Top 7 Local Eats in Houston

Hey sweet friends! I hope y’all are doing well. Thanks for your emails! I’m still with ArtBLT and will be back ‘home’ to Atlanta in a jiffy! As they say, there’s no place like your own bed! When Tamika came to Houston a several weeks ago, I took her around the city and a belle discovered some great phone tracker gps spy app (and not so great) places to eat at. Allow me to introduce our top 7 local eats in H-Town. The numbers aren’t in any particular order.

1.) Luby’s

Texas 321

Luby’s is a local chain that’s all over Texas. They’re a meat and three cafeteria style restaurant. Their prices are lovely and the food is oh so divine! A belle was in healthy eating heaven (in prep for all the fried goodness we were to embark on!) as we dined on grilled chicken, broccoli, green beans and salad. Luby’s has that down home food that a southern girl just loves.

Texas 324

The best part? phone spy app They serve SWEET TEA (and it’s good). Living in Houston has been hard for a southern belle. Every time I dine out and ask for sweet tea, I get the strangest looks and am politely told that iced tea is available. I’ve been to Luby’s quite a few times since I’ve been in H-town, so y’all know I had to take the sis there! Fortunately, she loved it just as much as I did.

2. Star Pizza

Texas 344

The sis & I read great things about this eatery, but I wasn’t that impressed. However, the sis enjoyed her slice of “cheesy heaven” along with a salad. I shared the Chicago style pizza, but the toppings didn’t even come up to the top of the pizza!!! They don’t call it deep dish pizza for nothin’ and I wasn’t too happy. Tamika thinks it’s a must-try for fresh bread, huge tasty salads, and excellent toppings, thus, it’s on our list.

Texas 348

Texas 347

Check out how this “Chicago style” pizza is supposed to look like. This ain’t that! Agree?

Texas 350

3. Resie’s

Texas 027

The eyes never lie, right? Well, our eyes are telling you we’re about to get into some good food. I discovered Resie’s when a pal of mine introduced me to this chicken and waffle joint. persuasive writing to give money to charity Talk about mmm mmmmmm good!

Texas 051
These aren’t just any waffles!!

Resie’s Chicken and Waffle Restaurant is not your ordinary chicken and waffles place. On Saturdays, they have a waffle of the day, which is the pound cake waffle. I can’t begin to describe how good the waffle is. The chicken is perfectly seasoned, so you won’t need the hot sauce, honey. The portions are huge, so I suggest saving your appetite for lunchtime, and letting Resie’s be your only meal.

For $10.99 you get 4 large wings (not pigeon wings) and a huge Belgian style waffle. Their meals can easily be split if you’re watchin’ your dancer figure!

Tamika had the plate below and really enjoyed it, but said the yams weren’t that sweet (added some syrup from my waffles) and that some of the okra was undercooked. We think the culprit was pieces of okra being frozen/stuck together when frying that didn’t separate during cooking. Overall, we give 4 sticky thumbs up!!!

Texas 054

Texas 036

On top of that the spot is uber cool. Old vinyl records adorn the wall/tables and ‘Soul Train’ is on repeat. Step back to the good ole days when you had to have talent to pick up a microphone, and enjoy this good ole cooking.

3. Eleven XI

Texas 520

Eleven XI bills itself as a Southern Coastal restaurant, and does not disappoint. Expect creative drink offerings, artfully prepared food, and OUTSTANDING service! Named 11:11 after the wishing hour, the place makes you wish you could go there everyday. You know a place has it going on if Tamika is drinking–and she RARELY drinks. We had several between the two of us and they all were icy perfection.

Texas 488
“Adult Cherry Limeades”

Texas 490

This was a real crab cake. Not that imitation crab, but true lump crab meat. I thought it was a little pricey at $13, but when you see that you’re eating the real stuff (and it’s exquisite) you’ll gladly know the price is well worth it. I devoured this crab cake in about 5 minutes!

Texas 496

Tamika had 1/2 of a house salad with a fruit vinaigrette and fresh cracked black pepper. It was so tasty. Also, she had their grilled pork chop with a broccoli slaw plus veggies. She couldn’t stop talking about how she enjoyed her plate.

Texas 498

We both left nothing to scrape off our plates by the time we were done. She only had a bone left and I only had a few fries left! Ha!!!

Texas 501

This filet mignon changed my life! Talk about juicy and cooked perfectly. The asparagus and grilled zucchini just took me overboard y’all!

Texas 504

Texas 510

This Country Apple Crumble with sharp cheese was divine! Initially, Tamika & I were scared to try it. I mean, do apples and sharp cheese go hand in hand? Sure they do! Try it. You’ll love it.

Texas 513

This peanut butter tower resurrected me. I don’t know how the chef came up with this ingenious creation, but I’m determined to try to make it someday. Take a sweet look inside.

Texas 514

Texas 515

Texas 518
Sisterly love. I think it’s time I retire this shirt though.

We met Joe, the owner, who showed us the wine room at Eleven XI. If you’re an ArtBLT regular, you know I LOVE me some wine! I was oohing and ahhing all over the place. The room is spectacular and is a perfect place for weddings, rehearsals, corporate gatherings, and more. If you’re in Houston and in need of event space, don’t sleep on Eleven XI.

4. 59 Diner

Texas 537

If you want grub that’s cheap and good then take a step back into time and head on over to this cute little diner. The walls are jazzy and the place is filled with lots of classic eats. They have everything from malts to patty melts. Check out what was shared!

Texas 523

Texas 526
Philly cheese steak with fresh onion rings!
Texas 529
Mild wings with crispy curly fries!

Texas 535

This apple pie doesn’t look fancy, but it was fancied! Too good for words. Really. It was!!!!!! We have no more words.

6. The Breakfast Klub

Texas 376

Texas 356
Though packed you won’t have to wait long for a table.
Texas 359
Awards galore!
Texas 363
You have to try this muffin grilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas 367

Tamika & the mom tried this place out and LOVED it. She told me how the service was on point and how they got there early, waited in line, and enjoyed some good eats. I recently tried The Breakfast Klub (TBK) last week and really enjoyed my food too. They are known for their chicken and waffles and koffee.

Mom said she liked the chicken at TBK better and the waffles at Resie’s better. There’s always a line at TBK! Overall, the food was very tasty. Compared to some other places we’ve tried, TBK is a tad bit too pricey in my opinion, but it’s easy to share a plate since the servings are so large.

Texas 364

Texas 372
Chicken & Waffles
Texas 374
Grilled Banana Bread Muffin

7. James Coney Island

image (5)

I’m not much of a hot dog person, but I enjoyed the dogs at this local chain. Tamika and I grabbed some late night grub after a show. James Coney Island’s are all over Houston and are a great stop for a quick bite. The staff was friendly and we enjoyed their house punch, too!! We both had their popular hot dog. Sorry! Can’t remember the name. Bad belle…. I know. 🙂

photo (20)

Been to Houston and tried any of these joints? Any favorite places traveling you love to check out when in town? Comment and let us know!

* Disclosure: Though some of these good eats were provided, it doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion!

Artisian Paradise: Strippaggio’s VIP Party

OLIVE oil 001

Happy, HAPPY Friday, sweet friends!! This has been a fun week, but I am elated to see it gone. *yawns*  If you are following a belle on Instagram then you already got a peek at this fab goodness I’m about to share.

The other evening I spent some time at Strippaggioa beautiful quaint shop filled with a wide variety of infused olive oils, vinegars, gourmet sea salts, plenty of wooden gadgets for your kitchen, plus much more.

This shop is filled with all types of goodies that would make any of you belles squeal. There’s so much to see, taste, & feel. Wanna know the best part? Strippaggio‘s walls are filled with lovely art that can be purchased as well.

OLIVE oil 016

If you throw down in the kitchen like the sis & I, then you already know that a well stocked kitchen with the best tools is a must. If you are looking for unique food finds, then this is a must-shop spot. I slurped & sipped on so many infused oils & vinegars. I tried everything from Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar  (perfect on salads & desserts)!!

Have a quick gander at some of the items I tried & absolutely adored. If you’ve had this experience, do tell us about it.

OLIVE oil 002

OLIVE oil 005

OLIVE oil 006

They have everything from Pink Himalayan sea salt to a pungent smokey one (sorry can’t remember the name).

OLIVE oil 007

This 18 Year Balsamic Vinegar was one of my faves at Strippaggio. The!!! What I like most about this dark liquid goodness? Well, it’s sweet, tart, & a little tangy–like me of course! 🙂

OLIVE oil 014

These strawberries were bathing in their 18 Year Balsamic Vinegar. TOO divine, y’all! This was my first time tying something like this & I enjoyed it immensely.

OLIVE oil 008

OLIVE oil 011

I love, love, LOVE the fact that their bottles are made from glass & can be reused. That’s always a plus in my book!! Yours, honey?

OLIVE oil 013

Everyone seemed to be having a blast. I talked to several peeps & we oddly liked a lot of the same items that night. Pure foodie fun, y’all!!!

OLIVE oil 015

A shot on my way back to my car…. What a beautiful night, right?! I had a ball.

OLIVE oil 018

Each guest received a cute little gift bag filled with two mini bottles of EVOO. I haven’t tried them yet, but I did open my Basil EVOO below.

Image-1 (8)

I added a couple of teapoons to my BBQ wings & corn that I rescued from my freezer the other night. Strippaggio‘s Basil EVOO is soooooo lovely. It smells so good & made my meal THAT much tastier. Basil is one of my FAVE herbs. There’s just something about its sweetness & aroma.

For those of you wondering… the bottle of evoo was around $25 w/tax & would easily make a great gift for anyone who loves healthy foods. Don’t you think?

Image-1 (6)

Follow Strippaggio today to stay in the know! When the sis gets back home in a few months we’ll be making our way there together. After telling her about them she CANNOT wait.

Have a safe weekend… Until next time!!!

Local Eats & Treats: Paschal’s Restaurant

MAC Archie's Girls 052

We are just now getting back into the swing of things & have slowly been responding to emails (sorry for our delay peeps). Thanks so much for all of you that often reach out to a belle. The sis & I truly appreciate it! 🙂 With that being said, a recent email from sweet Tammie S. in Flordia asked:  “what local food do you two really love now that you’re in HotLanta?” Well Tammie, honey let me tell ya.

Shermika nor myself hesitated when Paschal’s Restaurant came to mind. Recently we ate at the restaurant for the first time after trying their food here last year. The service was stellar as was the food, presentation, & prices. Let a belle elaborate… ‘kay?

They are located in downtown Atlanta in the Castleberry Hill community. There’s plenty of free parking which is always on point in our book. Plenty of places here charge for parking or have valet which isn’t too shabby.

For starters (no pun intended) we had the Fried Green Tomatoes with Voodoo Ranch (gotta love that name) & their Crispy Fried Catfish Fingers with tarter sauce. Both apps were divine. They weren’t overly seasoned & had that sweet golden color we desire from fried foods. If you have never tried these tomatoes you really should! They are a little tart, but oh sooooo good.

That Voodoo Ranch was off the chain!
MAC Archie's Girls 060

What we also love is that this legendary eatery was frequented by many historic leaders including ATL’s own Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The walls are adorned with many fab black & white photos that gives this restaurant a warm feeling of love. Exposed bricks, booths, seating upstairs, dim lighting–Heck, what isn’t there to love about it?
MAC Archie's Girls 061

Two words to describe Paschal’s Restaurant: Fab/Quaint!

MAC Archie's Girls 066

Our entrees consisted of juicy chicken & tasty veggies/beans. I had Paschal’s Half Herb Roasted Chicken with perfectly steamed broccoli, black-eyed peas, & corn bread muffins. The sis had Paschal’s Famous 1947 Fried Chicken with mac ‘n cheese & candied yams. Y’all we ate very well & had plenty to take home for the next day to say the least.

We were so full that we didn’t even have dessert. Many of you know the sis lives for dessert & that is the honest truth–LOL!!  Next time we go you best believe that we’ll let you know. Have a gander at our meals below & be sure to check out their menu before you head there. We know you are going soon, right?!

MAC Archie's Girls 064

Paschal’s Punch is too good. It doesn’t have alcohol, but I am sure it would taste just as good with a nice top shelf shot!

MAC Archie's Girls 062

MAC Archie's Girls 071

Before I forget…  Paschal’s has a FAB brunch menu that’s online too. We haven’t tried it yet, but have heard excellent things.

If you’ve eaten here we’d love to hear what you dined on.

Until next time!!!!

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Touchdown: Tasty Bites for Superbowl 47!

As y’all know, a belle loves to watch the Superbowl. The 47th year brought one of the best entertainers to ever pick up a microphone, BEYONCE! We oohed and awed as we watched Baddie Bey’s performance. Wasn’t her look fierce? Didn’t seeing Destiny’s Child on stage make you squeal?!

Last year, the sis and I made some tasty bites to keep us company as we sat in front of the tube loving or loathing the commercials. Yes, it is all about the commercials and halftime performance, baby!

This year, we tried to outdo ourselves and came up with a super quick and easy (all homemade) menu for our Superbowl party.

We came up with a queso dip, baked wings (hot and wet lemon pepper), pizza, fruit kabobs and strawberry cheesecake bars. The meal was topped off with a oh so tasty fruit punch (our friend Joy’s FAMOUS punch) that canadian pharmacy mall we bedazzled in blue sugar.

The best part about the meal was that everything was light! We’re trying to whittle our middles and get back in tip top shape. The chicken was baked and everything was homemade with the freshest ingredients. The pizza was made using Foldit Artisan Flatbread–Have y’all tried? Skinny Taste served as our inspiration for the queso dip and cheesecake bars.

isn’t she lovely?

What did you make for your Superbowl party if you had one?

Local Eats & Treats: Hudson North

Hey y’all! A belle has been quite busy, but I had to get back to my sweet friends to tell you about one of the most tastiest local spots here in the A-T-L. It’s called Hudson North and you have to head there fast because this is a pop-up spot that’s about to sail away in 48 days! When you do, ask for Folks (we thought his name is cool too!). He was our waiter for the evening and will take excellent care of you.

Seriously, if you haven’t been to a pop-up restaurant, you have to go to this one. What’s a pop-up restaurant inquisitive minds want to know? It’s just like a pop-up store. It comes and goes as fast as it came! Read that twice and holla at a belle.

The sis and I were invited to Hudson North, an uber cool restaurant in Atlantic Station. The decor is fab, from the hanging jars with tea lights to the chic nautical theme. The food is affordable, fresh and locally sourced. The prices make a frugal belle squeal with excitement!

We started the evening off with a unique twist on fritters and fried okra. The fritters were unlike any cheese stick I’ve ever had. For starters, they were balls! They were filled with ricotta and parmesan cheese and were on top of a bed of asparagus puree. Pickled mushrooms were served on top. Talk about some good eating!

This food is as good as it is gorgeous! I could have devoured more of these, but I didn’t want to spoil my meal.

The okra was breaded like you wouldn’t believe. We’re Southern girls, so we know about our okra. This wasn’t your typical fried okra; it was cut lengthwise, breaded with buttermilk and a seasoned flour and came with a scrumptious chile-lime aioli. Can we say mmm, mmm, good?!

After our “bar snacks” we looked forward to choosing our entrees. I had hangar steak topped with parsley, mint, house steak sauce, pickled chiles and fingerling potatoes. To say my meal was FANTASTIC is an understatement. The steak was tender and juicy and the fingerling potatoes were cooked perfectly. The food was seasoned very well and we even chatted a bit with Chef Bart about the food and a little football (ROOOLLL TIDE!).

Tamika had braised short rib. She loved her meal immensely. It came with a root veggie slaw, and a bbq beet puree. Doesn’t it look good?!

If you like libations with your meal, you’ll love the drinks at Hudson North. They’re not those run of the mill watered down drinks some restaurants have. These drinks are strong, good, and are whimsical in a way. I had the Senor Jimenez which had a citrus flavor with hints of tequila.

Lastly, we had their “mason jar dessert” which was too cute for words. Take a look! I had the apple pie (on the right) and the sis had the banana pudding. It was the perfect little portion to end our meal. The service was exceptional, the food was beyond stellar and the atmosphere was inviting and beautiful.

Hudson North is the perfect place for a date night, or just when you want some good local food with friends.

Hudson North will be in Atlanta Station until December 31, 2012. We don’t know for sure if they’ll pop-up somewhere else or not, so make your way there TODAY. Also, be sure to like their page and keep up with all of their fab dishes. Have your name added to the wall when you visit. You know we did!!! Until our next foodie adventure, y’all!

 Disclosure: We were provided with these yummy eats. As always, a belle’s opinion is her own.