Knives night out: Taste of Atlanta 2nd Annual Tweetup

L-R: Shermika, Wendy, Kathleen, Sarah, TOA’s President/Founder Dale Gordon DeSena, Tamika

Hey, friends!

A belle was in foodie heaven yesterday evening. Did you see all of the pics we tweeted/instagramed? Made you hungry, right? It makes us shimmy just thinking about it! We were invited to a media preview for 4 restaurants participating in Taste of Atlanta. If you read about the fun we had last year, then you know that we are counting down the months to 2012’s fest. It’s coming soon and we are so happy to be promotional partners!!

Groups were divided into teams and you know we were a part of the best team! Woot woot!! As a part of Team Knives (there was also a Team Spoons, Napkins, Forks–CUTE, huh?!), we sampled food from Atlanta’s hottest restaurants. Check out our sweet ride for the evening and our doll of a driver! *screams* Team Knives is in the building!

Derick was awesome!!

Our sweet ride was courtesy of Uber Atl, which drove us around our roaming area of Downtown/Westside. The other teams tried 4 different restaurants each. We tried everything from octopus to bratwurst. Here’s where we grubbed on:

Five Seasons Brewing

The sis and I tried their Venus beer which has a semi-fruity undertone. Y’all know we aren’t beer drinkers, but we did give into beer pressure, and tried the brews which weren’t bad.

The highlight was bratwurst wrapped in a pretzel and it was heaven. Oh MY! There was a mustard dipping sauce that gave this tasty bit an uumph!


 The Optimist

Here we had a smorgasbord of food. This restaurant really rolled out the seafood red carpet! There were mussels, oysters, octopus, chowder, gumbo, and the list goes on! This place really knows how to treat a guest. The ambience is super chic and cool. The restaurant has an industrial feel with its exposed beams.

And the food? A belle was in seafood paradise! The sis and I dined on sweet buttery rolls, octopus (which was quite good and spicy), and halibut amongst other delicacies. This resturant treated us like queens and showed out! Check out all that we had!!!

Seared tuna
Pink Himalayan sea salt adorns this drink
Lobster rolls is how a belle rolls!

We told y’all this place is off the chain! Our tummies thanked us with a big ole smile.

Octopus. It was actually quite good and spicy.
Mussels with tasty bread!

White Oak Kitchen

Good food, killer ambiance, and did we mention good food? Okay, the evening started with toast, butter and homemade jam. If I had to guess, the butter was made in house too. We then had bourbon and y’all know us Southern girls can’t do the hard stuff. BUT, the bourbon was so sweet and citrusy flavored. The manager knew what he was talking about when he said the bourbon was the best we’d ever have!

Can we have these in our place?! It’s made out of wood!

No worries, it didn’t put hair on our chests. Now on to the food. Quail came along and it was SO GOOD! Neither of us have had quail before, but believe me when I say you have to try this treat at White Oak Kitchen. The quail was on a piece of thick toast with cheese, bacon and jam. Talk about unbelievably good! It was the highlight of our little lives.

The BarrelHouse

The night ended here where the entire group met up over a “Last Summer Fling” and cheesecake bites. Y’all, the drink was on point! It had moscato, some rum, and other goodies, but it’s a real smooth drink. If you go, tell ’em a belle sent you. Besides the stellar food, we got to meet some AWESOME ATL peeps and cannot wait until the fest!

If you’re sleeping under a rock, Taste of Atlanta is on October 5-7th in Tech Square. Just because we like you…use the code “SOCIAL” to save $5 on your tix before September 30th. Also, check out TOA’s Friday party, The Big Grill… a little birdie told us ScoutMob has an excellent deal.

Are you going to any fab food fests this year? If you haven’t been to one, we’ll share some tips with you very soon.

Disclosure: Each restaurant provided us with food/drinks. Our opinions are a belle’s own, but you already know this!

Birmingham Beautiful People Party 2012

A belle had a ball at Birmingham Magazine‘s Beautiful People Party last night! We have been waiting on this party since last year. If you didn’t know, I represented ArtBLT by helping judge the contestants for the issue, and it was such an HONOR. Between seeing all the lovely people in Birmingham and oohing and ahhing over how beautiful everything looked, the sis and I had a treat of a night. The first stop was the pictures! Now y’all know a belle had to get her pose on. We felt like mini celebrities. How do you like our pics?

We spent the night talking with old friends and meeting new ones. The atmosphere seemed like a really nice night club and was very different from last year. To us it seemed a little more intimate. We loved it! You can’t talk about beautiful people without talking about what everyone wore. Tamika and I decided to get all dolled up and throw a little fashion in the mix. Check out our looks and tell us what you think.

I got these pants as part of our thrifting challenge with Fox 6 News. They only cost  $7.49 and I got so many compliments on them last night. Although I had my signature Lancome blush on, I was still blushing from the compliments I received. My top is an old number from my mom’s closet and I had on Aldo shoes–along with my trusty Coach bag. I love this leather bracelet that was gifted from Alchemy Style because not only is it stylish, but it matches my pants perfectly.

I got this cute gray colorful number from Belk for $30 during Belk’s Charity Sale (I wore it in Savannah several weeks ago). This dotted dress is so fun and adds a playful touch to any night. I paired the dress with $7 silver pumps from Shoe Carnival and a Coach purse. Y’all know that we love a great deal…talk about being a frugal fashionista!

It seemed like the entire city was having a ball. Did you notice that sweet belle on the cover? It’s Amanda LeBlanc. Check out the rest of our pics.

Krista Conlin looked very chic. We adore her-- a lot of fun!!!

The sis & I even ran into one of our old high school friends. Such a sweet belle she is!

They had the digital graffiti board again!


All Aboard! Savannah’s Tall Ships Challenge

Y’all a belle has always wanted to visit Savannah and last weekend we had our chance. When we were invited to be a part of the Tall Ships Challenge, we were shimmying! I mean, we’ve heard about Savannah’s glorious beauty, but seeing it up front was a dream come true. The live oak trees, the urban forest, hip bohemian shops, you name it and Savannah has it!

You know we always have an adventure wherever we go. So, this post will focus on the ships, and some of the fun we got into. After reading you will want to pack your bags, gas up the tank or book a flight to head to sweet Savannah and have a great time with her too. In fact, Shermika and I pinched each other a few times… just to make sure we weren’t dreaming because Savannah welcomed us in style. A belle felt like a celeb! Read More

Junior League of Birmingham’s Bargain Bash 2012

Y’all know a belle loves to shop, right? Sure you do! The sis and I love to find great items for rock bottom prices. We attended the Junior League of Birmingham’s Bargain Bash, a preview party for their annual 1,000 family garage sale, Bargain Carousel. Tamika and I racked up and saw so many wonderful items.

They have everything from electronics to household items and much MORE. This post is mostly pics so that you can ooohh and ahhh over some of the great items they have for sell.

Check out some of the cute items we found at Bargain Bash! These napkins are too awesome for $3!

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Frugal Fashionista Finds: Simply Fashion in the Spring Pt. 1 of 2

Shermika: Dress (c/o Simply Fashion), Bolero (JCPenney), Bag (Coach), Sandals (Off Broadway Shoes), Bracelet (Brighton). Tamika: Shirt, shorts & accessories (c/o Simply Fashion), Shoes (Belk), Bolero (Maurices).
As we told y’all a few posts ago there are a lot of hot trends this season. Other than cute spring colors and fab purses, florals have been on every fashionista’s radar–especially ours!! The one thing that we always tell people is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to 1. look trendy and 2. look cute while dressing trendy! When Simply Fashion approached a belle about doing a little spring challenge, Tamika and I jumped on it. For those of you that never heard of Simple Fashion, it’s a national clothing store that sells juniors, misses, plus, and super plus size affordable and cute threads. We were each sent $50 gift certificates with one request: spend it well! Y’all know that wasn’t a problem for a frugal loving belle that can make $50 stretch a long way. The challenge was on!!! Read More