Imaginary Worlds: Experience the Plants

Botanical Curlipops 020

A belle always says that one should live in the moment, and we most certainly did at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Y’all know Tamika and I love the arts (hence ArtBLT), and we are fans of a good garden! Now, if only we could get our garden going we might be a-ok. When the sis and I heard that the Atlanta Botanical Garden was having a fantastic exhibit with life like sculptures, we HAD to see it for ourselves. It’s the first of its kind in the US and is simply amazing.

Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger than Life is enchanting and mesmerizing to say the least. Expect to see lifelike dogs, unicorns, an Earth goddess, cobras, fish, and more. You will be blown away as you stand in awe at nature’s creation. If you’re not blown away, then you need your marbles checked!

There are 19 sculptures in the exhibit–each with a majestic nature of its own. Skip getting a map and go on a mini treasure hunt to find them all like we did. Yes, honey! So, if you’re thinking of traveling to Atlanta, you should do so soon. These sculptures will go back to their magical worlds in October–so make it to the “A” soon peeps.

More info can be found here. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a gander and get a few thousand words!

Botanical Curlipops 012

Botanical Curlipops 005

Botanical Curlipops 001

Botanical Curlipops 028

A cute little ladybug on our walk!

Botanical Curlipops 036

Botanical Curlipops 050

Botanical Curlipops 073


Botanical Curlipops 102

Fresh herbs growing!!

Botanical Curlipops 096

Botanical Curlipops 091

Botanical Curlipops 086

We just love Atlanta Botanical Garden! It’s beautiful 365!!!


Disclosure: We received tickets to this event. As always, a belles opinions are her own! 


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  1. Absolutely breath taking. My husband is an artist blacksmith and his favorite subjects are plants and trees. Combining mans talents and natures beauty result in art formed both with and without hands. Check out Walters trees on the sculpture page of

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