of her work. We had the great pleasure of taking part in the world premiere of her newest work: What I Learned in Paris at one of the most beautiful theatres in Midtown.

World premiere… how exciting!

The setting of the play revolves around the election of Atlanta’s first black mayor, Maynard Jackson, in 1973. What did we love most? The fashion/energy. I am not even lying when I say: you have to see the costumes in this play. To. Die. For. Period! Kudos to Lex Liang (the costume designer) for creating fashion magic on the stage. Everyone looked AWESOME. The fierce afros, bell bottoms and fashionable men (oh the suits!) and women made a belle ohhh and ahh wondering what the actors would be wearing next.

We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to see this play at the Woodruff!

This is a wonderful cast and I don’t think you’ll have a problem falling for each of them. They all have their own individual story. This play is about individual struggles during a time that Atlanta was changing. Also, it’s about self realization, growth and female empowerment. My fave character, and the audience’s (per the applause) was Evie Madison, played by Crystal Fox. She was stylish, beautiful, and strong. I am not surprised that this work is the recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award. These actors were phenomenal.

What I Learned in Paris has an amazing cast, and the sis and I absolutely adored that the work wasn’t negative. It did not have vulgar language, which is often found in most modern plays. It’s perfect for anyone! I do hope that you will check it out or some other wonderful play that the Woodruff has this season. Oh yeah, when you go, don’t forget to pick up these two books because they list all of the shows going on this season. This play has been extended until 10.6.2012. So what does this mean? There’s still time for you to take a friend and go see it!!! Woot!


Things to know about the Woodruff Arts Center:

  • Parking is located behind the building and is $15 (they take cards/cash and you’ll pay before parking). Also, be sure to keep your blue parking ticket visible in your car because you will have to show it when leaving the deck.
  • You can purchase drinks and snacks there and take them inside the Alliance Theatre.
  • No pics/recording is allowed, so don’t even try it.
Had to take a pic! It’s bodies that form a body! NEAT!!

Disclosure: We were provided tickets to this play, but as always, our opinions are a belle’s own!

Frugal Fashionista Finds: Fall into Savings

Shirt: $9 (Walmart)

Shoes: $5 (Shoe Carnival)

Skinny Jeans: Avenue (hunted down in my closet)

Necklace, earrings, bracelet: $15

Bag: Coach

It’s Monday! Don’t be sad–it just means we all are closer to some beautiful fall weather! I cannot wait because this summer heat in the south is for real! Aren’t you excited to know that the leaves will be changing colors soon?! Some have already started to do so.

So, we have to know: have you started shopping for fall yet? Whether you have or have not, the sis and I have some great tips to share with you. Over the weekend we shared some tips with our Fox 6 viewers back home and wanted to share them with you too!

The sis and I both have 2 pair of these in different colors! $5 for these comfy cuties!

Y’all know we adore threads, accessories and more from high end to low end. I think I’ve told you before that mama always told us to pick quality over ticket price. Just because an item is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s not great quality. With that said, let’s talk about some cute items we’ve scored recently.

Last week we’ve been digging in our closets (and recent shopping bags) to start dressing the part for fall. We figured if we are ready the cool weather will hurry. Fab logic… yeah, we know!!! Take a look at some frugal finds/tips we had to share!

Both of the thrifted blazers we wore on air were less that $2!


5 things to know/remember when shopping for fall deals:

1.  When purchasing fall trends, shop for pieces that you can easily wear in the winter. There is no need to spend a lot of money on clothes that may or may not be in style the following season. Pick and choose which trends you want to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. You may pick a trendy earring, jacket, top, etc.

2. Buy pieces that allow you to dress in layers.– This sleeveless shirt from Walmart can be easily upgraded with a cute blazer or bolero for a chic fall look. No? Layers are always cool!

3. Sign up for your fave store’s email list. Many times I’ve found that they will only send extra coupons/savings to their email subscribers (Coach is doing so right now. Do you have your 25% off coupon?).

4. NEVER stay loyal to one store. Shop around! When it comes to our money the sis and I shop for the best deals and that includes online, thrifting and at the typical brick and mortar store. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the fall fashion box.

5. Get to know employees because they are going to be your first and best source to upcoming sales/deals. Often times we’ve found out about sales before they’ve been announced because we befriend the employees. It’s great to have a sweet salesperson who is looking out for you. It makes shopping even more fun! Now that’s hot!!!

*Bonus: Check our press tab and watch our most recent vid–there are a few more tips we shared on air!

Soon we’ll breakdown the cost of some cute consignment items we wore last week. You won’t believe the cost of these items! Until next time you fall deal hunting fashionista you!!





Taste of Atlanta Giveaway

Sorry, sweet friend… This GIVEAWAY has ended. Follow us for more fun!

Well friends, we normally don’t post on the weekend, but since you’re extra special we’re going to. In honor of our big move to Atlanta and since we’re promotional partners for the hippest foodie event on the planet, Taste of Atlanta is offering a pair of tickets for 2 (YES, TWO) of our readers.

This is a must-taste fest as they have something for everyone. If you love meat, they’ll have you covered. If you love vegetarian food, they’ll have you covered. Love Asian, Southern, Italian, seafood, and tasty treats? They’ll have that too and MORE! Can we get a woot woot?!

Will you be one of our 2 winners to randomly win 2 tickets EACH to this premiere foodie event on Sunday, October 7, 2012?  If you’re done from your nap and want to know what the fest is like, then check out our post from last year here.

The contest ends Saturday, September 22nd at 1 p.m. EST

The rules are simple:

1. Like ArtBLT & Taste of Atlanta on Facebook & leave a comment on this post telling us what you’re eating at TOA. Next, share this contest on your Facebook status by including @ArtBLT (it should hyperlink to our fb page) in your comment. (Mandatory)

3 Bonus Entries:
1. Follow ArtBLT on Twitter and tweet: “I entered @artblt’s giveaway for 2 tix to #ATL’s @tasteofatlanta. UR a #Foodie if you do!
2. Subscribe to ArtBLT’s newsletter.
3. Follow us on Instagram (ArtBLT) or Pinterest (ArtBelles). Please put your Instagram/Pinterest name in your comment.

 Leave a comment for each bonus entry–this is how we are tracking everyone. You may leave a total of 4 comments. Good luck!!

*Pictures provided by Taste of Atlanta

Knives night out: Taste of Atlanta 2nd Annual Tweetup

L-R: Shermika, Wendy, Kathleen, Sarah, TOA’s President/Founder Dale Gordon DeSena, Tamika

Hey, friends!

A belle was in foodie heaven yesterday evening. Did you see all of the pics we tweeted/instagramed? Made you hungry, right? It makes us shimmy just thinking about it! We were invited to a media preview for 4 restaurants participating in Taste of Atlanta. If you read about the fun we had last year, then you know that we are counting down the months to 2012’s fest. It’s coming soon and we are so happy to be promotional partners!!

Groups were divided into teams and you know we were a part of the best team! Woot woot!! As a part of Team Knives (there was also a Team Spoons, Napkins, Forks–CUTE, huh?!), we sampled food from Atlanta’s hottest restaurants. Check out our sweet ride for the evening and our doll of a driver! *screams* Team Knives is in the building!

Derick was awesome!!

Our sweet ride was courtesy of Uber Atl, which drove us around our roaming area of Downtown/Westside. The other teams tried 4 different restaurants each. We tried everything from octopus to bratwurst. Here’s where we grubbed on:

Five Seasons Brewing

The sis and I tried their Venus beer which has a semi-fruity undertone. Y’all know we aren’t beer drinkers, but we did give into beer pressure, and tried the brews which weren’t bad.

The highlight was bratwurst wrapped in a pretzel and it was heaven. Oh MY! There was a mustard dipping sauce that gave this tasty bit an uumph!


 The Optimist

Here we had a smorgasbord of food. This restaurant really rolled out the seafood red carpet! There were mussels, oysters, octopus, chowder, gumbo, and the list goes on! This place really knows how to treat a guest. The ambience is super chic and cool. The restaurant has an industrial feel with its exposed beams.

And the food? A belle was in seafood paradise! The sis and I dined on sweet buttery rolls, octopus (which was quite good and spicy), and halibut amongst other delicacies. This resturant treated us like queens and showed out! Check out all that we had!!!

Seared tuna
Pink Himalayan sea salt adorns this drink
Lobster rolls is how a belle rolls!

We told y’all this place is off the chain! Our tummies thanked us with a big ole smile.

Octopus. It was actually quite good and spicy.
Mussels with tasty bread!

White Oak Kitchen

Good food, killer ambiance, and did we mention good food? Okay, the evening started with toast, butter and homemade jam. If I had to guess, the butter was made in house too. We then had bourbon and y’all know us Southern girls can’t do the hard stuff. BUT, the bourbon was so sweet and citrusy flavored. The manager knew what he was talking about when he said the bourbon was the best we’d ever have!

Can we have these in our place?! It’s made out of wood!

No worries, it didn’t put hair on our chests. Now on to the food. Quail came along and it was SO GOOD! Neither of us have had quail before, but believe me when I say you have to try this treat at White Oak Kitchen. The quail was on a piece of thick toast with cheese, bacon and jam. Talk about unbelievably good! It was the highlight of our little lives.

The BarrelHouse

The night ended here where the entire group met up over a “Last Summer Fling” and cheesecake bites. Y’all, the drink was on point! It had moscato, some rum, and other goodies, but it’s a real smooth drink. If you go, tell ’em a belle sent you. Besides the stellar food, we got to meet some AWESOME ATL peeps and cannot wait until the fest!

If you’re sleeping under a rock, Taste of Atlanta is on October 5-7th in Tech Square. Just because we like you…use the code “SOCIAL” to save $5 on your tix before September 30th. Also, check out TOA’s Friday party, The Big Grill… a little birdie told us ScoutMob has an excellent deal.

Are you going to any fab food fests this year? If you haven’t been to one, we’ll share some tips with you very soon.

Disclosure: Each restaurant provided us with food/drinks. Our opinions are a belle’s own, but you already know this!

Book Love: I Brake for Yard Sales…

Hope you had a beautiful weekend filled with happiness, shopping, and MORE shopping! Name one thing shopping can’t cure? Didn’t think so. 🙂 This weekend we’ve been a little in and out of the house, but did want to tell y’all about this book a belle loves by Lara Spencer: I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster. If you adore thrifting like us, then this book is perfect for you! Who doesn’t need more thriftiness in their life? I can’t think of one soul!!

If any of you want to start thrifting, but don’t know how–this is your book. It not only teaches you how to spot treasures , but how to make you house a home with thrifted items. It’s filled with tons of beautiful pics/ideas/stories and is perfect for any thrifting belle!

Don’t forget to take it with you when you go shopping because it’s perfect for your purse and you’ll have it as a handy reference when shopping. Happy thrifting, y’all! You can thank us with a cute fist pump!

Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks so much, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own.