Let’s Jam: D’Nell

If you haven’t heard of this group, you’re missing out on something special. I was introduced to their music a few years back while writing for an online music website. D’Nell is comprised of producer Dan Jones and singer Ellie Hajee. D’Nell’s music is a mixture of techno, smoothness (yes, it’s a category), and honestly, I can’t really describe it. Just give it a listen and allow it to swirl around in your ear.

Top 5 Tunica Local Eats


If you’ve been hangin’ with a belle for a minute then you know that the sis & I love to visit new places all while enjoying some of their yummy eats. Recently we explored Tunica Mississippi & had a ball. As usual, we got out & played where the locals play.

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Today I’ll focus on the delish food, but the next post will feature the must-see spots to experience. Don’t fret. This post won’t be too long, but I do want you to know why these 5 Tunica hot spots for tasty eats stood out. Let’s get started? ‘kay! First up…


Blue & White Restaurant

First. Look at Shermika lookin’ like some game show host displaying a prize. I love this pic! 🙂 This cute lil diner spot was roughly a 20 minute drive from our hotel. It’s on Route 61 & has been in existence since the ’20’s, YES, you read right, honey. The food is freshly prepared by cooks who actually love to plate up 70+years of southern style cooking traditions.


We stopped at the Blue & White Restaurant for breakfast and weren’t disappointed. For our appetizer (yep we’re rebels & had an app for breakfast!), we had their homemade doughnuts. One word: Siiiiiinful!!! They will have you sayin’ “Krispy Kreme who?!?” We loved them so much that we picked up a dozen to take home to our older sis & nephew. Needless to say they wished we had brought them more. Let’s head on over to breakfast!


I had a fluffy Belgium waffle with cheese grits & crispy bacon. The sis had their 61 Hobo breakfast which is basically ooey gooey cheesylicious (I just made that up, but almost positive it’s been heard before) goodness of mouthwatering onions, eggs, fresh hash browns, sausage, & biscuits. It’s enough to share unless you’ve worked up a massive appetite. Trust me. It’s delish!




Told ya we picked up a dozen! 🙂



Cafe Marie


We stopped here at Cafe Marie for lunch one day for a quick bite. The restaurant  is quaint, homey, & the service was excellent. I had a cheeseburger & Shermika had a patty melt. We both had their hand cut fries with our meals. Their tea was quite tasty too! Be sure to call to see what’s on their menu before going because a lot of what they serve is based on what’s in season in this farm town. We were told that the menu changes.




photo 2 (7)

Chicago Steakhouse

On our 1st night we had a late reservation for dinner at this fab steakhouse located inside the beautiful Gold Strike Hotel. The sis & I tried everything from scallops to truffle fries to a table-made dessert. Check out our Instagram for the video! Shermika had an enormous crab cake that she adored & I had a med-well filet mignon with broccoli. Love wine? The Chicago Steakhouse’s wine selection is huge! All the goodness we tasted & witnessed is below.

photo 1 (6)

photo 3

photo 4


The Hollywood

This little spot is a cutie. Our server was the sweetest & the decor was even sweeter. We loved the tree limbs with white lights. Even “A Time to Kill” author, John Grisham, loved them enough to include this cafe in his book.


Though the restaurant is casual, it has a sort of cozy/intimate feel. If you love pickles as much as I, then you can surely raise a glass to this fine establishment. The Hollywood Cafe is the birthplace of the fried pickle. That’s right. Mississippi is a foodie trailblazer! Their crispy lightly battered pickles are talked about all over town so you know we didn’t hesitate to try them out! Score, y’all!!!


My sister had filet mignon & I had grilled catfish. Catfish is the premiere fish of this town so don’t go there lookin’ for anything other than this. Got me? Good!




photo 4 (4)

SouthBound Pizza

Everything at this eatery was prepared with fresh local ingredients. The homemade pita chips were slightly salty & crunchy. We had enough pizza to feed an army. This pizza is DIVINE. Take your leftovers back to your hotel & have them warm it for you for breakfast. LOVED. EVERY. CHEESEY. BITE!!!! Don’t forget to sign their wall.

photo 2

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (6)

photo 1

Check back soon for our list of places to visit & a casino is our last choice. There’s so much more to this town than casinos. Follow us to see what a belle’s getting into. Until next time, friends.

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*Disclosure: Some meals were provided & doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion in any way.

Let’s Jam: 5th and York’s All In

I remember the first time I heard about 5th and York. We’d just started ArtBLT and a belle was looking for some fresh talent to feature. Ever a fan of jazz music, the sis approached me one day and our convo went like this:

Tamika: You gotta check out this jazz group I found on Twitter.

Me: Really? Are they solid?

Tamika: These cats are tight!

Me: Lemme check out their website.

This was my introduction to 5th and York. The musicians latest album, All In, definitely goes all in. It has a smooth jazz feel that will take you back to drinking lemonade under the shade of a tree. This is not your typical jazz album. The group breaks up the monotony by having dialogue interwoven within the cd, adding a fresh touch to its signature contemporary style. I did regret that the dialogue could be too long at times though, as in “The Casino.” However, 5th and York does a splendid job of merging jazz, rock, and traditional r&b to create a style that’s distinctly their own.

One of my favorite tunes is “Key of G (Ea).” I want you to listen to it and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If you’re ready to open your ears and explore the world in a smooth sultry musical ride, then check out 5th and York’s All In. You can buy the album on iTunes.

Disclosure: The cd was sent to us for review. It does not affect a belle’s opinion. 

Image via 5th & York 

Wells Fargo Presents: The Kinsey Collection at the AHC

photo 5

How was your weekend, friends? The sis & I had one filled with friends, culture, history, laughs, & much more. On Friday/Saturday afternoon we tip-toed over to our beloved Atlanta History Center (AHC) and met the beautiful Kinsey family who has impacted us more than they’ll ever know. We keep telling y’all that the AHC is a place that you’ll visit over & over again. The movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire filmed recently at the Swan House which makes them cooler than your average history center! So. Go. SOON!!!

Wells Fargo is presenting a traveling exhibition: The Kinsey Collection: Shared Treasures of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, Where Art and History Intersect, that should be on your spring travel must-see list. If it isn’t–be sure to pencil it in right now. ‘Kay? ‘Kay! This is basically a collection of everything you DID NOT learn in high school about some phenomenal African Americans.

“I stand a lil firmer & walk a lil taller because of this collection. I’ve grown & continue to grow… …[African American] history is told as if it’s separate, but it IS American history.”Khalil Kinsey

photo 2 (5)
The sis & I taking a selfie with Mrs. Kinsey!

Who are the Kinsey’s you might be pondering? A belle did too to be quite honest. I remember Shermika vaguely telling me about them after reading an article about the Kinsey’s in a mag a few months back. Those friends who know us personally know that when Shermika is passionate about something she doesn’t stop talking about it. My ears could tell you some stories, honey. LOL!

“Everywhere you go, you make change. Make change for positive.”–Bernard W. Kinsey

To see how their journey of discovery started which ultimately led to this exhibit, have a quick gander at the Kinsey family (husband/wife Bernard & Shirley along with their son, Khalil) in this short video before you continue reading. What are you waiting on? It’s waiting for you! http://youtu.be/uC3KK0eSunI

We were elated to preview the Kinsey Collection before it opened to the public.

In short, the Kinsey Collection is the personal art collection/artifacts of Bernard & Shirley Kinsey, a husband & wife duo of 47 years. This collection has been viewed by almost 4 million peeps from The Smithsonian to now Atlanta. Their son, Khalil, has been an instrumental part in helping with the collection for the last 5 years.

To describe this family in 3 words: vibrant, selfless, & inspiring

We had a ball conversing with the Kinsey’s. Mrs. Kinsey is such an elegant bright light full of fun & energy. I immensely enjoyed gabbing with her for over 20 minutes about how to start our own family journey of discovery as they did (don’t worry I’ll let you know what we discover). This is one of the reasons Wells Fargo is presenting this exhibit. Did you know that back in the 1800’s Wells Fargo made it known that they wanted all of their customers treated equally? Yep! And in the words of Bernard Kinsey, this is a bank who’s DNA entails equality for all.

Within the collection there are artifacts that have NEVER been seen before including a first edition of 12 Years a Slave. You will see actual books, letters, art, and more that will blow your mind. Moreover, you will see the accomplishments of African-Americans!


“I collect the living artists & my husband collects the deceased ones!”– Shirley Kinsey



On Friday, we viewed the collection & talked to the family. The next day, we went to their lecture at the AHC where the Kinsey’s shared wisdom & interesting history to everyone in attendance. Mr. Kinsey shared facts about American History, and gave life lessons. One tidbit he shared sticks with me:

The Kinsey’s with Well Fargo’s Lisa Frison as the moderator

3 things for a successful life (a Buddish Monk told the Kinsey’s this while traveling in ’82)

1. Something to do 2. Someone to love 3. Something to look foward to

We really want you to go see this exhibit for yourself, but until then check out a few of our grainy iPhone pics (bless our hearts, honey!!!). I left the DSLR charging 🙂

photo 2

photo 4
A pic of a family taking a pic with the Kinsey’s!
photo 1
Interesting document that shows slave insurance. What caught my eye was the last name on this document. Beyoncé fans wondering what I’m wondering?
Slave shackles for a female



Check out Wells Fargo’s #KinseyUntold playlist featuring Lance Gross (our loyal readers know we adore him!), Jordin Sparks, Talib Kweli, & MORE on YouTube now!!!

Before I forget to tell you–don’t forget to mark your calender & plan a trip to see the Kinsey Collection. Wells Fargo is giving each of you fab peeps a chance to see this magnificent collection for free during these weekends here. What’s more awesome than a free day at the lovely AHC? We can’t think of much either, honey!! Make sure you follow us for more Kinsey/AHC news in the coming weeks! Until next time. xoxo

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***We would like to extend a H-U-G-E thank you to our always friendly/sweet friends at the AHC for gifting us a Kinsey Collection book. Also, we would like to thank Wells Fargo {Lisa Frison} for gifting us a book as well.

We enjoyed chatting and meeting each & everyone one of you. Everyone from Brandon (The Kinsey fam photographer) to Freddie the social media analyst at Wells Fargo. Best wishes & safe travels to you all. Thank you!!!

Eats & Treats: The Meddlesome Moth

Texas 1068

Friends, some time ago we took a weekend trip to Dallas and oh did a belle have a ball. While touring museums and walking around Dallas’ eclectic art district we worked up quite an appetite.

Texas 1070

Texas 1101The sis and I visited The Meddlesome Moth, (in Dallas’ design district) which came highly recommended by locals! We were told that if you’re looking for good local food in Dallas then The Moth (as it’s fondly called) was the place to be! As it turns out, we kinda knew the Executive Chef David McMillan whose wife Denise is a close friend of ArtBLT.

Texas 1098
The ArtBelles with Plush Creations Founder, Denise McMillian!!! xo

The music-themed stain glass is absolutely beautiful! Can you believe that David rescued these from being destroyed? They add a layer or warmth and soul to this beautiful space.

Texas 1076
Fresh bread anyone?

Texas 1075

We decided to go for brunch and met our sweet friend Denise on a Sunday morning. Tamika and I shared the honey sampler (Flight of the Honey Bee), which is an assortment of various honeys and artisan breads. One of the breads tasted like pound cake and brought me back to days in Birmingham where I ate my grandma’s famous pound cake! We found out that the breads are made fresh in house.

Tamika had Homemade Cream Bisquits & Gravy, which was a sausage biscuit. Everything is freshly prepared. Y’all this was one of the fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever tasted! Y’all know I had to try her food and mine. What true foodie wouldn’t?

Texas 1084

I had Challah French Toast and bacon. The french toast was served alongside pure maple syrup (the GOOD stuff) and seasonal fresh berries. Talk about some good eating! I’ve never had Challah bread, but the french toast was thick in consistency, yet so soft and moist. Have a look at it below along with what Denise had!

Texas 1091

Texas 1100

Texas 1094
Oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts! Yummers!

A belle chowed down on this delicious brunch! We spoke to David who told us how the restaurant uses seasonal ingredients and makes most things in house. The food was fresh and wonderful! We’re going to share some recipes soon from David, and our list of top places to visit while in Dallas–So stay tuned. If you’re ever in the Dallas area stop by The Moth! You won’t be disappointed.

What do you like to eat for brunch?

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