Shop ’til You Drop: Atlanta Consignment Bus Tour

The weekend flew by, but we hope y’all had a great one. A belle had an awesome weekend shopping at some of the consignment stores around Atlanta. We were invited to attend the Atlanta Consignment Bus Tour, and had a grand ole time! You didn’t know there was a such thing as shopping bus tours? Neither did we, but we are so glad we know now–and you will too after this post!

Never been & want to know what to expect? Tips below!!!!

The mom is still in town, so she decided to tag along with the shopping addicts. The tour was hosted by Melissa Baxter, the owner of Back by Popular Demand, a local consignment store boasting 3 locations. Melissa is the hostess with the most, and her personality is unbelievable.

We learned that there are 116 consignment stores in Atlanta. Our tour only hit 5 stores…yep, you read right. Okay, so I know you’re excited to see how we spent the day. Come on and jump on the huge Mercedes chartered bus with us. Shoppers unite!

Here’s where we went, what we did, and what we thought (and bought) as we sipped on mimosas and tasty snacks:

Back by Popular Demand (Marietta): The sis and I loved this shop! From its funky pink exterior (and interior), to the layout, this store is on point! Tamika and I were impressed at the organization and didn’t feel as if we had to hunt to find great items.


Items for ANY belle!

Everything is clearly labeled (small tops, large tops, XL tops, etc.). Another bonus is that BBPD has a VERY NICE plus-size section, so curvy girls–you will not feel left out! Melissa says that her location in Lilburn, GA has an even bigger plus-size section (the entire store is for us curvy divas). The store also has a massive amount of jewelry. Once you find the perfect outfit, you can accessorize it beautifully. The sis bought a fierce red coat and more!

the Couture Consigner: This store is a smaller shop. If you’re into designer bags, you won’t find a huge selection at this store, although we saw a few. If you’re into faux bags, you’ll find those here (and they’re clearly labeled). The owner is so jazzy it’s ridiculous! Her style is incredible, and she is so sweet!

I found a cute skirt for $5 and saw a cute pair of leopard heels, but they were too rich for my blood. Tamika scored a gorgeous designer bag, and the mom bought a cute top.

We had a break between these stores and ate a yummy lunch courtesy of The Brickery Grill & Bar. The sis, mom and I ate chicken salad sandwiches and pasta salad. We enjoyed the food and the pasta salad was super yummy! Tamika and I aren’t fans of pasta salad, but we sure loved The Brickery’s.

Another reason to SHOP!!

Alexis’ Suitcase (John’s Creek): I love this store down to their pink hangers…literally! I found the cutest dress here, a necklace, along with some other items you’ll see in a later post. The store has a great selection of designer bags and shoes. Their jewelry is always on point and so are their sales.

I LOVE that their store always has colored tags that often have a discount attached to them. Unlike other stores, shoppers were able to take an additional 20% off the sale prices. So, if something was already 50% off, one received an additional 20% off. Y’all know I was in heaven! The best part is that the store offers a shoppers card and rewards you for being a frequent shopper. Need I say more? Score!

Shelly’s Clothesline: Initially, I thought this store catered more to older women. However, my mom proved me wrong. She found me the cutest lounging outfit, which is hip enough for my blood! Tamika found a lovely pashmina scarf, which cost under $10.

This store has a good selection of jewelry; we found some cute earrings under $6! I didn’t see many shoes, but it was because they’re in the process of moving. Shelly’s also gives store bucks when you make a purchase. Woot! When they open at the new location we’ll check them out.

Closet Exchange: I told Tamika this store is the ‘grown woman store.’ I was impressed with the professional wear and the quality of the clothing they have. If you’re looking for a business suit, this is your place!

Their prices are belle approved as well. I scored a Kasper suit for under $25!! The mom found a beautiful winter coat for a steal (less than $32)!

Encore Boutique: As you’ve probably noticed, each store has a different flavor. EB is catered more towards older women, but don’t let that discourage you. Expect to see high end designers like Chanel (with the tags on), Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, etc. I found a chic wool coat here that was catered to a belle perfectly!

The owner is super sweet, which is always a plus in our book. Each shopper received a free gift, which turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL wooden bracelet. We were allowed to pick out the style we wanted. Thanks mom for gifting me yours!

The tour began and ended at Alexis’ Boutique (Sandy Springs), so I’d be remiss not to review this location as well. I love the 50% off sale racks and the great prices they have on boutique clothing. I scored a cute pair of jeans, along with a few items you’ll see later.

This store has that IT factor and the staff is always friendly! Their designer purse game is on point and you will not find fakes here as they authenticate them. I can go on and on about their prices, but y’all know how I am already…

I know you’re wondering about the deets right? The bus tour is from 10:00-5:30 p.m. and costs $39.99 per person. If you’re scoffing at the price, please don’t. A frugal loving belle approves! You get to ride in air conditioned luxury, don’t have to worry about driving, are fed, and meet some great people.

You also get a cute reusable shopping tote. And guess what else? You receive 20% off regular priced inventory!!! Sweet! And speaking of sweets, each shop owner provides little goodies on each stop of your tour. I ate too many cupcakes, which means I’ll be doing overtime at the gym.

After all that walking and shopping, my tootsies still felt fine!

A few tips:

  • Wear comfy shoes/clothes
  • Bring cash & credit (many stores don’t accept checks)
  • Bring a friend (one that likes to shop ;-))
  • Adhere to the time you’re allotted at each store, or else the other shoppers will wave you a goodbye as they drive off.
  • Have fun and SHOP!
We attended the last bus tour of the season, but keep checking back to see when the next one is. If we find out before you do, we’ll be sure to spread the word! A belle sure hopes to attend another bus tour in the spring. Have you done a bus shopping tour yet?

Disclosure: We received tickets to this tour. Our opinions are a belleโ€™s own.


Shermika is a writer constantly in search of her next freelance gig and an ending to her short stories. She loves to plan trips, eat tasty delicacies, and tip toe in heels. She enjoys unique jewelry, good music, reading, and chic dresses.

7 thoughts to “Shop ’til You Drop: Atlanta Consignment Bus Tour”

  1. What a great idea! I love consignment shopping. Ya’ll should definitely make a trip to Knoxville and I’ll take you to Reruns, my FAVE consignment shop in town. Love this post! Wish I lived in Atlanta sometimes….your adventures a amazing!

  2. OMG, how totally FABULOUS!! I can’t believe I was in Atlanta and didn’t know about this – although I think it would be more fun with some girlfriends than with Tom! I will definitely have to plan on this for my next girlfriends getaway. Sorry we missed connections in Atlanta; hopefully we can get together next time I am in town. I would love for you to meet my sister and sister-in-law, who will probably be with me. I’ll be in touch!!

    1. Kate: I think Knoxville is very close to us, so I think I smell a trip in the near future. That would be so much fun!! Perhaps we can come up around December.

      Yes, we will def have to get together next time Jan. I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon! We’d certainly love to meet the sisters. We plan on doing some winter traveling, so we shall see how things work out. Things are certainly busy for us.

      Sharon: Yes, the price can seem initially pricey at first. But, if you are into designer items (or shop a lot), you’ll recoup half your money spent if you spend $100 because you saved 20%. If you find a $300 designer bag, you’ve saved $60 already! And lunch is also provided, which is a plus. It was so much fun and I’d never heard of this type of tour either. It saves a lot of money not having to drive and find parking with this Atlanta traffic too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Lar: It was so much fun. We’ll have to get Cath soon for a girls shopping day! Yes, we met at an event a few weeks ago…thank goodness she didn’t think I was weird when I approached her. We’re loving the city thusfar and hope to meet you soon too. If you’re back in the Spring, we’ll have to go together!

  3. I wonder how many other cities offer something like this tour? Because this is the first I have ever heard of one. I like the idea though I will admit I am still thinking about the cost. My thought is that many people on this tour are frugal and looking to save money so, why are they paying but, I will take your word they find the tour worth it. Anyway, it seems like y’all visited some really great stores. AND had fun which is what it is all about.

  4. Oh my gosh, Shermika! This sounds like a perfect day spent and well worth the money! I so want to do this with Cath and my mom when I get back to Atlanta. Cath said you guys just moved to town?! I’m so excited to have such wonderful sisters in the ATL!!!

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