Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Prophetik Designer Jeff Garner

A stunning dress made by southern designer Jeff Garner. The dress is made of peacock feathers, a 100+ year old quit, and other materials!

Y’all will not believe who we met yesterday. A belle is on cloud nine and cannot believe we got to chat about fashion, life, the environment, and health for over an hour with one of the most unique designers of our time: Jeff Garner.

Having designed clothes/costumes for over 2,500 women and some men, inclusive of Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, and Kate Middleton, Garner is a very unique sustainable fashion designer. An avid surfer, Garner sustains himself on berries and 3-4 hours of sleep! He told a belle that he is far more productive with less sleep.

What’s so unique about him you ask? Well, Garner’s designs are organic and he doesn’t use traditional harsh dyes on his clothes. His dyes are made at a community garden in Nashville, Tennessee. With Birmingham Fashion Week (BFW) 2012 on our heels we can’t wait to share his talent with you!

Fierce, right! Garner's face lit up when I showed him a picture of this gown!

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Pedi-Sure, You Can!

Well ArtBLT’ers summer is almost over and I can honestly say that I won’t hardly miss it. The heat, sweat, burning of my skin, etc. is just too much. Although I love to flaunt my cute chubby toes in the sunlight everyday during the warm months, I get slightly sad that my lovely sandals and toes will be housed for several cold months.

I have discovered for some years now that I am very good at pedicures. With the economy the way it is, the first thing ShermikaBelle and I cut out was hair and nail appointments. Sometimes when we have to make changes we discover unknown talents!

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Carol’s Daughter: Our Candy Store

With a million and one products on the market today, Carol’s Daughter is worth a king’s ransom and THEN some. The Artbelles are always making trips online, and tip toeing to the Atlanta store for new finds to play with.

After almost buying out the store a few weeks ago (so much so our credit card company thought it was fraud), Shermika decided to try Lisa’s complete magical Tui kit, and we have documented our findings with pictures. Founder, Lisa Price, is my BFF ( in my head) and I will tell you why. Read on, it’s Friday ya know!

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