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ArtBLT, the creation of two Southern Belles & sisters, Shermika & Tamika Dunner, is an arts/lifestyle blog that sandwiches different types of art together in an effort to entertain & enlighten. We love to rock heels, tight fashions, and flash our passports.

We started this thang on May 1, 2011 and have been kickin it since then (minus our lil hiatus).

Our goal is to transcend boundaries & sandwich art amongst beauty & lifestyle, all while having a tête-à-tête with you—our sweet friends!

Enough with the fluff….Who ARE we?

The ArtBelles are two real sisters (not twins) born & raised in da dirty – Birmingham, AL (residing in Atlanta)–who enjoy writing & meeting genuine people. We make friends easy and never miss a good sale!

Grab a seat & hang out with a belle won’t you?! Need to contact us? Head here or email us at artbelles@artblt.com.

We are ArtBLT. Glad that you stopped by!!! 

The ArtBelles Getting Ready for an Aerial Tour of Japan: Tamika (L) & Shermika (R)

The cutest pooch ever– OUR SWEET not so sweet baby. And NO, he’s not a puppy. He just looks like one!

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