Happy 125th B’day, Belk!


Hey, friends! We hope y’all had a great weekend. A belle was tapping her heels when we were invited to an event celebrating Belk Inc.‘s 125th birthday last Friday. It was a wonderful Belktravaganza! 🙂 I know you are well aware that we were over the moon since Belk is one of our favorite stores. Period (B’ham’s Summit location has THE best shoes)!


The sis and I had the opportunity to meet, sit down and literally have lunch with Belk’s COO Johnny Belk, who is so personable. Belk spoke of the company’s committed efforts to support the community. In certain cities Belk even has a pink bus that will do its part to help prevent and spread breast cancer awareness! I squealed when I found out it has a shoe on top of it! How cool is that?! You can get more info here. It only will hit a few cities, so, keep up with us for the deets.

party and MRE 020

We were so happy to hear that Belk is continuing to evolve as they celebrate the essence of modern southern women. Being that we are frugal fashionistas we appreciate a company that has quality clothing at affordable prices. The best part about this store is that a lot of the merchandise is created exclusively for them AND they annually add new southern talent to their stores with this contest/showcase.

Tamika and I loved that Belk chatted about his family, life in general, and was interested to know more about us while we ate some fab food. He talked about his grandfather who was once a farmer before creating Belk Inc. and how important it is to have people around you that want to see you do well. His advice to us about being the best business person you can be: work hard. We all can do this, right?

Check out the tasty cupcakes they gave us when we left!

party and MRE 015

party and MRE 017

If you like gifts even when it’s not your birthday then you’re in store for a great surprise. Belk is celebrating its birthday for 125 days by offering some sweet prizes valued at $500-$6,500. Go ahead and check it out now and enter!: www.belk125prizes.com We did!!!


Tamika is a communications guru/self-proclaimed body language expert and lives for big purses and cute shades. She speaks darn good Spanish, loves gadgets, pasta, makeup, crocheting, and is learning to walk in heels with the help of Shermika.

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