Day to Night Atlanta Consignment Bus Tour Looks

image (14)Y’all know a belle loves to shop consignment, so when we heard the last Atlanta Consignment Bus Tour (tips/what to expect in this post) was rolling into town, we HAD to join the fun. Our even mom came into town to partake in all the shopping goodness. Can you spot her below?

image (15)Imagine being escorted to lots of premier consignment shops in and around metro Atlanta in a cushy Mercedes bus. Imagine receiving a 20% discount on the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and more. Well wake up friends, cause this dream is reality! While shopping at each store, you nosh on bites and get treated like the Queen you are–all while upping your style game.

My outfit below is majority consignment. You can easily take this chic look from day to night. Keep this in mind when shopping to get an even bigger bang for your sweet hard earned dollars.

In the day, you can wear boots to work or while out running your errands. The jewelry is understated and works well for the office. I wore jewel earrings and a beautiful tribal print scarf with flowers. I even stole Tamika’s leather bag from her closet to give my look a chic city daytime look. Like?

Let’s have a closer look!

Day Look:

blog 090

Talbot Jacket: $25 Back by Popular Demand

Brighton Leather Bag:  $55 Alexis Boutique (Johns Creek)

Reversible Pant: $5 Designer Cosigner

Scarf: $3 Alexis Boutique (Sandy Springs)

blog 100

blog 103

This red jacket is chic and sexy. It’s flowy and transitions well for a cute dinner date. These pants are reversible so they can be worn two ways. Yes you read right! Adding a higher stiletto heel easily takes them from casual to dressy. This beaded clutch is handmade, and adds a delicate touch–perfect when out on the town. Take a look at the night look!


blog 110

Heels/Clutch bag: My own

Hoop Earrings/Fabric bangles: >$10 Alexis Boutique (Johns Creek)

Brighton Necklace: $18 Shelly’s Clothes Line

Fashion Rings: >$10 Alexis Boutique (Sandy Springs)

blog 125

Though this bag isn’t a consignment find, it’s one of my favorites. Found this baby at a vintage sale!!

blog 140

blog 137

blog 128

This is Tamika’s cross necklace she got from the last tour. It looks like three different chains, but is only one!

Remember this jacket? I wore the yellow beauty to this event recently.  My sister and I both purchased the necklace I’m wearing with it, but in different colors. What I love most is that this clock locket necklace (it’s a real clock that tells time) has a vintage feel. It’s absolutely lovely.

photo (40)

Gold Necklace: $12 Closet Exchange

Dainty Jacket:  $20 Upscale Resale & Consignment

If you’re not shopping consignment you’re missing out. Tamika and I have purchased too many items to count and love every second. Can’t you tell?!

image (16)
Bus tour selfies!

Both our necklaces in this pic are Brighton and consignment. Tamika’s green chiffon blouse was  a $5 consignment find, too!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good, and consignment is the way! Plus, you support local businesses. There’s something for everyone–all shapes and sizes. The next tour starts on March 15th, 2014 and ALL tours include lunch! Get your ticket fast because they will sell out (limited seats). Tell ’em a stylish belle sent ya!

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Mary Mary Tip-Toes to ATL in Style


Take these shackles off my heel wearing feet so I can dance, y’all.  If you sweeties are following our social media channels (we hope you are!) then you already know who came to visit Atl yesterday: Tina & Erica Campbell!!!! Yes, the beautiful multi-Grammy award winning gospel divas Mary Mary came to give the public an exclusive screening of their season 3 hit WE tv show. *snaps fingers*

“I’m not a celebrity. Celebrities don’t show their weaknesses & shortcomings. God gets the glory in all of it.” –Tina Campbell

Do you watch? Honey, the sis  I do & we love everything from Goo’s styling escapades to their cute mama who always knows best! Divas T & E, as I lovingly call them, are always showing they are real people behind the flashin’ lights. We’ve been rockin’ with them since day one. They are such a loving sweet fam & it’s easy to re-fall in love with them. In my head they are my fierce older, but wiser big cousins.


“God has a way of fixing things in a way that nobody else can.” –Erica Campbell

We were invited to a private reception prior to their screening. Now as grand as this was, the best part is that Mary Mary performed live afterwards. There’s no concert like a free concert (guests brought a can good to support The Atlanta Community Food Bank).


These fiercely dressed ladies had a lot of inspiration to give. A belle didn’t get to ask any personal questions as it wasn’t as (I thought it would be one-on-one) intimate–and was more of a q&a type gig. Nonetheless these sisters dropped many gems. Check out what they had to say below & check out the rest of our pics. Set your DVRs & be sure to watch the new season of their show on Feb. 27, 2014. ‘Kay? Good!



“Faith is faith. If I trust God in the front, then I trust him in the back.” 

  • Revealed: Their fam implemented “family prayers” as a result of 2013. Her soon to be released first solo album “Help” (latter part of March 2014) is everything she’s been through over the past year
  • Had to adjust to singing/relying on her self while creating & missed the fun that she shared with her sister Tina during the process, but learned to lean on  her own because of what God has given to her
  • Balance & honesty is a must
  • Revealed: “If I’m not ok I will tell you that I’m not ok, but I’ll get through it. Stay honest. Things don’t  always stay the same.” She said if she’s not fine she’ll never say otherwise because it’s the truth
  • Fit exercise in where you can. “The same way you change the oil in your car you have to change your body. It’s your temple, have the best temple.”



“As human beings we have to go through the fire. I’m human.” 

  • Revealed: This season we were more open to the public with something that’s always been close
  • Don’t compete with media images that you have to be superwoman (in regards to whatever it is that you do i.e. mom, sister, wife, friend etc.)–it’s a lie. Be realistic so you don’t stress out. Decide where you want to shine & stick with it & give it your all
  • Revealed: Work hours are from 10-2 & when she’s the most creative
  • Eats healthy & her drink of choice is good old H2O. *laughs* “[Exercise] doesn’t find its way into my life… I still like my fried chicken & biscuits, but I mix it up with a kale salad & some nice berries.”
  • To much is given much is required. If you want something different you have to do something you have never done


Look at the food y’all!






When I find some pics of them online I’ll post. I waited a long while for them to hit the carpet & had to leave. 🙁

photo (42).3

I finally met this sweet lady in person. Follow/check out her blog for celeb news & more!


This line was wrapped around the World of Faith Epic Center. Loved seeing this! Will you be watching?

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Dress your Gadget to the Nines


This post was suppose to be up yesterday, but a certain belle (you have a 50/50 chance of guessing right) couldn’t find our SD card. *deep semi dramatic sigh* Alas, the post is here for all of you fab peeps that have emailed us about dressing your lovely tech devices with the cutest fashions after viewing our live segment on Saturday. Let’s face it, we’re in the digital age where almost everyone, *laughs* including dogs, uses social media. Mainly how do we all use social media? With our mobile techs of course!

Check out how they look with their flaps closed below!!

These belles don’t leave the house without a cute stylus for our mobile devices (our blinged out styluses pictured above are dopeness). The sis has an iPad Air & I have a Samsung Note 10.1. We both have iPhone 5‘s. Honey, our 5’s stay dressed to the nines! Those of you who know us very well know that we’re always changing it up. Why? Because like anything else, changing accessories help our tech devices stay even cooler.

Do we spend a lot of money on them? Heck NO! Our fave place to purchase these type of items is Amazon. They should make us brand ambassadors as we get shipments on a regular! They have plenty of vendors to choose from, fast shipping (get Prime– I. LOVE. IT.), & will replace/refund an item that you don’t like without any hassle. You don’t even have to pay shipping to return items. We’ve found cute phone cases for as little as $3. My blinged out case above was less than $11 compared to plenty of peeps selling them for double & even quadruple. Check out the rest of our pics & our tips below!

The two cases on the right were less than $6! The leopard case was purchased from Alexis Boutique

This purple/teal Belkin case is so sleek & lightweight, but adds fierceness to my phone.

Tips for owning the perfectly styled tech devices:

1. Purchase a stylus… any stylus. A stylus keeps your clean oily fingers from streaking your phone. Don’t you haaaaate that? Lord knows I do. I don’t like the phone screen protectors at all. Also, a stylus makes navigating/texting on your touch screen devices even more easy & F-U-N! Win!

photo (38)
LOVE my mini stylus for my iPod

2. Find items that have the double f’s: Fashionable & Functional. Check out our example below. The phone case on the right has a wrist strap & a place to house cash/an i.d. & a few business cards if need be.

3. Play with different textures, patterns, etc. If you are afraid of doing so with your wardrobe…do so with your tech accessories. These are perfect conversational pieces. Trust me. They start convos for me all. of. the. time.

4. Make your own phone case. There are countless YouTube vids & you can purchase your must-haves via Amazon or any craft store. I’m working on making one soon. I have all my supplies so stay tuned.

The inside of the striped case pictured above

Isn’t the cassette tape phone case cuuute. I also have it in a beautiful teal color. Less than $3!!!


This black Incipio phone case is a dream (less than $25). On days when we don’t feel like carrying a purse we use this. It snaps back at the bottom with a hidden place to store cash/cards/the works. We purchased ours from Verizon Wireless (mine is white to add contrast to my black iPhone). Too cool for school & my purse. I’ve never lost a phone & don’t plan on it, which is why this is one of my faves!

Oh before a belle forgets. See that black device above?  It’s called Mophie & Shermika & I both have the dual port model. It’s basically a portable charging station. This little mobile device will allow you to charge your tablets/cellphones/any USB enabled devices while on the go for up to 5 times depending on usage/device. It’s lightweight & easily fits in your bag.

These will run you $99 or less, & we purchased them from the Apple store. The single port mophie is a lil less expensive too. They are easy to use & are always a life saver for us when we can’t hunt down a plug to recharge our devices. Used one before? Do you dress your devices?


Watch this fashionable segment live here!!!

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Book Love: Couture Chocolate Anyone?

feb blog 009

Friends, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and a belle wants to get you right for those of you who are booed up.

We had the opportunity to review this great book, Couture Chocolate, which will put you on your chocolate game in no time! Authored by William Curley, who is a four time winner of the Academy of Chocolate’s Award, this book covers how to change ordinary chocolate into extraordinary masterpieces.

feb blog 013

Y’all know we believe food is fashion, so prepare to be awed as you learn how to make patisseries, cakes, truffles and more. I’m squealing as I think about what we’ll be making and showing y’all in the coming weeks!

If the above chocolatey pleasures are not couture enough for you chic home cooks, this book covers how you can make dope chocolates with exotic ingredients like wasabi, Japanese black vinegar, and more. How’s that for foodie fashion?

Dinner and a movie is great, but how about doing something different? Couture Chocolate shows how you can take V-Day inside and create some couture sweets that are both tasty and fun. Also, if you are planning on cutting different fruits to dip into chocolate try this new gadget called the Any Sharp. Remember that you always need a sharp knife to make your cutting easy. Let us know how you like both of these items!

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Disclaimer: This item was sent to a belle for review… This most certainly doesn’t affect our opinion in any way!

Blog, Fashion, FUN, REPEAT

blog 016

Vintage Bag: Chanel ($399.99)

On Friday eve the sis & I spent the night gazing at beautiful threads & more from designers all around the world. Honey, for a second a belle thought she had tip-toed on a jet to Paris, then, Italy, then back home to the states. Thanks to Alexis Suitcase (Buckhead location) we never had to pull out our passports. We experienced a lot of fashion cuteness in one night at their Alexis Suitcase hosted VIP event for Atlanta Bloggers.

It was fab to meet our Instagram fashion diva ( in person. YOU following us? We’d love to have ya!

The event was for us ladies to get together and feast on some of the best that the fashion gods had granted us with. There was a mini fashion show (all of the clothes/bags/shoes below are consignment–go purchase!), yummy eats, & plenty of shoes, accessories, handbags, clothes, & much more to have at.

Check a gander at all the fun we experienced below & tell us what you think!

blog 027

Raincoat: Prada ($149)

Shoes: Christian Loubiton (For Sale)

NEW Bag: Valentino ($1499)

blog 030

blog 018

Vintage Lamb Skin Bag: Chanel ($699.99)

Black booties/Dress: (For Sale)

blog 073
Check out Alicia’s blog:

blog 006

All of the delish gourmet bites were from Under the Canapé!

blog 009

One of the best parts of the night? *giggles* The prizes and the lust in liquid form also known as Vixen vodka. This vodka is the as it’s too smooth for words. I sipped it for the first time here & fell in love then. We had so much fun!! There were random prizes given away, and bloggers received small swag bags. I even won a hair cut & will be giving it away soon. Stay tuned for the deets!

blog 011
Check out & support these SWEEEET ladies. They are a LOCAL business. You know we adore almost anything local, right. Thought you did, honey! 🙂

blog 008

As usual, Shermika & I had a ball chatting with many of the ladies there as we all shopped & discovered new items to add to our fashion bucket-list. We’ve been to too many consignment shops to name, but honestly Alexis Boutique is our fave & they didn’t have to twist our arms for us to tell y’all this. It’s the truth.

If you know us then you already know of this consignment gem or we’ve physically taken you to shop there! LOL. 🙂 The grandest part of this consignemnt boutique is that they have items for everyone & EVERY budget. I’ve found shoes for as low as $20 & shirts as low as $5. Trust when I say this place is our best kept secret.

Swooning hard over anything you’ve peeped in this post? Been to this boutique? We’d love to hear.

Enjoy shopping & saving money while doin’ it! Until next time, friends.  xoxo

blog 052
Check out Tanya’s blog (she has the fierce Chanel bag!!!):

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