Book Love: SHOEGASM An Explosion of Cutting-Edge Design

Kobi Levi’s “Coffee” shoes. Can you see it pouring out of the cup?!
Yay for our 2nd post in 2013 that deals with fashion! Hooollla! 🙂 This book I am about to tell y’all about had this belle swooning over some of the most theatrical, unique and sexy designs known to woman. Clare Anthony’s SHOEGASM An Explosion of Cutting-Edge Design is a must-have for any shoe loving belle. I repeat: YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK. It’s going to make all of your friends green if you know what I mean. The book is filled with an intricate history about heels and who wore them.
Mihai Albu added a heel to the toes on the booties to the left & the shoe on the right is ONE shoe. Could you walk in these?
I’ve seen shoes that made me say “there is NO way I could walk in these.” The extreme shoes we’ve all seen a time or two have been around since the pharaohs rocked them. Did y’all know that in the 16th century heels came to us fab Western peeps from the Middle East by way of male horseback riders who wore them to keep their feet in the stirrups? Yep, thank those men and their imagination, honey.
Andreia Chaves’ “Invisible”
You need to see the Madonna shoe. It comes with a wig and microphone! Are you a Lady Gaga fan? I know I am! The shoes she wore in her Born This Way video are featured in the book, too. They are knee-high boots that have toes that point both forward and backward. SHOEGASM is filled with over 20 fierce shoe designers including, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Charlotte Olympia, and MORE. Don’t take my word for it. Buy yourself a ‘just because’ gift and scream and shout when you see these beautiful designs. You can buy the book from Amazon.
Kobi Levi’s “Miao” (cats) & “Swan”
*This book was sent to us for review. As always, a belle’s opinion is her own.  


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