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Indie Love: George Tandy Jr

Indie Love: George Tandy Jr

george tandy

Friends, a belle has been away for a minute. Tamika and I are both going through major changes with moving and such. PLEASE bear with a belle as we get back to some sense of normalcy.

I don’t know if y’all have heard of this cat by the name of George Tandy Jr, who sings this beautiful love song March. No worries, because ya fave belles have you covered. I got word that he was performing at the House of Blues in Dallas, so I did what any other music loving fashionista would do…purchase a ticket!

Tandy perfomed selections from his forthcoming album, The Foundation, which hits the streets tomorrow! You already know who will be on iTunes bright and early! Check out our Instagram to hear Tandy in action honey.

Tandy has the ability to fuse different musical styles together–r&b, jazz, soul, reggae, to create his own unique sound. When I tell y’all this cat is talented I mean it!

All in all, the one hour set was DOPE! Tandy has actual talent and knows how to work a crowd. He took it to the old school by even singing a lil Temptations, My Girl.

To make things better, Tandy is also VERY NICE, which is always a plus. He spelled my name incorrectly when he autographed a picture; once I pointed it out, he apologized ever so sweetly and signed a NEW picture for me.

george tandy 1

Support REAL music friends. Are  there any indie musicians you enjoy? Do tell a belle!

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Let’s Jam: 5th and York’s All In

I remember the first time I heard about 5th and York. We’d just started ArtBLT and a belle was looking for some fresh talent to feature. Ever a fan of jazz music, the sis approached me one day and our convo went like this:

Tamika: You gotta check out this jazz group I found on Twitter.

Me: Really? Are they solid?

Tamika: These cats are tight!

Me: Lemme check out their website.

This was my introduction to 5th and York. The musicians latest album, All In, definitely goes all in. It has a smooth jazz feel that will take you back to drinking lemonade under the shade of a tree. This is not your typical jazz album. The group breaks up the monotony by having dialogue interwoven within the cd, adding a fresh touch to its signature contemporary style. I did regret that the dialogue could be too long at times though, as in “The Casino.” However, 5th and York does a splendid job of merging jazz, rock, and traditional r&b to create a style that’s distinctly their own.

One of my favorite tunes is “Key of G (Ea).” I want you to listen to it and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If you’re ready to open your ears and explore the world in a smooth sultry musical ride, then check out 5th and York’s All In. You can buy the album on iTunes.

Disclosure: The cd was sent to us for review. It does not affect a belle’s opinion. 

Image via 5th & York 

Let’s Jam: Beijing’s Night


I loved Beijing from the moment I heard them. Another beautiful thing about social media is the people a belle has the

chance to connect with. When we “met” Beijing, it was pure chemistry. We were two belles excited to hear new music and they were a group of musicians excited to share their music. Eclectic. Stirring. Smooth. Acoustic Rock. These are a few words to describe this talented band of 4 gents from New Haven, CT. The band is comprised of Eric Thornberg (vocals/guitar), Thom Smith (guitar/synths), Bill Pruchnicki (drums) and Jack Hoopingarner (bass).

Their first EP, It’s Not So Simple ushered the group onto a stage where one could feel the passion in their music, and made die hard hip hop lovers rock out to their alternative tunes.

The alternative rock band brings a fresh take to their latest musical offering, Night. The album cover is ominous, showing a clinic where diseased children went to die in the 1900’s in Connecticut. Expect to hear about love and loss with some nice riffs here and there. With titles such as “acrobat,” “violent,” and “triggers,” you’re in for a musical ride.

It’s both a pleasure and a shame to listen to Beijing and know that they haven’t packed out arenas yet (keyword: YET). It’s pleasing to know of the group and share what seems like a little secret with y’all, but it’s a shame the masses have not rocked out to this indie group. The album weaves together various elements of love–unrequited love, the heartbreak of love, and more importantly, the hope of love.

Check out Beijing and give them a listen. I’m almost certain that your ears won’t be disappointed. The beauty of life is opening ourselves up to new things. Let a new alternative rock band be one of those new things…

Support indie music y’all! You can download the album for FREE here or purchase the cd for $12.

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Book Love: I Brake for Yard Sales…

Hope you had a beautiful weekend filled with happiness, shopping, and MORE shopping! Name one thing shopping can’t cure? Didn’t think so. :) This weekend we’ve been a little in and out of the house, but did want to tell y’all about this book a belle loves by Lara Spencer: I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster. If you adore thrifting like us, then this book is perfect for you! Who doesn’t need more thriftiness in their life? I can’t think of one soul!!

If any of you want to start thrifting, but don’t know how–this is your book. It not only teaches you how to spot treasures , but how to make you house a home with thrifted items. It’s filled with tons of beautiful pics/ideas/stories and is perfect for any thrifting belle!

Don’t forget to take it with you when you go shopping because it’s perfect for your purse and you’ll have it as a handy reference when shopping. Happy thrifting, y’all! You can thank us with a cute fist pump!

Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks so much, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own. 

Book Love: Home

If you haven’t read Toni Morrison’s work, shame on you. I’ll stop and wait while you go to your local bookstore and purchase one of her works. Got it? Good. I’ve been a fan of Toni Morrison since reading A Mercy. A belle got her hands on Morrison’s phone spy app latest work, Home, and was thoroughly free java homework help impressed.

Fueled with a desire to save his sister Cee and battling his inner demons, Korean War veteran Frank Money (don’t you just love that name?) sets out on a search to find his true home–and ultimately finds himself. I was taken away with Frank’s journey and the delicate way Morrison structured the emotive novel. With her poignant prose and beautiful language, Morrison captivates the reader with scenes of how African American women were used as science experiments, the theory of eugenics, and the pain that comes with having served ones country yet still experiencing the brunt reality of racism.

Morrison leads us on a journey where Frank tells the reader his story and how did writing help shape judaism the reader is told Cee’s story, as well other stories that are woven in between. Her poetic expressions are sprinkled in, causing one to feel both hope and dismay. With her signature style, Morrison explores race relations, family, intimacy, and what it means to be black in America. Anyone can appreciate this book. I was blown away with how Morrison tackled such complex issues with brevity. But then again, this woman is an artist, and with each stroke of her pen, you can see vividly into the souls of each of her characters. Although it is one of her shorter works, I promise you won’t be dissappointed. Home is a quick read, but I always found myself flipping back to earlier chapters just to “get” things. This is one thing I LOVE about Morrison’s work. She pushes the reader to understand what she really means. Add Home to your summer reading list while you lounge poolside in those cute heels. You won’t regret it. You can buy the book on Amazon or download it to your Kindle. Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.