Bobby Dean Interview/Review: From Mama’s Table to Mine


A belle had a ball at the Atlanta History Center (AHC) last night chatting with New York Times Best Selling Author/TV cook, Bobby Deen. If you are an avid cook and love to watch Food Network and the Cooking Channel, then you know some of the most fun/amazing cooks are chopping it up on TV and sharing their talents in cookbooks.

Bobby’s new solo book is From Mama’s Table to Mine. Simply, it’s a beautiful calorie conscious cookbook filled with fab photography and tips to lighten up Southern classics that are all 350 calories or less per serving.

“Live your life and enjoy it! You never know what may happen.” –Bobby Deen

If you’ve been living under a cold wet rock and have no clue as to who Mr. Deen is, well shame on you! He’s one of the very handsome sons of (in my head) America’s cute/sweet Southern grandma, Paula Deen! Bobby came to the AHC to give a lecture on not only his book, but life, health, family, and being humble.


“I didn’t want to muddy the waters with this cookbook… I wanted to make it simple.”–Bobby Deen

We had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Deen prior to heading to the AHC. Deen is so full of energy and didn’t skimp on the fun either. He is absolutely hilarious! Check out our brief interview below.

Any challenges/fears while writing this book? I had a lot of help from amazing people who are smarter than me that helped get this book together [laughs]. I was scared that people wouldn’t like it because it isn’t traditional Southern food. From Mama’s Table to Mine is simply a book that highlights many foods I love–it’s Southern food that’s lightened up, but still has all of the flavor you expect. What’s your fondest memory in the kitchen? I can remember having breakfast at night. Mama would cook that for Jamie and I and we always loved it. One of your favorite foods? My mama’s fried green tomatoes and fried chicken. I can’t resist them!

End of Interview

Bobby mentioned that there are some foods you just can’t lighten up–with fried green tomatoes topping the list! There were tasty bites that were prepared by The Viking School (from Deen’s cookbook) for guest to nibble on while they waited to be seated. I’m not a seafood person, but the sis LOVED this pickled shrimp dish with black eye pea salad below. The white chocolate-peppermint popcorn balls are divine. They had a slight minty flavor and weren’t overly sweet, which is always good in my book. Take a look:



After asking, Bobby told us that we could come to Brooklyn to cook with him. How exciting is that! If it comes to pass, you best believe that you’ll be one of the 1st to know. Now, I’ll leave you with some of Bobby’s wisdom.

Photo: Bobby Deen is a hoot! TRUE Southern gent!

Bobby Deen’s Truth Straight from his Mouth:

1. Nobody starts off on top! If you want to start a business, make sure you are passionate about it. Don’t think that your success will happen overnight because no one ever does that. It takes time and with any business it takes about 10 years to see the fullness of it.

2. I live by an 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am strict on what I eat and 20% of the time I eat what I want. Though I do this, I still hit the gym.

3. Not one person came to our first book signing, but now they do. Do not ever give up on your dreams. They will always come true if you believe.

The Atlanta History Center is not only over 30 acres of beautiful history, but it is the place for all types of events. Do check out their site to see what they have going on. Sometimes they even have free events, so follow them on Twitter/Facebook to stay abreast. Before I forget… there is one event that is going on right now at the AHC and is a must-see, but you have to R.S.V.P. to experience it.

Still wondering how/who Bobby Deen is? In short, he’s cooler than the cucumber and loves, loves, LOVES his mama! He is dating a woman he adores and his home is in Savannah. He is hilarious, full of personality and a true Southern gentleman. Go out there and buy From Mama’s Table to Mine, y’all! Stay tuned because we will be giving away this book soon if it comes in the mail from the publishers.

*Special thanks to the always FAB AHC & everyone that assisted in this interview/meeting *

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