Eats & Treats: Who Says Mother’s Aren’t the Best?

Whenever transversing this great globe, we like to play and eat like locals. It makes us feel special ya know. If the line is outside the door of a restaurant, you can usually find us waiting with empty stomachs and big smiles.

After asking for recommendations on the best breakfast spot in New Orleans, we repeatedly got one answer, “Mother’s.” Mother’s Restaurant opened in 1938, and is home to some of the best breakfast short of the ArtBelles’ kitchen.

Read on for a visual delight that may just cause your salivatory glands to go into overload.

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo for Less!

We often love to celebrate even when we don’t know why! Instead of going out to an elbow-to-elbow Mexican restaurant today lookin’ for an excuse to party like it’s 1999, have your own fiesta at your house.

It would be a good idea to take a gander around that old dark kitchen cabinet BEFORE you fix your tasty Mexican-inspired meal at home—no tip included! Simply, it’s cheaper, you don’t have to drink and drive, or wake up in the mornin’ wondering where you are.

For those of you wondering what Cinco de Mayo is and what it means: In the U.S. it is a celebration of Mexican heritage and it literally means: fifth of May.

Will you be celebrating today??


Eats & Treats: Down Home Southern Food

Historic restaurant in Midtown

On a recent trip to Atlanta, Ga, the ArtBelles visited Mary Mac’s Tea Room. We were in search of some good Southern cooking; Mary Mac’s came highly recommended by locals. The restaurant is located in Midtown and is very spacious.

Pictures of celebrities, politicians and other figures line the walls. An assortment of breads (cornbread, yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls) were placed on the table. The cinnamon rolls tasted good but weren’t over the top with gooey good icing like I like em.

Since it was our first time visiting, we received a “pot likker,” which is turnip greens and a piece of cornbread. Neither ArtBelle is a fan of turnip greens, but the juice was seasoned very well! If you can turn someone that turns their nose up to turnip greens into a believer, then you’re doing something right! I highly recommend the pot likker. Pics & the rest—->

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