Style Tips with Stacy London

Our books are signed in our FAVE color! Winning!

*squeals* Last night your fave belles attended another UBER FAB lecture at the Atlanta History Center. With a trying week that has been like a roller coaster ride, Shermika and I looked forward to this night of fun and fashion like nobody’s business. TLC’s “What Not to Wear” fashion guru, Stacy London, came to offer tips, answer questions, sign books, and to uplift those who love style and are learning to love style.

“Style helps you feel better… even when you’re sick. It uplifts your spirits.”–Stacy London

The evening started with a reception where there was plenty of wine, soda, and water to sip, and tasty food to nibble on. While waiting for the lecture, we conversed with our stylish and sweet friends Brandi and LaToya and even met Brandi’s not-twins-but-look-like-twins-sister Brittney (true Southern belles y’all!)!

The room was packed, the people were fashionable, and we were all excited to hear what Ms. London would share. She was funny, informative and oh so stylish. London begin by talking about a skin condition as a child, and how she too, like many of us, had issues with her physical appearance–including her fluctuating weight.

“The best accessory is a Southern accent!”– Stacy London

I cannot wait to read her fab new book. Make sure you pick it up! Don’t worry, I plan on reading it this weekend and will most def share it with you very soon. If you read it, let us know how you liked it!

Wondering what Stacy wore? Well, friends, she had on a dark knee-length dress with pink deers on it (yes, you read right!!) and red pointy heels. She was too cute for words and was so much fun to listen to.

One of London’s tips were: A stylist is there to assist/enhance, not to tell you what to wear without your input. Keep this in mind when getting friends/family to help you with your wardrobe. A belle can’t afford a stylist, but for those of you who can, acknowledge the tip!

Stacy London’s Tips: 

1. Focus on what you can change and not on what you can’t change. She talked about wanting wider eyes, but since she doesn’t have them, she makes them look hot with her makeup!

2. When following trends, keep it basic. Categorize the fashion i.e. textures, colors, prints, etc.

3 . Make a shopping list for clothes like you do for the grocery store. You can get an item once a month, or shop for specialty pieces (little black dress, formal gowns) ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time.

4. Don’t follow fashion rules, make your own.

5. Spend money on quality clothing that is always classic.

6. Invest in a tailor. See a belle’s fashion tips here.

Any fashion tips you’d like to share?

Friends, check out more of the AHC’s lectures here. We hope to see y’all at some of them! 


Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

10 thoughts to “Style Tips with Stacy London”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! I wish I could have attended but thanks to y’all, it’s like I was right there. I’m so glad you got to experience it first hand, but jealous too 🙂 I just put a request for Stacy’s book in at the library but I’m sure I’ll end up buying a copy. I think she’s so positive and encouraging. Love this site and all the fab content you share! xoxo

    1. Brandi: It was a fun night indeed! It was so great seeing you!
      Ka: You are most welcome. Stacy is so positive, charming and beautiful! We thoroughly enjoyed her talk and funny personality. So glad you enjoyed our post. We like for our friends to feel like they’re at an event with us. Please do buy a copy of the book!
      Ashley: Thanks for your sweet comment and reading. I know you would have enjoyed it 😉

  2. Ooo Tamika, I’m so jealous! I love Stacy and thank you so much for sharing her advice with us. I will have to put her book on my Christmas list (it’s not too early, right?). Love her deer patterned dress too! So glad you guys had some fashion fun in the midst of a tough week — and I hope this week is better!

    1. omg so jealous! All her tips are great, I swear by investing in classic quality pieces, its those pieces that can really make an outfit!

      For my own tip I would say keep a mirror at your front door, so you can always make sure you look your best before you leave.

      Shan B

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