Puppets and Fun: The Ghastly Dreadfuls–The Last Ghast

A belle had a ball of a weekend partaking in the arts. Since moving to Atlanta, the sis and I are never at a loss for what to do. Since Halloween is coming up, we were invited to see The Ghastly Dreadfuls–The Last Ghast at the Center for Puppetry Arts. For the past 6 years, this ATL Halloween tradition has been in full swing, but this is its last year! Yes, this fab show we’re getting ready to tell you about is saying ‘bye-bye’. You only have a few more days left to see it.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls (TGD) is geared towards adults 16+ and includes actors, live instruments and puppets! The show started with TGD encouraging the audience to sing Le Petit Vampyr along with them. This story was about the weird life of a petite vampire. Each segment within the acts dealt with death. Some were quite funny, while others were very sentimental.

The sis and I greatly enjoyed The 11:59, which was about a porter being called for his last train ride. This story was not only funny, but very beautiful. We are NOT lying when we say you have to make your way here to check out these performances!

During “The 11:59” there were two puppeteers maneuvering one puppet at times.

I would have never imagined we would have so much fun watching puppets. It is so interesting to see the puppeteers in action and experience the art. It’s something you have to see to really appreciate. The sis and I were in awe watching the puppeteers as they did everything from intricate arm movements to making the puppets dance and more.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls did a fantastic job incorporating great stories and comedy. The sis and I loved “Tain’t No Sin To Take Off Your Skin & Dance Around In Your Bones,” which had none other than a skeleton dancing. We won’t spoil it for you, but this show is truly magical and you may see a giant skeleton come out to dance with you! Everything was fab!

Who wouldn’t want to see a Halloween show that includes singing, music, dancing, acting, and a whole lot of fun?! Imagine watching a dreadful singing about love potion number 9 or “The Hoo-doo Man.” Hilarity indeed! It was surreal watching 3-4 puppets on a stage and how a story was told.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls–The Last Ghast runs until October 27th and will feature a special Halloween costume contest (with prizes) during this final performance. What does this mean for you? Dress to knock ’em dead!

You can find ticket info here, but tickets are $15 for members and $25 for nonmembers.

Disclosure: We attended a media preview. Our opinions are a belle’s own & all photos courtesy of Center for Puppetry Arts

The sis and I were sad to hear about one of the actor’s father passing, but are keeping the family in our prayers.


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  1. Hi Belles,
    Just wanted to drop by and see what you two were up to!

    Hope all is going well in Hot ‘Lanta.

    I have not been there in a few years, but one of our favorite places in Atlanta is the Center for Puppetry Arts. My sis drug me there one summer day about 13 years ago and I fell in love!

    I never knew puppetry could be so fascinating! My son loved it also and was able to do a “make your own” puppet workshop. He’s 21 now and from time to time still mentions the experience.

    Hope you guys are having a great fall, I still love your blog!

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