STOP in the Name of ArtBLT: Exploring the Motor City

Friends!! We missed y’all so much! Tamika and I took a break away from blogging to handle family matters. In a few short months I have moved twice to 2 states (yep, you read right chile), AND Tamika has moved twice to the same state (LOOOOOONG story)! Needless to say, we have been trying to get ourselves together before bringing you the freshness you deserve. I’ve been traveling a lot lately (mostly for work), and I had the opportunity to visit Detroit….the Motor City…Home of Motown… Take a gander at a few of my travel shots! detroit3 A Birminghamian just HAS to take a picture in Birmingham, Michigan. 😉 detroit2 The Detroit Riverwalk is fascinatingly beautiful! It is near GM’s headquarters. I felt such a cool sense of peace as I walked along the river. Don’t let anyone scare you from visiting Detroit. It is a nice city…you just have to find those little gems. detroit1 To STOP and STAND in the same room where The Temptations, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and the list does go on sang their hearts out was incredible. Visiting the Motown museum is a MUST if you’re visiting Detroit! detroit Along the way I tried some great eats, and found the coolest lil wine joint! But alas, I was so immersed in my experience I forgot to snap pics of the food! What’s your favorite place to travel too?

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