Review: Big Head TIGI’s Curlipops Ceramic Iron

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Have any of you fab belles changed your hair within the last year? The sis & I recently both have had hair make-overs, honey. It’s nothing new to us & is no different than changing out our shoes or clothes.

You see, to Shermika & I, hair is an accessory that is an extension of our personality. One should play with their hair from time to time. We simply don’t take it too seriously–life is too short for that! Check out the sis’s new do! Loves it. Don’t you? She is workin’ this red layered bob. Yaaaaaas!!!! * giggles* Can’t wait to play with it soon!!!!!

Image-1 (11)
Heat-infused cuteness!

I love doing something different with my locs (or sometimes lack there of!). In the last 8 months I’ve gone from long braids to a very short hair cut with the back shaved off, to a longer hair cut with honey blonde streaks. Yep, blondes do have more fun–honey blondes that is!

Image-1 (17)
My new locs!

Recently my hair magically grew overnight thanks to my sweet friend, Ty. Poor thing! She had to deal with me screaming & almost in tears during the braiding process. *sigh* The life of a tender headed woman who was once a tender headed child. I digress… Sorry, y’all! Back to the pops. After receiving Bed Head Tigi’s Curlipops to test out I couldn’t wait to share their fabness with you.

Botanical Curlipops 125
What’s inside the fun lolipop shaped package

What are Curlipops you may be wondering? I did too. Well, these pictured are 1″ Tourmaline ceramic curling irons that allow you to get sexy curls in minutes without rolling your hair. Wondering what the heck Tourmaline is/does? It’s a type of metal. These Tourmaline curling irons condition hair while keeping it shiny & healthy.

The red Curlipops is an hour glass-shaped styling iron that produces tight curls in the middle with loose curls at the end. Will be rocking some of those curls later today. Don’t worry–you know the post is to come soon.

photo (13)

The orange Curlipops is what I tested first. Its straight barrel produces loose waves & curls & I must say I’m in LOVE♥. To describe Bed Head’s Curlipops in one word: FAB.

Here’s what I fancy about them & tips to keep you safe.

Image-1 (12)

1. Before plugging the curlers into the wall practice the technique of curling with the cold Curlipops. When they are actually hot you won’t be a bewildered fish out of water. This may sound silly, but this REALLY works.

2. Curl your hair using your dominant hand & wear the heat protective glove on the opposite. When you watch our Youtube vid (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL & GIVE US A THUMPS UP IF YOU LIKE THE REVIEW) below you’ll understand why I added this tip. Ha!!! 🙂 Also, inside the vid is what you’ll need before curling your hair.

3. This iron has one setting: HOT. Please be careful as it’s easy to burn yourself if you aren’t fully focused. I burned myself 3 times. If you are patient you will end up with beautiful wavy curls without the ugly burns.

Fierceness, indeed!!!!!! 🙂

My 1st attempt at using the Curlipops:

photo (12)

2nd attempt was even FASTER!

photo (14)

Tried them? Love them or hate them? Comment & let a belle know.

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Disclosure: We were send these irons to review, but a belle’s opinion is her own.


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  1. I look at hair the same way. When you see me from one time to the next . . . you never know how my hair will look or what color it will be. Well, for the last two months I have had it like Miley Cyrus and Pink. It’s shaved all around with a pouf on top. Which is the way it will be until it grows in. I have to be careful with curling irons or I will singe my hair right off so, I’ll stay away from this one. Anyway, both of your hairstyles look great.

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