Why Censor Art? Kanye West’s Scarves


Kanye West has commissioned a line of silk scarves with French design partnership M/M, based on the artwork of his banned album cover for My Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album cover was banned because retailers thought it was too racy. It’s never good to censor art, and I’m glad Kanye decided to use the artwork in another fashion (pun intended).

Kanye has named the scarves: Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest and Ballerina. Only 100 of each design will be made at a cost of 250€ ($364). They will be sold at M/M (Paris)’s website and at French boutique Collette.

Let me know if you’re willing to drop almost 400 greenbacks for a scarf. Ballerina and Face would look hot on my neck.

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo for Less!

We often love to celebrate even when we don’t know why! Instead of going out to an elbow-to-elbow Mexican restaurant today lookin’ for an excuse to party like it’s 1999, have your own fiesta at your house.

It would be a good idea to take a gander around that old dark kitchen cabinet BEFORE you fix your tasty Mexican-inspired meal at home—no tip included! Simply, it’s cheaper, you don’t have to drink and drive, or wake up in the mornin’ wondering where you are.

For those of you wondering what Cinco de Mayo is and what it means: In the U.S. it is a celebration of Mexican heritage and it literally means: fifth of May.

Will you be celebrating today??


Music Rocks in the Summer

Unless you’ve been sleeping under shoes in a rocky pasture, you have heard of the Alys Robinson Stephens Center (ASC). I often call it Alys Stephens Center, and since I’m defining my hipness, I refer to it as “The Alys.” Anyhow, the center is a cultural gem in Birmingham, AL. The acoustics are amazing, the shows are top notch, and they ALWAYS have great deals on tickets.

Recently, the ASC announced their Summer at the Alys 2011 series. Click here for more information.

I’m looking forward to Herbie Hancock and the BAAM Fest! Pulling the lint out of my pockets now to find ticket money…

Shoe Attack: Hot Styles

I’m a shoe diva plain and simple. All 4’11 of me craves to walk around in 4 inch heels or higher. Here are some shoes that tickle my fancy. Top: Yves Saint Lauren Tribute python sandals $1,665; Left to Right: Alexandre Birman platform python sandals $795, Pierre Hardy wedge sandals $630, Alexander McQueen ankle boots $2,190 I am really feeling the YSL sandals. Talk about sexy! I’d jack those off someone in a heartbeat. Sidebar: As I am all about being fashionable and budget conscious, I’ll post some shoes I recently bought alongside the Birman python sandals. My shoes aren’t python, but they’re similar (and cheaper). I have to get my toes done first!