Broadway Love: Fela! The Musical

Friends, we hope you all had a great weekend! Though it was freezing here, a belle got some culture in all while looking fierce as we went to see Fela! at the Fox Theatre. Fela! is produced by some Hollywood heavyweights, like Jay Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. We are so glad this production saw the light of day.

When I tell y’all that Tamika & I have seen a LOT of shows (this is an art blog), but Fela! is one of the best ones we’ve seen, I am not telling a lie! It’s AMAZING, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!!!


Fela! details the life of Nigerian musician and activist  Fela Kuti, who created Afrobeat. Afrobeat is a fusion of jazz, funk and African rythms and harmonies. Fela! used his music to speak of the corruption in the Nigerian government.

In retaliation, he was arrested, beaten and his mother was killed. His music inspired the world because it not only makes one dance, but makes one think. There are several pieces in the musical where you too may question things.


We had never heard of Fela! before the musical appeared on Broadway, and boy were we missing out! If you’re a fan of conscious music, you will love Fela! His music is dope, his story is inspiring and his strength is unparalleled.

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child is a leading actress in the musical, and does a very good job. The musical is riveting, with the deep thuds of drums, blaring horns that make you get up and dance–yes, we did a little bit of shimmying, and the tap dancing. You will be inspired, riveted, angry, and sad. Fela! does this for you and to you!

Fela died in 1997 and over a million people attended his funeral–proof of a man that touched the lives of others.

The show has been extended to March 6th so get your tickets now and check out our instagramed photo below to get a discount!



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