Wine and Reels: Napa Valley Film Festival


125 Films + 250 Filmmakers + 150 Wineries + 30 Chefs = A foodie/culture lovers DREAM!

Friends, when a belle first heard about the Napa Valley Film Festival, we just knew it was vacay time! Y’all know that we love indie film + travel, so this would be a perfect combination. We jetted into San Francisco and made the hour and a half drive to Napa. The drive was scenic y’all and is worth seeing to believe! On Thursday afternoon, we saw Black and White starring Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, and Anthony Mackie. The film was shown in the quaint Uptown Theatre in the heart of Napa. One thing I’d like to tell y’all is that although indie films are featured, don’t think these films don’t cast TALENTED actors! Black and White delved into the relationship amongst maternal and fraternal grandparents–one black and the other white–fighting for custody of their biracial granddaughter. The story line was pretty straightforward, yet it raised interesting questions in regards to race, discrimination, class, privilege, and most importantly, LOVE. Kevin Costner was at the screening and I got to catch a quick glimpse of him! Ow! If you have the opportunity to see Black and White, I think you’d enjoy it. The entire staff delivered a solid performance, and I’d gladly rate it a 5/5 belles! Overall, if you want to be surrounded by beautiful vineyards, cute people, awesome films, and loads of wine the NVFF is the way to go! IMG_0120 A belle was invited to the uber exclusive Gala, which featured sweets from Sweetie Pie’s, Kollar Chocolates (which I later visited..y’all know I have a sweet tooth), and wine from various wineries. There was also a cigar bar, which only a boss would partake in! Curious about what I wore eh? Ever the frugal fashionista…. IMG_0180

Dress: JC Penney $8 Bag: Vintage (got it from my mama) Shoes: Miu Miu (consignment) Jewelry: (consignment)

IMG_0241 During NVFF, we visited the cooking demonstrations (it’s the foodie in a belle) and the wine pavilions. We tasted wine from: Chimney Rock, Rutherford Hill, Provenance, Trefethen, Acacia, Sterling And these are the ones I can remember before the wine kicked in smh. We’ll provide detailed reviews of wines/wineries in a later post so stay tuned! IMG_0291 (1) IMG_0301 I enjoyed Kollar Chocolates so much that I had to visit the store and buy a few to nosh on. They were unbelievably good (and expensive)! IMG_0506 On Friday night, we made the 45 minute trek to Calistoga to see #ChicagoGirl. This film deals with heavy subjeect matter, so it was refreshing to have such an intimate and inviting space to feature the film at. #ChicagoGirl revolves around Ala’a, a Syrian-American teenager in Chicago who utilizes social media to help coordinate the Syrian Revolution. If you ever thought social media was a waste of time, this film illustrates how one young woman helps to fight for the liberties so many take for granted, and how Ala’a courageously fights against a regime using social media. #ChicagoGirl is an AMAZING movie that really brings a lot of things into perspective. Goodbye to all That: We didn’t care for this movie so much. The plot was weak, the characters were one dimensional, and the ending left much to be desired. Watch at your own risk… I’d highly suggest you take a trip to Napa, soak up the vineyards, sip some wine, and partake in the film festival. Be sure to arrive an hour early to see your wishlist films. Due to smaller venues being at capacity, we were unable to see many films…however there’s always next year! Quite a few of them I’ll be looking for on the Google (yes, I call it the Google). What’s your favorite film festival or indie film?

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