Shoe Attack: Heel Strut

Carvela £110.00 ($155)

There is nothing like a GOOD pair of heels. The kind that make you appear taller and leaner, show off your gorgeous legs, and are sexy. I adore these Carvela platform heels. They are so colorful!

Platform heels are great as they provide more support for the feet by equally distributing weight. There isn’t anything sexy about trying to look cute and your feet are killing you. Here are some of my fave shoes for the summer. Read More

Hot Pants!

These shorts retail for $655. Yes, you read correctly. That’s a couple of airline tickets, a purse, two pair of shoes, and some shopping money. They are made by Sass and Bide and are silk. What do you think about the pricetag? They’re cute and all, but dang, these hot pants will literally burn a hole in my wallet.

Why Censor Art? Kanye West’s Scarves


Kanye West has commissioned a line of silk scarves with French design partnership M/M, based on the artwork of his banned album cover for My Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album cover was banned because retailers thought it was too racy. It’s never good to censor art, and I’m glad Kanye decided to use the artwork in another fashion (pun intended).

Kanye has named the scarves: Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest and Ballerina. Only 100 of each design will be made at a cost of 250€ ($364). They will be sold at M/M (Paris)’s website and at French boutique Collette.

Let me know if you’re willing to drop almost 400 greenbacks for a scarf. Ballerina and Face would look hot on my neck.

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Shoe Attack: Hot Styles

I’m a shoe diva plain and simple. All 4’11 of me craves to walk around in 4 inch heels or higher. Here are some shoes that tickle my fancy. Top: Yves Saint Lauren Tribute python sandals $1,665; Left to Right: Alexandre Birman platform python sandals $795, Pierre Hardy wedge sandals $630, Alexander McQueen ankle boots $2,190 I am really feeling the YSL sandals. Talk about sexy! I’d jack those off someone in a heartbeat. Sidebar: As I am all about being fashionable and budget conscious, I’ll post some shoes I recently bought alongside the Birman python sandals. My shoes aren’t python, but they’re similar (and cheaper). I have to get my toes done first!