Loneliness, Thanksgiving, Blessings, & TIPS


This church is over 10K Feet ABOVE sea level & was beautiful! We’ll chat more ’bout this soon!

Well helllllo, y’all! Summer has sprinted outta here in Georgia and Fall is creeping’ in the scene with a slight gansta lean! Chile, it’s funny how lil ole Fall wants to TRY to roll up & it’s almost December!

A belle has been enjoying the foliage of beautiful red, orange & the bright yellows. I’ve been at peace & joyful, but sadly, this time of year is a reminder to some of what they think they do not have. Truth be told, you have A LOT sweet friends. You just have to focus on IT. Walk wit me….

img_1996          I miss my old apartment this time of year!!

After a recent convo with my good friend back home, we started flapping’ our gums about the weather changin’ & ended up having a beautiful convo about God. You see, I was reminded that this time of year (I believe more so than any other) that the enemy, Satan, tries to hold our joy hostage & convince us that we have to feel lonely. Unfortunately, my friend is not close to her family at all. What I had to remind her is that the Lord blesses us with special people in our lives. We are never alone as our Father is always with us no matter who’s there & who isn’t there.

Friends hear a belle well….everyday is Thanksgiving & should be lived as such. Don’t let society fool you into thinking that it’s important to do good one or two times of the year.



                                                     Sissy & I on a recent trip praying & praisin’!

Now let’s get something straight. You can be in a relationship & still feel lonely. Don’t get it twisted, honey. Sometimes our thoughts can be negative. These negative thoughts may even try to tap us on the shoulder & remind many of us that we don’t have family, friends, or even a boo to snuggle up with. Chile it’s a big fat ole lie. All we will ever need is God. Anything extra is a blessing waiting to happen.

Let’s talk about a few ways to keep positive as the leaves dance to the ground & the air is cooler. ‘Kay? Alrighty.


  1. Thank your creator (whomever it is) that you are alive & well because you are here for a reason.
  2. Surround yourself with loved ones. Don’t be fooled into thinking’ that family is considered your only source of love. Get out of your negative mind & meet new friends–Try Meetup.com (fun groups in your area), church or more. Case & point: My sis has met a ton of new friends on the Island she resides on. Chile, Shermika won’t tell ya this, but she has many sweet new friends who help her compact negative thoughts of missing me and the rest of the fam this time of year. She misses me so. Don’t tell her I said so & PLEASE don’t let her fool you. Ha!!
  3. Think positive. PERIOD. Even when there’s a storm around you. You have a choice. So choose wisely. It’s easy to think & be positive when your circle supports positive thinking.
  4. Think before you REACT!! What’s a true testament is how you think + react when your surroundings are less than ideal. When your surroundings seem lonely how will you react?
  5. Give praises to your creator when times are good & BAD. People always want to omit the bad/negative times,  but the truth is that it rains on the just and unjust. Get ya umbrella & dancing’ rain boots ready.


Shermika & I want to send you positive vibes, love, & inspiration through our blog. Bare with us as we get back into our groove of writing, sharing, & exploring. We pray that each of you be renewed in joy & a new attitude this season and EVERYDAY. God has been too good for us all not to be. Until next time! Peace out.

–XOXO  T & S



Mic Check 1, 2…



*taps microphone & waves hysterically*

HEYYYYY friend. Aren’t you sweet for stopping by and visiting. My oh my it’s been almost over 2 years since a belle has posted & we can’t believe time has flown by so fast. The sis & I took a well needed break but didn’t expect it would be over 2. LONG. Years. Whew! A lot of fun has taken place since we last spoke. For starters, the sis isn’t in Memphis anymore (she lives in New York y’all), is living like the little princess she is, & enjoying living on an island while occasionally gracing NYC with her royal presence. She’s made some awesome new friends, and I enjoy hopping on planes to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

As for lil ole me?

Well chile,

Ise married now, doing peachy in Georgia, and have 2 new furry babies (all 3 of them get on my nerves but I love them dearly–am I allowed to say that?! 😂)

I got rid of da cready crack, did the BC, & am getting used to this curly mane of mine. Together we’ve been traveling like tomorrow ain’t comin’. We’ve recently traveled to South Korea, Canada, Chicago, Vietnam, Colombia, and more! Don’t fret your sweet lil tail because we’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks!


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With all the love our southern hearts can muster.

Xo- T&S

Hair Candy: Bed Head’s Rock ‘N Roller

photo 1

For the entire month of June a belle will be hippin’ you to all the cool hair gadgets, beauty products & unique finds your lil heart can handle. Exciting, right?! Yea, we can’t stop smiling too. We are always sent items to review. Some we like & some we don’t (which is why you will NEVER see them on this blog).

This month your fave belles will focus on the products we CANNOT. LIVE. WITHOUT! I’m often complimented on my curls out in the streets and I thank you all!!!! xoxo. Now, it’s time to let you all in on my lil beauty secrets.

How do I achieve these killer curls at home in the comfort of my own crib you ask? It’s the way this home body gal prefers. A while back, our sweet friends at Bed Head sent these Rock ‘N Roller Bubble Curling Iron Wands for us to try–along with a few others. You can see our 1st Bed Head vid here on YouTube now!. Verdict? 4 polished thumbs up! For less than $25 (on amazon), you can have salon-inspired locs without breaking the bank. Ain’t that sweet? More deets below, friends.

photo 2Rock N Roller – Funky Texture

Rock the Look! Bed Head’s Bubble Wand Curling Iron gives defined spiral or tousled waves for softer shinier curls without any nasty frizz. Who’s winning? You & I!! This is my #1 go to curler  for a fierce look & here’s why:

  • Tourmaline, Ceramic Technology
  • Clamp Free Wrap and Go Design
  • Unique Bead-Shaped Barrel
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Heat Protective Glove Included
  • Style Guide Included

photo (46)

photo 3 photo 4

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Foodie Fun: Melting Pot

So a belle heard that the Melting Pot was one of the best spots to have a foodie experience in Atlanta, so we had to try it. The sis and I visited the Midtown location, which is in the heart of the city, not too far from one of our fave places–the Alliance.


Melting Pot has an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a girls night out. The sis and I felt so special as we were tucked away in a cozy booth trying to decide on our selections. We opted for the four course feature, and I decided to try some drinks.


Although you see my smile, I didn’t know how this drink would be y’all! I was so scared to try this Fiery Pineapple Margarita, as I am a tried and true belle. If I try it AND it’s true, I don’t like to leave it. But y’all know, variety is the spice of life, and I shole enjoyed this tasty drink that was outfitted with cayenne….YES cayenne pepper! The sweetness of the pineapple and the hint of chipotle gave me life chile!


Interestingly, fondue is the star of the show and started off the first course. We chose a new selection as our cheese fondue. It consisted of fontina, kase butterkase (a German cheese), and goat cheese. When I tell y’all this cheese had us over the moon I mean it honey. Artisan breads and fruit were served alongside the cheese; Tamika and I went in on this creamy delicacy!!


We both had house salads,which were your basic salads, so no complaints here. Moving along to the GOOD stuff 😉


Everyone should smile a little with a Sunshine Sangria between courses. I love sweet drinks and this drink was that and then some. It was almost too sweet that I forgot liquor was in it! One thing about The Melting Pot is their presentation. Can’t you see how pretty this drink is? The fruit was fresh as well which was a GREAT thing!



Didn’t I tell ya about the presentation? Even raw food looks purty! The Melting Pot has various cooking styles that include broths, wines, and various seasonings. We chose the Coq au Vin, a burgundy wine that is infused with various herbs and spices. I had the Land and Sea and Tamika had the French Quarter meal (minus the spice of course). After placing the food in the pot, alongside veggies like potatoes and broccoli, we chatted and waited for the food to cook. Our taste buds did not steer us wrong!


Tamika raved about the andouille sausage and I was in love with my food. I killed those mushrooms! We received various dipping sauces that complemented the meats quite well. We were both in awe at the curry like sauce that wasn’t spicy. Trust that our tastebuds went into overdrive!



The fourth course was TRULY the star of the show….DESSERT! The sis and I argued over who would choose the chocolate. I won since Tamika chose the cheese. We settled on a rich chocolate with toffee in it. When I tell ya this chocolate was high quality and unbelievable, I mean it!! I love sweets so I was dancing as I ate my chocolate fondue. Rice Krispie treats, Oreo crusted marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, brownies, blondies, and pound cake were served with the fondue. I really enjoyed the brownies 774

The service was wonderful…absolutely wonderful! Tamika and I enjoy going to places where they KNOW the menu, treat you like family, and go over and beyond! Our night ended with 2 roses for 2 special belles! If you’re looking for a great place to dine that serves up good food and a killer ambiance, then The Melting Pot should definitely be on your radar!

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Top 5 Tunica Local Eats


If you’ve been hangin’ with a belle for a minute then you know that the sis & I love to visit new places all while enjoying some of their yummy eats. Recently we explored Tunica Mississippi & had a ball. As usual, we got out & played where the locals play.

Click here to see us discuss Tunica on the news! 

Today I’ll focus on the delish food, but the next post will feature the must-see spots to experience. Don’t fret. This post won’t be too long, but I do want you to know why these 5 Tunica hot spots for tasty eats stood out. Let’s get started? ‘kay! First up…


Blue & White Restaurant

First. Look at Shermika lookin’ like some game show host displaying a prize. I love this pic! 🙂 This cute lil diner spot was roughly a 20 minute drive from our hotel. It’s on Route 61 & has been in existence since the ’20’s, YES, you read right, honey. The food is freshly prepared by cooks who actually love to plate up 70+years of southern style cooking traditions.


We stopped at the Blue & White Restaurant for breakfast and weren’t disappointed. For our appetizer (yep we’re rebels & had an app for breakfast!), we had their homemade doughnuts. One word: Siiiiiinful!!! They will have you sayin’ “Krispy Kreme who?!?” We loved them so much that we picked up a dozen to take home to our older sis & nephew. Needless to say they wished we had brought them more. Let’s head on over to breakfast!


I had a fluffy Belgium waffle with cheese grits & crispy bacon. The sis had their 61 Hobo breakfast which is basically ooey gooey cheesylicious (I just made that up, but almost positive it’s been heard before) goodness of mouthwatering onions, eggs, fresh hash browns, sausage, & biscuits. It’s enough to share unless you’ve worked up a massive appetite. Trust me. It’s delish!




Told ya we picked up a dozen! 🙂



Cafe Marie


We stopped here at Cafe Marie for lunch one day for a quick bite. The restaurant  is quaint, homey, & the service was excellent. I had a cheeseburger & Shermika had a patty melt. We both had their hand cut fries with our meals. Their tea was quite tasty too! Be sure to call to see what’s on their menu before going because a lot of what they serve is based on what’s in season in this farm town. We were told that the menu changes.




photo 2 (7)

Chicago Steakhouse

On our 1st night we had a late reservation for dinner at this fab steakhouse located inside the beautiful Gold Strike Hotel. The sis & I tried everything from scallops to truffle fries to a table-made dessert. Check out our Instagram for the video! Shermika had an enormous crab cake that she adored & I had a med-well filet mignon with broccoli. Love wine? The Chicago Steakhouse’s wine selection is huge! All the goodness we tasted & witnessed is below.

photo 1 (6)

photo 3

photo 4


The Hollywood

This little spot is a cutie. Our server was the sweetest & the decor was even sweeter. We loved the tree limbs with white lights. Even “A Time to Kill” author, John Grisham, loved them enough to include this cafe in his book.


Though the restaurant is casual, it has a sort of cozy/intimate feel. If you love pickles as much as I, then you can surely raise a glass to this fine establishment. The Hollywood Cafe is the birthplace of the fried pickle. That’s right. Mississippi is a foodie trailblazer! Their crispy lightly battered pickles are talked about all over town so you know we didn’t hesitate to try them out! Score, y’all!!!


My sister had filet mignon & I had grilled catfish. Catfish is the premiere fish of this town so don’t go there lookin’ for anything other than this. Got me? Good!




photo 4 (4)

SouthBound Pizza

Everything at this eatery was prepared with fresh local ingredients. The homemade pita chips were slightly salty & crunchy. We had enough pizza to feed an army. This pizza is DIVINE. Take your leftovers back to your hotel & have them warm it for you for breakfast. LOVED. EVERY. CHEESEY. BITE!!!! Don’t forget to sign their wall.

photo 2

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (6)

photo 1

Check back soon for our list of places to visit & a casino is our last choice. There’s so much more to this town than casinos. Follow us to see what a belle’s getting into. Until next time, friends.

**Click here for more 411 on Tunica**

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*Disclosure: Some meals were provided & doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion in any way.