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*Cues Beyoncé’s “Party” song* Happy B’day to all of you FAB Libras! Wooooot! The sis wanted an ’80’s themed house party this year & she got it. Thank heavens I didn’t pull every strand of hair out of my head because she sure knows how to tell you things at the last hour. I know I should be used to it phone spy app by now, but hey, it is what it is!! 🙂 Y’all just don’t know how this girl stresses me out with a smile *hugs with a side eye*.

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Want to hear the funny part? Well, the Shermika told me literally 4 days before last Saturday that she wanted a party. I didn’t think it was funny at the time. Ha! Not only did I have to find a cake to fit her standards, the location, decorations fit for a sassy southern belle, & food that would delight, but I had only 4 freakin’ days to complete the task. Let’s just say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

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With the help of many sweet peeps I was able to pull it off & I thank them dearly for their help (Renah, DJ Rich, Bartender K, D, Riley, & Ty xoxo). In case you’re wondering, I found mostly all the decor items (glow rings, napkins, shades) from Amazon. I have their Prime shipping, so things always come super fast in the mail honey. We are diehard Amazon lovers at our home! Wait. Until. You. See. This. Cake. Oh yeah…we’ll talk in a few.

OCTOBER 2013 039
We taped actual vinyl records on the wall to give it a little more uumph!
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The signs they are holding were made out of a poster board
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Tina Turner (Keisha) was working that hair!
OCTOBER 2013 060
Ty used colored foam sheets to cut out the pac-man shapes that we taped. Cuteness!!!!!!
IMG_9142 One word: FIERCE!!! Two words: Publix Bakery. Being in Atlanta, there are a lot of bakeries. It seems like I called every bakery in town. One lady had the gall to get smart with me & tell me they didn’t “do sheet cakes” & that we should try “that Publix store.” And, you know what? A belle did just that! It turned out beautiful, right?! Being certified A1 diehard Publix shoppers, I don’t know why I didn’t think of them first. The young lady who decorated our cake, Nicole, was such a sweetheart. I told her our theme, showed her a few pics of the party items I purchased, & told her to surprise me. Honey, I was elated & even did a lil dance in the store when I went to pick up the cake. The top cake was chocolate & the bottom was white. It was tooooo good for words so just have another gander or two. LOL! Finish checkin’ out the party you sweet thang you! photo (30) OCTOBER 2013 036

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OCTOBER 2013 074

OCTOBER 2013 075
Kay looks cute in her workout gear & won a $10 Macy’s gift-card best term paper services in one of our contests!! It was the sis’s party & she did what she wanted to! Werk!!
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OCTOBER 2013 111
Mr. Ghostbuster & Money Makin’ Mitch
OCTOBER 2013 120
Ty & Kay got the party started right!!!!
OCTOBER 2013 128
OCTOBER 2013 136
Hammer DON’T order essay play that!!!
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Grace Jones (Dee) was in the buildin’!
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Meemee & Kay were about to spy cell phone location free have a dance off!
OCTOBER 2013 052

I had a ball & LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH, SIS. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell us below about any fun themed parties you’ve crashed this year!!

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