VIXEN by Kimber’s Girls Night Out: Which Vixen are YOU?!

Bed Head Vixen 028
Met these two sweet ladies while waiting to get my lashes applied. They were as excited as I was about Vixen by Kimber!

Y’all, a belle had a fab time last night sipping on cold lemon water, meeting new peeps, & just conversing with other women about this HOT mobile phone spy beauty business I’m about to give you the tea on.

It was hot in HOTLanta, but this girls night out party was even hotter. Have you ever heard of VIXEN by Kimber? I hadn’t until recently & I’m so glad that I now have a new place to shop (like I really need a reason).

You already know that I buy essays online paper writings discount code have “the shopping problem” so it doesn’t help to know that this brand is near me in a brick & mortar (Perimeter Mall to be exact). Still being new to Atlanta, I find it interesting that there are always new treasures waiting to be discovered. VIXEN by Kimber is one to find & keep. 🙂

Founder/Creative Director, Monica Leaphart (pictured below in the to.die.for. gold dress), was in the building looking *snaps fingers* fierce, honey.

Photo Credit: Vixen by Kimber’s Instagram Feed

She’s a sweetie & has the perfect VIXEN look for you with over 21 styles to choose from. Unreal, right? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either–especially since I normally only rock 2 styles of lashes. It’s funny that I just said that– I didn’t start wearing lashes until Yoli (one of the many fab MUAs here) applied them to my eyes at this FUN event recently.

Image-1 (18)
I rocked these to the party, but quickly removed them once I found my VIXEN!

The fact that VIXEN by Kimber has so many styles is beyond exciting. Another cool fact is that Leaphart’s lashes come in a plethora of materials ranging from exotic mink to paper lashes. I chose the premium human hair lashes, but we’ll get to that in a few. ‘kay!

Prices for these lashtastic beauties range from $20-$40, but last night they had a special price for guests: 2 for $30 (reg lashes) & 2 for $60 (mink lashes).

Bed Head Vixen 013
This was the “lash room” filled with all types of lashes on display. Cuteness!!!

Bed Head Vixen 011

Bed Head Vixen 015

VIXEN by Kimber encourages you to “Be a Vixen” & I obliged! They have the perfect vixen for any of you belles. Though they offer various styles, there are 4 types of VIXENS according to them: Natural born VIXEN, Undercover VIXEN, Million Dollar VIXEN, & VIXEN Next Door.

Wondering which ones I rocked? I picked the Undercover VIXEN look for the night & had to have the style below. Because I was talking, walking around, etc., I didn’t spy phone app get to take many photos. Luckily, I snapped one last night at home so that you could see them better. Have a gander.

Bed Head Vixen 036
Tiny was very kind. She gave me tips to share with you!!!

Image-1 (20)

Check out the rest of our photos & check out Tiny’s lash tips below!!

Got to meet/shake hands w/ PR Diva: Nicole Garner! Loves it!!!
Photo Credit: @Dawnavette via Instagram

Bed Head Vixen 016

Bed Head Vixen 020

Bed Head Vixen 023

Bed Head Vixen 022
Vixen Vodka & signature drink!!!
Bed Head Vixen 025
Fab ladies getting VIXEN fixed!
Bed Head Vixen 031
You HAVE. I repeat!!! HAVE to see these mink lashes in person. Lovely!!

Fierce VIXEN by Kimber Tips from Tiny:

1.) Make sure your eyelid is clean before applying lashes & measure the lashes to your lids. Sometimes you have to cut them if they’re too long for your eyes.

2.) Once you begin to apply lashes, stretch your lid in the opposite direction to help make application easier.

3.) Never completely close your eyes when applying lashes as you could get glue in your eyes.

4. Choose a lash glue that’s works for you. You can use one that’s waterproof or not–it’s your choice. FYI– (I use Ardelle’s DUO, but found out last night that I had a mild allergic reaction to the LashGrip brand so try them all to see what you like/can tolerate).

5. You can wear VIXEN by Kimber lashes for up to 2 days at a time as long as you don’t sleep on your face!

Watery/burning eyes & a smile below 🙂

Bed Head Vixen 032 Do you wear lashes? Wanted to try? Do tell us!

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* Disclosure: I received lashes, but this doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion! Thanks to everyone that made this possible!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nicci. Thank you much. You have to check out the VIXEN by Kimber brand. I love trying new products because you never know what you’ll fall in love with/can’t live without until you’ve tried A LOT. Happy Friday!

  1. Seems like a great event. I’ve never worn fake lashes, but I’d like to. I have no idea how though. hehe

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