Eargasm 101: Plug in now (NOTES)

We have compiled a list of artists you need to listen to NOW. **Publish under ARTBELLES**

  • D’Nell
  • Lina
  • Hil St Soul–may do total feature on them…
  • Adele (okay, she’s not necessarily indie, but we LOVE her!)
  • Porscha
  • JUA (he’d interview)
  • Tasha ?? (I’m addicted to life)….she may be a good interview. Spelman grad…think she’s based in DC…
  • Dain Harris–think he’s based in Atl. Could possibly be a great interview.
  • Bilal
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Waterseed (try to do an interview). ShermikaBelle loves their music!

**May split into 2-3 posts…maybe have a theme “A week of music you’re cheating yourself out on**?? Good to strectch out posts if possible.. (Link to sites, etc.) Jazz artists? etc.

Zorro Review: Are You Ready for the Mask?


To say a belle had a great time last night is an understatement. The sis and I went to see Zorro at the Alliance Theatre. As y’all know by now, we always have a ball when we’re taking in culture at The Alliance. But lemme tell you–Zorro was something else. If you’ve read our tweets you saw my post. The musical was amazing and exceptionally fun.


Swashbuckling. Fencing. Dancing. You have it all here and more. Expect lots of mystery, comedy, intrigue and romance as you’re whirled to a place where Gypsy and heroes reign. At times, you’ll be taken to away by the theatrics–and maybe even a little shocked.


If you’ve come to enjoy an awesome time complete with sword fights, humor, and bravery, Zorro is the musical you’re seeking.

You will be mesmerized by the flamenco dancing, which was choreographed by Rafael Amargo. It is on point and a dance loving belle approves! Prepare to enjoy live music by the Gipsy Kings, and take in the uber talented cast. The action is fast paced, the story line captivating, and the masked fun is intriguing.


If there’s one thing you do in 2013, go see Zorro.

It’s a thrilling ride.

You can buy your tickets here.

Disclosure: We received tickets to attend this fab play. As always, a belles opinions are her own.