Four Days of Fury: Atlanta 1906

Hey, y’all! Hump day is here and we are going to be shimmying all day long. I hope that you are fab and shimmy on down to this FAB interactive play a belle is about to hip you to. Yesterday, the sis and I stepped back into time and headed to the tense streets of Atlanta in 1906. The always amazing Atlanta History Center allowed the media to experience the race riots that took place Sept. 22-26, 1906.

Look at the sis tweeting about the trial!

Four Days of Fury: Atlanta 1906 is a play written by Addae Moon, and is something you have to experience. We had never heard of the Atlanta race riots, although we know all about Birmingham’s civil rights history.

The play begins with participants being greeted by black journalist, J. Max Barber. Each guest was given a blank lanyard that soon revealed if they were “black” or “white.” Before entering the exhibit/play, whites were told to line up in the front and blacks in the back. The sis and I were both black, so it was interesting to walk in the shoes that our 80+ year old grandmother still tells us about to this day. 

I won’t give it all away, but as the play goes on you can feel the tension in the air. There is one point where we entered a trolley and had to suddenly get off because people were being killed everywhere. At that moment, I got a small glimpse into how many people felt during this time. I found myself literally rushing off the trolley.

There were sound effects and more. All the actors did an amazing job and we really enjoyed the discussion where we talked about the impact of the play. When you go, do let us know how you felt.

Those of you who have been following us know that Atlanta History Center is a gem everyone needs to experience over and over again. Even when we lived back home, we’d hit the highway just to see what they had going on. You need to come here and take a walk back to the early 1900’s!

The sis and I were moved at the impact of Four Days of Fury: Atlanta 1906. Feelings such as anger and sadness will come over you. We were mesmerized by the stories, disgusted by the senseless violence, and inspired by the history that was left behind. The BEST thing about this play is that it is participatory. The audience becomes a part of history!

If we don’t remember our history, we are doomed to repeat it. Kudos to Atlanta History Center for being unafraid of the truth and showing Atlanta’s part in civil rights history! We tap our heels to you.

You can purchase your tickets here to Four Days of Fury: Atlanta 1906! Performances are only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the final performance on February 24th. We promise that you will be blown away! 

Oh, leave the heels at home jazzy ladies. There’s a bit of walking and standing in this exhibit. Even a belle had to pull out the tried and true flats for this one!


UPDATE: The week of 2.18-2.22 this experience SOLD OUT! We are SOOOOO happy for everyone involved. This is amazing!

Disclosure: We attended a media preview. As always, a belles opinions are her own. 

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