Broadway Love: “A Raisin in the Sun” Review

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*does a swagged out two step* It’s almost the weekend & I am oh so happy! This past Saturday a belle spent the day out with a sweet friend in the city at 14th Street Playhouse. We had the opportunity to see Lorraine Hansberry‘s  A Raisin in the Sun presented by Kelvin Wade Entertainment. The playhouse is quaint, extremely cozy, & in the heart of gorge Midtown Atlanta.

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Wade’s take on this classic play was colorful being that the characters are rockin’ ’70’s clothes though “A Raisin in the Sun” hit Broadway in ’59. The play opened with one of my fave song’s by Donny Hathaway: “Someday We’ll All Be Free!!” When I tell y’all that Wade’s cast is awesome… it’s an understatement.

The 4 main characters, Walter Lee  & Ruth Younger (Masud Olufani, Katherine Nora LeRoy), Beneatha Younger (LuVenia White), & Lena Younger (Eula Berassa) were all funny, moving, & lovely.

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I really loved Joseph Asagai (Trivon Howard) & Young Travis (Joshua Montgomery)–they both brought plenty of smiles to my face & giggles. Do you remember when we saw this play here? Olufani was in it & he did a superb job too!

Go.To.14th Street Playhouse. ASAP! This play ends June 2, 2013 & is worth seeing. I always say that it’s great to see plays & take a break from the TV/Movies–especially when the cast is the like Wade’s. Fabness at it’s finest, y’all!!!

* Disclosure: We received tickets to see this play. As always… a belle’s opinion is her own!

Happy Memorial Day

A belle shall take this day off not only to kick her feet up, but to thank those who continually allow her to do so. Let us never forget the men and women who bravely sacrifice their lives for our freedom in this country. May we remember all the lives that were lost in the quest for our freedom. We thank you and tap our heels to you!

2008 Memorial Day Poster #2

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Exploring King Ranch

Hi friends! It seems so long since a belle last wrote but I’m BACK! I’ve been busy squaring away some things, but missed y’all dearly. I’m currently living in Houston, which means Tamika & I will have more exciting things to share! You’ll see me playing around the city and posting on all the fun I encounter along the way.

On Monday, I drove to Kingsville to visit Kings Ranch, which is about 4 hours away from Houston. Kings Ranch has been open over 150 years and has all kinds of wildlife on the ranch. Cattle, deers, peacocks, you name it–I probably saw it!


The Kings Ranch has a cool museum where I got to see some old brands (pictured above) that were used on animals. The museum really takes you back in time and I loved every minute of it! In addition, I saw some classic looking cars, and y’all know me likey vintage! If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see pics I posted of the live peacocks. I’d never seen one in person so pardon my ignorance…hehe! The sis laughs when I say ‘live peacock!’  Cool fact: there are over 356 species of birds at the ranch!


While touring the ranch, I felt a sense of peace. The place is MASSIVE! Land goes on for miles and miles. The ranch is one of the largest in the world and has over 825,000 acres! I had so much fun just looking at all the green space. It literally took my breath away! For those who like to shop (like yours truly), Kings Ranch also boasts a saddle shop that sells all sorts of leather goods and other items. Overall, I had a ball hanging out at the ranch. I even imagined myself as a dainty cowgirl!

Local Eats & Treats: Paschal’s Restaurant

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We are just now getting back into the swing of things & have slowly been responding to emails (sorry for our delay peeps). Thanks so much for all of you that often reach out to a belle. The sis & I truly appreciate it! 🙂 With that being said, a recent email from sweet Tammie S. in Flordia asked:  “what local food do you two really love now that you’re in HotLanta?” Well Tammie, honey let me tell ya.

Shermika nor myself hesitated when Paschal’s Restaurant came to mind. Recently we ate at the restaurant for the first time after trying their food here last year. The service was stellar as was the food, presentation, & prices. Let a belle elaborate… ‘kay?

They are located in downtown Atlanta in the Castleberry Hill community. There’s plenty of free parking which is always on point in our book. Plenty of places here charge for parking or have valet which isn’t too shabby.

For starters (no pun intended) we had the Fried Green Tomatoes with Voodoo Ranch (gotta love that name) & their Crispy Fried Catfish Fingers with tarter sauce. Both apps were divine. They weren’t overly seasoned & had that sweet golden color we desire from fried foods. If you have never tried these tomatoes you really should! They are a little tart, but oh sooooo good.

That Voodoo Ranch was off the chain!
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What we also love is that this legendary eatery was frequented by many historic leaders including ATL’s own Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The walls are adorned with many fab black & white photos that gives this restaurant a warm feeling of love. Exposed bricks, booths, seating upstairs, dim lighting–Heck, what isn’t there to love about it?
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Two words to describe Paschal’s Restaurant: Fab/Quaint!

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Our entrees consisted of juicy chicken & tasty veggies/beans. I had Paschal’s Half Herb Roasted Chicken with perfectly steamed broccoli, black-eyed peas, & corn bread muffins. The sis had Paschal’s Famous 1947 Fried Chicken with mac ‘n cheese & candied yams. Y’all we ate very well & had plenty to take home for the next day to say the least.

We were so full that we didn’t even have dessert. Many of you know the sis lives for dessert & that is the honest truth–LOL!!  Next time we go you best believe that we’ll let you know. Have a gander at our meals below & be sure to check out their menu before you head there. We know you are going soon, right?!

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Paschal’s Punch is too good. It doesn’t have alcohol, but I am sure it would taste just as good with a nice top shelf shot!

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Before I forget…  Paschal’s has a FAB brunch menu that’s online too. We haven’t tried it yet, but have heard excellent things.

If you’ve eaten here we’d love to hear what you dined on.

Until next time!!!!

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Tips on How to Survive Summer Markets/Festivals in Style

A box of 6 ran a belle around $20 for these fun beauties!

Update: There are a few more tips in the video below that I discussed last Saturday!!!

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It’s that time of the year that a belle loves, loves, LOVES to do a lot of outdoor shopping. The weather is perfect, we get in a little exercise & the fresh air is plentiful. We belles adore the fact that we can buy a lot of  fab products & items from small local businesses during festival/market time.

When shopping at various markets/fests it’s important to come prepared so that you can 1. enjoy yourself & 2. save money so you can  shop MORE. The sis & I have a few tips below to help you navigate outdoor shopping like a pro. We do it multuple times of the year & have a simple list for you!



1. Bring your own water, soda, iced coffee, or juice— Always keep in mind that whereever we can save money, we do! Many fests will sell drinks at prices that shouldn’t be legal. Try using a reusable cup like the ones pictured above & fill it with your refreshment of choice. You may do a lot of walking, so this is a must-have. Shopping always makes these belles thirsty. Right?

2. Negotiate because you never know— Ask if the seller is willing to give you a discount if you buy more items. Just because an item has a price on it doesn’t always mean that the seller isn’t willing to give you a few dollars off. If you don’t feel comfy negotiating, have someone who is to do it for you. In my case, I don’t feel comfy doing so, but the sis LOVES it. She eats it up & gets a kick out of always saving extra money this way. I have plenty of cute cheap finds because of her!!

3. Walk past all booths, then purchase items that you can use over & over— This way you know what’s being sold by every vendor. Find items that will bring you enjoyment even after you see it for the 1st time. This may be a candle, a dish that you see/use everyday, etc. These will always remind you of the sweet little treasures you’ve worked so hard to find.

4. Bring a cute/stylish bag to carry your goodies in— When shopping outdoors it’s always a good idea to have a bag that has plenty of room. Besides that, we require that it’s cute, honey! If you rock a stylish reusable bag you are more inclined to wear it.  We adore the ones we have listed below & you can purchase one here from the sweetest local ATL artist. Prices start at $20. I know we’ve told you about him on air at Fox 6 & the blog. He creates the designs & even draws many of them by hand (he creates custom orders too). Also, keep the bag in your trunk so that it’s always waiting on your fab finds.


These handmade soaps are To. DIE. For. Period!! She’s local here in ATL & sale items that work fab on everything from your lips to your body. We’ve purchased  multiple items & can’t wait to blog about them. Check them out here!

Beautiful colors/scents!!
Mr. Owl was priced for $6, but I paid $4 after the sis negotiated.

Isn’t he cute? He’s placed on a table in my bedroom.


We adore these candles. The smells are out of this world. These hand-crafted soy candles are locally made by the sweetest lady we met recently at a fest here. These retail for $10 & you can check them out NOW!

The texture of these candles are unlike any I’ve seen.

Get a tote that’s sturdy & cute. You will NOT go wrong with the design you choose. We have two of the cutest designs that he’s still selling online. Take a look.

Extra large market tote fit for any belle. Go check out his many styles!

 Any great tips you’d like to share? Any cute finds!