Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 2 of 3

A belle told y’all last time that we had some more goodness to share from our Dunwoody girlfriends getaway. Sorry it’s taken a few weeks, but I had surgery and some complications which landed me in the hospital for a week. Don’t fret because I am back and happy to be here with you sweet friends.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, we visited a few exhibits and had some of the best local food Dunwoody has to offer. I want to tell y’all about the amazing exhibits first…

Beautiful flowers on our walk to the exhibits.

The sis and I checked out the Titanic (this ship has an Alabama connection in this fab book) and Bodies exhibit at the gorgeous Atlantic station, which is a 15 minute drive from Dunwoody. This area is filled with shopping, good eats and a scenery that would be perfect for any belle to enjoy.

We saw the Bodies exhibit a few years ago, but if you are as interested in science as much as I am, you could go a million and one times and have a ball every time! Yes, this exhibit is just that cool.

First up today is the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The exhibit starts with you receiving a boarding ticket that bears the name of an actual passenger on the Titanic. At the conclusion of the exhibit, you find out whether the passenger lived or died (my passenger died and Shermika’s lived).

This is a must-see if you are visiting the Dunwoody/Atlanta area. You even get to touch a block of ice that demonstrates how cold the water was in the ocean that night. It is neat, but sad at the same time when you think of the lives that were lost, and the agony the passengers experienced.

Our boarding passes!! On the back it tells you your name, age, etc. Remember, when you visit, you will become a passenger on the ship!

Can you believe that it has been 100 years since the Titanic sunk? You already know that we were elated to know that we were getting a rare chance to stare history in the face!  Go ahead and check out a few of our photos:

Rent an audio guide before entering the exhibit. Punch in a code and hold the guide to your ear like a phone. Pow! You are a Titanic rockstar!!!
These gents are preparing the blue prints for the Titanic. Wonder how long it took them to draw?

Did you know that the Titanic had sister ships Britannic and Olympic? Neither did we. There was an army of people that helped design thousands of drawings, which resulted in these three ships. But, as the story goes, we all know that Titanic had to be the biggest and prettiest for all of the passengers to ooh and aaah over!

Trying to make sure these gents were going to have this ship ready in time, honey!

This is what a first class passenger room looked like. Check out the rest of it when you visit!
Though the rest of the 3-piece wool suit (vest, trousers & jacket) is still undergoing conservation, the label reveals that it was purchased in Birmingham, UK!
This wall phone is made of heavy brass & was used to connect different parts of the ship to the forward bridge.
A jar of 100 year old olives… one of the provisions carried on Titanic!
Our treasury printed these larger than now bills (certificates) from 1878-1928.

Who wouldn’t love these beautiful emeralds? There’s so much more jewelry to see, friends!

Titanic carried over 20,000 bottles of ale and beer on her voyage to the U.S. Buying one of these would have set you back a whopping 11 cents back then!
We enjoyed reading about this family & thought they were very interesting for this time. No?

This ice wasn’t near as cold as the water on the night of this dreadful day.
Grab a pair of 3D glasses they have waiting for you and take a deeper look into the wreck site!

Cool replica!!!
Names of all saved & lost based on class/crew members.
Don’t forget to sign the book!!

So, what do you think? It’s neat how a lot of these items were preserved, huh? After asking, we were told that a lot of these artifacts were preserved under water due to the luggage they were housed in. This type of leather was very strong and allowed the items to stay intact after years of being submerged. Though this exhibit was bittersweet, the sis and I enjoyed getting to see all of these wonderful artifacts. Next up is the spectacular body.

Don’t you just love her pose? That’s MY pose… You better work it girl!

I know you may look good in your clothes, but think about your body and how it functions. Never thought of it? Well, this super cool exhibit will make you think of everything from your lungs to your heart. Check out a few photos from this exhibit!

You didn’t think your head had all of these veins did you?
Here’s the largest organ we all have: skin! It’s soooo cool to see this up close!
He’s slam dunking on y’all!

Who knew we had all of these arteries and veins in our little lungs? Not this one!

Though they share a gift shop, both exhibits have plenty of goodies for purchase… including photos!

Later that day we headed to a local Dunwoody treasure: Village Burger. Let’s just say that a belle will be frequenting this spot A LOT. The young lady at the counter was extremely nice and the food was even better! Y’all already know how we feel about stellar customer service and good food. Two of a belle’s must haves in life.

I had a strawberry milkshake and Shermika had a vanilla. Talk about thick creamy goodness, y’all!
This pic makes me want to head back there this very second! I had a chilli cheese dog. Check out what Shermika had!
Yep. A juicy divine burger with Swiss cheese. Too much to handle, right?!
We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED these hand-cut fries. There’s no greater creation… except you of course!

Heading to Dunwoody soon to check out this fab food and wonderful exhibits? Well, here are a few tips/things to remember:

1. Check online for discount tickets. We’ve found them in the past, so, it can be done–It’s best to see both exhibits and get a combo discount. Here’s a quick look at their hours and ticket prices:

2. Do not bring cameras inside these exhibits because photographs or recorders of any kind are not allowed. We were granted access to bring this experience to you. Also, they don’t have lockers anymore to store purses/items in.

3. Park in the deck. It’s much cheaper (and free depending on how long you stay) than parking on the street which is very expensive for a meter. There are directories everywhere so, you won’t get lost.

4. Don’t touch anything unless it states otherwise. The Titanic artifacts are in cases, but a portion of the Bodies exhibit isn’t enclosed. These are real bodies/organs. Do respect them by not touching. Ok?

5. Grab a quick bite in Dunwoody at any local spot. Your tummy will thank you immensely!

Check out these sites to find more info on Titanic or Bodies. This is just a slim portion of what you will see when you visit Atlantic Station. For those of you that will be visiting soon, we can’t wait to hear all about your Dunwoody adventure! Check back soon for the last part of our girlfriends getaway!!!

Disclosure: We were provided with tickets to see Titanic and Bodies. Our opinions are a belle’s own. 

Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 1 of 3

*slow happy dance* It’s Friday and it feels so good, y’all. We made it!!! If you are looking for the perfect Girlfriends Getaway, then a belle has a treat of a spot for you located minutes from Atlanta’s main attractions: Dunwoody.

Now, don’t get it twisted. Dunwoody can hold her own. With plenty of divine local food, arts, parks, and shopping how could you ever want to leave? The sis and I packed our Plush Creations, weekend bags, and the Nikon and headed to Dunwoody. We had the best 4 days any belle could ask for. Shermika and I had a mini adventure every time we stepped inside the hotel and I am not kidding. Let’s start with the fab hotel, shall we?

We loved the free parking (a lot of hotels in this area/Atlanta don’t have it) and being centrally located to all of Metro Atlanta. We adored the staff and all of their southern hospitality at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. Shermika and I met some fab peeps that represent Dunwoody, the hotel and the state of Georgia very well.

Why pick this hotel over many of the other chains? Well, for starters, you will feel pampered the moment you walk through the doors. This “boutique” hotel maintains a quaint and cozy vibe–all while being sophisticated and chic.

Upon entering, the bellman was a hoot, and we swooned over the beautiful art that lined the walls on the way to our room. This hotel is in love with the color blue and you will see it everywhere. A sweet little birdie told us that they are renovating soon, so, if you plan on seeing it as is, now would be the perfect time.

Thanks to the Girlfriends Getaway Club, we were greeted with white wine– a belle’s fave. Also, the hotel had a sweet card and a few treats for our pooch. On our first evening there, after a few chilled glasses of wine (I won’t tell you how many), we headed to the lobby to people watch before heading out.

We love how beautiful and hip the lobby is. The seating area is even better at night when the lights are nice and dim! Want to know what the best part is? Well, each seating area is separated by sheer curtains that adds a slight touch of cool drama. Aren’t the colors lovely?!

When you visit Dunwoody, we highly suggest that you stay at least 2 nights at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. If for some reason you can’t, we demand that you grab a bite to eat there. After working up an appetite, we headed to the dining room for a late, but fantastic dinner. The sis and I had the most divine meal while being entertained by our sweet waiter. The cool thing about this hotel is that almost everyone you meet there is from some exotic place. We met funny/sweet characters from Africa to Jamaica.

Spicy chicken egg rolls with corn & other goodness! TOO good. This jalapeno ranch is slap-yo-mama-good!
Corn soup with crab. Shermika LOVED this!

Our appetizers were on point. The presentation was stellar and so was the service. Shermika and I sipped on tea and tried some of the best food that Dunwoody has to offer. You better believe that we ate every last one of those egg rolls. Mmmmm their cruchy goodness is worth its weight in gold. Next, we ordered our entrees. Here’s what I had followed by what the sis had.

Grilled chicken with a smoked Gouda cheese sauce & grilled bread. What! Need I say more?! Delish!!
Crab cakes with mango sauce and salsa

If this isn’t enough to make you drive to Dunwoody for a bite to heat, check out the dessert. We couldn’t eat all of our meals because we were stuffed, but the waiter kindly plated our food so that we could take it back to our room to store in the fridge and have warmed the next day.

Key Lime cheesecake with fresh fruit. AMAZING!!!!
Chocolate cake with icecream and fresh fruit
The ArtBelles with the super talented Chef

After our feast we headed out to hang with some friends before retiring to our rooms to do some early morning shopping at Spruill Gallery. This fun house (it really is a house) is filled with art and is about 8 minutes walking distance from Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. Check out some of the beautiful items we saw/bought.

Perfect day for shopping, huh?
This gallery had art inside & outside. This was my fave piece–“Heart” by Gordon Chandler!
We purchases several items from these fun ladies. Each item was handmade.

Isn’t my little crochet Eco teddy adorable?!

These recycled licence plate bracelets are cuteness.
The sis and I playing with puppets! You’re never too old to have fun.

So, what do you think? We hope you enjoyed visiting Dunwoody through us as much as we enjoyed sharing with y’all. Got any fun girlfriend getaways planned? Check back next week for part 2 of our Dunwoody getaway! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time, friends.

Disclosure: Our meal/stay was provided by Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites and we visited Dunwoody as part of a press trip. Thanks, y’all! As always, our opinions are a belle’s own. Thanks again to the city of Dunwoody for making us feel right at home.

Top 5 Places to Eat at in Savannah

Y’all know by now that a belle loved visiting Savannah. We have been talking about it for weeks to family and friends, so, you know we couldn’t leave out the food! Last week we highlighted the top five places to visit while in Savannah. Now, we’ll tell you where you should get your grub on at. Trust us, your tummy will thank us later.

Tamika and I tried everything from fine dining to casual dining. The best part, other than the great food, was that all of the places we visited were local. These are in no particular order because they all are so darn good–seriously!

1. The Crab Shack

“Where the elite eat in their bare feet” is the slogan for this super cool outdoors restaurant. As its name implies, The Crab Shack on Tybee Island, GA serves up some of the most tasty seafood. It seats about 600, and I must say it’s rather nice eating under the spanish moss and oak trees. Let’s just say a belle got her hands messy while dining on sausage, boiled shrimp, mussels, crab legs and more.

Crab stew…YUM!

I even got a lesson on how to eat crab legs. Neat! The smashed taters were so good. They almost took the cake for the best mashed potatoes I’ve had in my life! You’ll hear about the greatest ones later. Tamika had a pulled chicken sandwich with a sweet spicy sauce, smashed taters and corn.

Upon leaving, The Crab Shack presented us with super cute gift bags that were filled with all sorts of goodies–many of which can be purchased at their cool gift shop. Friends, we’ll show the goodies later!

Live gators at The Crab Shack
You can visit the talking parrots at The Crab Shack

2. The Olde Pink House

This place is haunted! When you visit Savannah you will learn that almost every place there is haunted. Servers entertained us with the history of this house, telling us about all the ghosts that lie hidden in the restaurant. There’s even a YouTube video where you see a ghost.

BLT salad w/fried green tomatoes. This was on Food Network.
Best shrimp and grits I’ve had…EVER

My appetizer was shrimp and cheese grits, which were oh so tasty I could have fainted! I dined on pecan chicken alongside the BEST mashed potatoes I had in my little whole life! They had bacon in them, y’all. It was mmm, mmmmm good. Tamika had a pork shank big enough to feed an army. Her BLT salad with fried green tomatoes, sweet bacon and a black pepper thyme buttermilk dressing looked wonderful. The sis enjoyed it greatly.

The Olde Pink House prides itself on attention to detail, ensuring each guest is happy, and making certain their food meets the utmost standards. I’m trying the renowned flounder next time we go back. And ya know the service was on point! The service was just as stellar as the food.

Pink Lady for a pink belle
Praline dessert with ice cream and fresh berries

After our meal, we received a tour of the restaurant; The Olde Pink Restaurant is absolutely beautiful! Each room is unique and the decor is wonderful. Fortunately, a ghost didn’t get us in the bathroom, but while in the elevator the lights suddenly started to flicker.

Remnants from days long gone. They were found during renovations.

3. Leopold’s Ice Cream

On any given day (or night) the lines outside of Leopold’s can stretch down the corner. Famously known for their ice cream, which was featured on Food Network and The View, Leopold’s has been open since 1919 and is a local favorite. I ordered a double scoop– butter pecan ice cream and chocolate chewies and cream. Can we say yummiest to the highest power?!

4. Clary’s Cafe

Tamika and I had breakfast at this local spot. Open since 1903, Clary’s set the scene for the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. On our Savannah trolley tour, we found that Berendt came up with the story after hearing the locals gossip of a murder. Too bad we didn’t hear any gossip, which would have made for a good novel by yours truly.

Breakfast fit for a Queen

The prices are very reasonable and average around $7-$9. I had an omelet, which was so good and big enough to share with the sis. My meal also came with a biscuit and grits. Tamika had waffles, which she shared with me and thoroughly enjoyed. Next time, we’ll just order one meal and split it since the serving sizes are large! We walked the calories off in Forsyth Park!

5. The Pirates’ House

 Built in 1753, The Pirates’ House served as an inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. It is said to be one of the oldest buildings in Georgia. In a couple of the dining rooms, there are framed pages from a early and very rare edition of Treasure Island.

If you want some good ole southern eating, with a little bit of whimsical charm (there are underground tunnels), then do visit The Pirates’ House. They have a full southern buffet and you can also order from a traditional menu. We enjoyed the food so much–especially the fried chicken and the black eyed peas! A belle felt right at home.

They also have a gift shop and Tamika and I picked up some pirate rings. Who goes to The Pirates’ House and doesn’t get a pirate ring?! We both did!

Check out my pirate ring!!

When visiting Savannah, make sure you eat at these establishments. Tell ’em a belle sent you! Check back next week for our last post of Savannah in pics! Friends, do you have any Savannah spots you think we should try?

Thank you again to everyone that made this trip possible. Not only do we appreciate how sweet everyone was, but the hospitality was unmatched. Period.

Disclosure: We visited Savannah as part of a press trip. Our opinions are a belle’s own. 

Top 5 Places to Visit While in Savannah

This beautiful old house is our #4 spot to visit. Our guide, Jessica, was AWESOME!!!

Y’all know that a belle visited Savannah a couple of weeks back and had a ball! When touring Savannah, here are some places Tamika and I decided that you must visit. We promise they’ll be the highlight of your trip and make for some fond memories. Because they all are awesome, we’ve ranked these places in no particular order.

 Just a short 20 minute drive from Savannah, you will see miles of the pretty beach, old forts and a museum. The Tybee Island Lighthouse is a big attraction. It is over 270 years old and if you climb the 178 steps to the top you will get a gorgeous view! I was amazed that I got my workout on and climbed the steps. The view was amazing, y’all. Do not miss out on seeing this. It is a MUST. The last photo in this section is my view from the top of the lighthouse.  I was tired, but still able to take a pic for you sweet ArtBLT’ers.

Where else can you go fishing and hook a baby shark?! Only in sweet Savannah!!

 2. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park was the first park built in Savannah. It is widely known for its fountain that is one of only 3 similar fountains in the world. It’s wonderful that we have one in the South! Check out the photos from our early morning walk there–simply beautiful!

3. Savannah Bee Company

Ever heard of a honey tasting? Well, we didn’t either before our feet walked the streets of Savannah. Once you walk into the Savannah Bee Company (we visited the location on River Street), you will be surrounded by honey products that have graced the pages of Rachael Ray and O magazine.

The sis and I tasted about 8 different types of honey, each bearing a unique flavor. We ended up buying the orange blossom honey, although I was quite fond of the tupelo honey. This honey will make you shimmy and shake and makes for great gifts. They package your goodies up so cute too and that’s always a plus!

Getting my honey tasting on

4. Owens-Thomas House 

This home (now a museum) was one of the first places to have running water in the country. It was built in the early 1800’s and designed by an English architect. It touts itself as having running water before the White House did!

The sis and I were awed as we stood in the basement where slaves lived and looked at the blue haint paint above our head; it was painted by the Gullah-Geechee people. We were told that blue haint paint was meant to drive evil spirits away. We noted the balance the owners wanted in the home with false doors and windows. One of the rooms was an illusion room that looked oval, but was actually a square room. Neat, huh?


In this photo you can see one of the false windows. There is an actual one to the left of the columns and a false one to the right. Balance was key in those days!


5. Savannah Candy Kitchen

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ll go crazy in this place. Wooden bins of candy welcome you and the smell of fresh pralines being made linger in the air. The store opened over 30 years ago on River Street, and has been enticing candy lovers ever since.

I picked up all of my souvenirs here and bought a pound of milk chocolate gopher turtles among other goodies. Talk about some good eating! I’ve been dreaming of those turtles ever since. Stop by the counter where hot pralines are made and get a sample.


Next week we’ll tell you our top 5 places to eat in this historic city! When you visit Savannah, be sure you take in all her glory and visit all of these sites. You can thank us later with gopher turtles and tupelo honey. 🙂 If you’ve been to Savannah, are there any places you’d recommend to visit?

Disclosure: We visited Savannah as part of a press trip. Our opinions are a belle’s own.

All Aboard! Savannah’s Tall Ships Challenge

Y’all a belle has always wanted to visit Savannah and last weekend we had our chance. When we were invited to be a part of the Tall Ships Challenge, we were shimmying! I mean, we’ve heard about Savannah’s glorious beauty, but seeing it up front was a dream come true. The live oak trees, the urban forest, hip bohemian shops, you name it and Savannah has it!

You know we always have an adventure wherever we go. So, this post will focus on the ships, and some of the fun we got into. After reading you will want to pack your bags, gas up the tank or book a flight to head to sweet Savannah and have a great time with her too. In fact, Shermika and I pinched each other a few times… just to make sure we weren’t dreaming because Savannah welcomed us in style. A belle felt like a celeb! Read More