Imaginary Worlds: Experience the Plants

Botanical Curlipops 020

A belle always says that one should live in the moment, and we most certainly did at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Y’all know Tamika and I love the arts (hence ArtBLT), and we are fans of a good garden! Now, if only we could get our garden going we might be a-ok. When the sis and I heard that the Atlanta Botanical Garden was having a fantastic exhibit with life like sculptures, we HAD to see it for ourselves. It’s the first of its kind in the US and is simply amazing.

Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger than Life is enchanting and mesmerizing to say the least. Expect to see lifelike dogs, unicorns, an Earth goddess, cobras, fish, and more. You will be blown away as you stand in awe at nature’s creation. If you’re not blown away, then you need your marbles checked!

There are 19 sculptures in the exhibit–each with a majestic nature of its own. Skip getting a map and go on a mini treasure hunt to find them all like we did. Yes, honey! So, if you’re thinking of traveling to Atlanta, you should do so soon. These sculptures will go back to their magical worlds in October–so make it to the “A” soon peeps.

More info can be found here. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a gander and get a few thousand words!

Botanical Curlipops 012

Botanical Curlipops 005

Botanical Curlipops 001

Botanical Curlipops 028

A cute little ladybug on our walk!

Botanical Curlipops 036

Botanical Curlipops 050

Botanical Curlipops 073


Botanical Curlipops 102

Fresh herbs growing!!

Botanical Curlipops 096

Botanical Curlipops 091

Botanical Curlipops 086

We just love Atlanta Botanical Garden! It’s beautiful 365!!!


Disclosure: We received tickets to this event. As always, a belles opinions are her own! 

The Cat in the Hat: Puppet Style


A couple of weekends ago the nephew & I headed to the Center for Puppetry Arts. A belle was excited since I grew up off Dr. Seuss. What’s cool about this center is that it houses several of Jim Henson‘s Muppet creations & much more. Now until July 28th, the center will be performing Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in The Hat.

CAT_Balancing Fish (1)
Photo Credit: ©Center for Puppetry Arts


This isn’t just any performance (directed by Jon Ludwig)–it is full of beautiful puppets that light up the stage. There’s something about seeing an iconic feline dance across the stage with the fierce red/white hat. Actually when he dances there were 3 puppeteers controlling him. He had moves, y’all! Our eyes lit up just watching the impressive cat!

CAT_Things on Phone (1)
Photo Credit: ©Center for Puppetry Arts

photo (3)

After the performance, the audience was given a behind-the-scenes look at the puppets & the puppeteers who brought them to life. Seeing & experiencing the voices, teamwork, things flying in the air, & the magic was awesome! Take a look below at all the fun we got into after the performance & touring the museum. We headed upstairs to create shadow puppets & put on a performance for others to see–literally. This was SO. MUCH.FUN!!! I had to create a jazzy puppet too.

photo (4)

Our fierce felines taking a bow!

photo (5)

photo (7)

We ran into Big Bird at the center too! The nephew told me he’s going to be taller than Big Bird because his doctor told him so. I then told him if that happens he would get everyone’s attention—EVERYDAY. ALL DAY!! LOL. 🙂 He ain’t called Big Bird for nothing. You have to see him in person at the Center for Puppetry Arts!!!!

Image-1 (2)


photo (6)

For more info/showtimes & to check out the actors/performers head here! Do anything fun over the weekend?

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Disclosure: We were provided tickets to this show. As always… a belle’s opinion is her own!

VIXEN by Kimber’s Girls Night Out: Which Vixen are YOU?!

Bed Head Vixen 028
Met these two sweet ladies while waiting to get my lashes applied. They were as excited as I was about Vixen by Kimber!

Y’all, a belle had a fab time last night sipping on cold lemon water, meeting new peeps, & just conversing with other women about this HOT mobile phone spy beauty business I’m about to give you the tea on.

It was hot in HOTLanta, but this girls night out party was even hotter. Have you ever heard of VIXEN by Kimber? I hadn’t until recently & I’m so glad that I now have a new place to shop (like I really need a reason).

You already know that I buy essays online paper writings discount code have “the shopping problem” so it doesn’t help to know that this brand is near me in a brick & mortar (Perimeter Mall to be exact). Still being new to Atlanta, I find it interesting that there are always new treasures waiting to be discovered. VIXEN by Kimber is one to find & keep. 🙂

Founder/Creative Director, Monica Leaphart (pictured below in the to.die.for. gold dress), was in the building looking *snaps fingers* fierce, honey.

Photo Credit: Vixen by Kimber’s Instagram Feed

She’s a sweetie & has the perfect VIXEN look for you with over 21 styles to choose from. Unreal, right? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either–especially since I normally only rock 2 styles of lashes. It’s funny that I just said that– I didn’t start wearing lashes until Yoli (one of the many fab MUAs here) applied them to my eyes at this FUN event recently.

Image-1 (18)
I rocked these to the party, but quickly removed them once I found my VIXEN!

The fact that VIXEN by Kimber has so many styles is beyond exciting. Another cool fact is that Leaphart’s lashes come in a plethora of materials ranging from exotic mink to paper lashes. I chose the premium human hair lashes, but we’ll get to that in a few. ‘kay!

Prices for these lashtastic beauties range from $20-$40, but last night they had a special price for guests: 2 for $30 (reg lashes) & 2 for $60 (mink lashes).

Bed Head Vixen 013
This was the “lash room” filled with all types of lashes on display. Cuteness!!!

Bed Head Vixen 011

Bed Head Vixen 015

VIXEN by Kimber encourages you to “Be a Vixen” & I obliged! They have the perfect vixen for any of you belles. Though they offer various styles, there are 4 types of VIXENS according to them: Natural born VIXEN, Undercover VIXEN, Million Dollar VIXEN, & VIXEN Next Door.

Wondering which ones I rocked? I picked the Undercover VIXEN look for the night & had to have the style below. Because I was talking, walking around, etc., I didn’t spy phone app get to take many photos. Luckily, I snapped one last night at home so that you could see them better. Have a gander.

Bed Head Vixen 036
Tiny was very kind. She gave me tips to share with you!!!

Image-1 (20)

Check out the rest of our photos & check out Tiny’s lash tips below!!

Got to meet/shake hands w/ PR Diva: Nicole Garner! Loves it!!!
Photo Credit: @Dawnavette via Instagram

Bed Head Vixen 016

Bed Head Vixen 020

Bed Head Vixen 023

Bed Head Vixen 022
Vixen Vodka & signature drink!!!
Bed Head Vixen 025
Fab ladies getting VIXEN fixed!
Bed Head Vixen 031
You HAVE. I repeat!!! HAVE to see these mink lashes in person. Lovely!!

Fierce VIXEN by Kimber Tips from Tiny:

1.) Make sure your eyelid is clean before applying lashes & measure the lashes to your lids. Sometimes you have to cut them if they’re too long for your eyes.

2.) Once you begin to apply lashes, stretch your lid in the opposite direction to help make application easier.

3.) Never completely close your eyes when applying lashes as you could get glue in your eyes.

4. Choose a lash glue that’s works for you. You can use one that’s waterproof or not–it’s your choice. FYI– (I use Ardelle’s DUO, but found out last night that I had a mild allergic reaction to the LashGrip brand so try them all to see what you like/can tolerate).

5. You can wear VIXEN by Kimber lashes for up to 2 days at a time as long as you don’t sleep on your face!

Watery/burning eyes & a smile below 🙂

Bed Head Vixen 032 Do you wear lashes? Wanted to try? Do tell us!

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* Disclosure: I received lashes, but this doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion! Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

Review: Big Head TIGI’s Curlipops Ceramic Iron

Botanical Curlipops 121

Have any of you fab belles changed your hair within the last year? The sis & I recently both have had hair make-overs, honey. It’s nothing new to us & is no different than changing out our shoes or clothes.

You see, to Shermika & I, hair is an accessory that is an extension of our personality. One should play with their hair from time to time. We simply don’t take it too seriously–life is too short for that! Check out the sis’s new do! Loves it. Don’t you? She is workin’ this red layered bob. Yaaaaaas!!!! * giggles* Can’t wait to play with it soon!!!!!

Image-1 (11)
Heat-infused cuteness!

I love doing something different with my locs (or sometimes lack there of!). In the last 8 months I’ve gone from long braids to a very short hair cut with the back shaved off, to a longer hair cut with honey blonde streaks. Yep, blondes do have more fun–honey blondes that is!

Image-1 (17)
My new locs!

Recently my hair magically grew overnight thanks to my sweet friend, Ty. Poor thing! She had to deal with me screaming & almost in tears during the braiding process. *sigh* The life of a tender headed woman who was once a tender headed child. I digress… Sorry, y’all! Back to the pops. After receiving Bed Head Tigi’s Curlipops to test out I couldn’t wait to share their fabness with you.

Botanical Curlipops 125
What’s inside the fun lolipop shaped package

What are Curlipops you may be wondering? I did too. Well, these pictured are 1″ Tourmaline ceramic curling irons that allow you to get sexy curls in minutes without rolling your hair. Wondering what the heck Tourmaline is/does? It’s a type of metal. These Tourmaline curling irons condition hair while keeping it shiny & healthy.

The red Curlipops is an hour glass-shaped styling iron that produces tight curls in the middle with loose curls at the end. Will be rocking some of those curls later today. Don’t worry–you know the post is to come soon.

photo (13)

The orange Curlipops is what I tested first. Its straight barrel produces loose waves & curls & I must say I’m in LOVE♥. To describe Bed Head’s Curlipops in one word: FAB.

Here’s what I fancy about them & tips to keep you safe.

Image-1 (12)

1. Before plugging the curlers into the wall practice the technique of curling with the cold Curlipops. When they are actually hot you won’t be a bewildered fish out of water. This may sound silly, but this REALLY works.

2. Curl your hair using your dominant hand & wear the heat protective glove on the opposite. When you watch our Youtube vid (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL & GIVE US A THUMPS UP IF YOU LIKE THE REVIEW) below you’ll understand why I added this tip. Ha!!! 🙂 Also, inside the vid is what you’ll need before curling your hair.

3. This iron has one setting: HOT. Please be careful as it’s easy to burn yourself if you aren’t fully focused. I burned myself 3 times. If you are patient you will end up with beautiful wavy curls without the ugly burns.

Fierceness, indeed!!!!!! 🙂

My 1st attempt at using the Curlipops:

photo (12)

2nd attempt was even FASTER!

photo (14)

Tried them? Love them or hate them? Comment & let a belle know.

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Disclosure: We were send these irons to review, but a belle’s opinion is her own.

Interview: Cam Newton is MADE at Belk & in THAT Order

Cam Newton 5454

I hope each of you sweet souls had a beautiful/fun weekend. A belle has been all over the place, but had to make time to head to my fave store, Belk, to interview Pro Football player Cam Newton. He has a new men’s fashion line (geared towards the Big & Tall fellas) that’s exclusive to Belk. After seeing a few of the pieces in person, I know why the line was wrapped around the store to purchase items!

PhotoGrid_Jun 10, 2013, 11_57 AM_Anne_Flounce_Cornered

 What I rocked:

PhotoGrid_Jun 10, 2013, 11_55 AM_Melissa


“MADE allows a [larger man] to be comfortable in their clothes without looking sloppy & spending a lot of money to have them tailored.”–Cam Newton


Cam Newton 003
Models changed several times to show off his hot collection!

What I like most about MADE Cam Newton? It’s stylish, hip, affordable, & looked good on him! Y’all know I’m telling the truth!!! 🙂 To be honest, I know it will look good on any of the men in your life, honey. Cam has everything from a “Multi Rookie Striped Tie” to “Preppy Navy Chinos” or pants if you’re wondering.

 I snapped a quick photo of Cam’s stats. Check out his height/weight. He proves that though one may be big & tall, it doesn’t mean you can’t look fab. Mission accomplished, right? *shakes head up & down* Yep… we think so!


Click below to hear our chat w/ the Carolina Panthers’ ★ !!!!!!!!!

♥’s Cam Newton Interview♥

If your guy likes to look sharp & polished in a suit or casual & comfy in shorts/polos, then Cam’s got you covered. These items come in an array of colors/styles so it’s easy for anyone to choose “their” MADE Cam Newton look. Father’s Day is just around the corner & there’s something for everyone. Do check out Belk‘s site because these threads are on sale NOW. Until next time friends!


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