Fab Frugal Find: thredUP

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Those of you fab peeps who read ArtBLT often know that a belle loves to shop & save money all while looking fierce. You’re also aware that the sis & I have a slight addiction to shopping consignment. Well, y’all this addiction has been taken to a whole ‘nother level. The only thing better than consignment shopping is consignment shopping in bed!

Do you know about thredUP? If you haven’t heard, it’s new to us too! They sell cuteness for women, boys, girls, & juniors. Honey, when I found out about this site I died, went to heaven & came back twice!!! ThredUP is a premier online shop for purchasing & selling like-new clothing/accessories. Yep! You can clean out your closet, make a little cash, & or buy the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

image (3)

I am waaaaay over the moon about this site because the shipping is dirt cheap (free for $50+ orders) & they ship in the cutest polka dot packaging pictured above. Who doesn’t love a classic polka dot? Huh? Anyone?!

After doing a little browsing at thredUP a belle is hooked & head over heels with consignment shopping over the net. Check out this brand spankin’ new dress I got & wore recently while on vacay.

Retail: $54, but it was only $19.99!!

This site has over 30,000 designer threads including peeps like Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, J. Crew & much more. Wanna know the best part? Their prices are up to 80% off those stinkin’ retail prices. Woot! All the more money to save & splurge elsewhere. Ya know how we roll!!!!

Have a closer gander at the new dress I snagged below:

Rocked this blue & green fierceness to church with Joel Osteen!

Texas 161

Texas 182
Dress: C/O thredUP
Shoes: Off Broadway
Earrings: NY & CO
Shades: Coach
Smile: Pure happiness!!!

I LOVE the colors, the fit, & especially the slits on the arms of this dress. It’s sexy without being over the top. Fun dress for a fun belle!! LOVES it!!!!

Texas 193
You’ll have to check back soon to see what I was pointing at & to see where the sis & I were playing at!!!!!!

Texas 184

Texas 192

Texas 218

Texas 229
Green & brown eyes to go with the dress!

Texas 222

 Shermika & I will be sharing our other thredUP goodies soon! Stay tuned, friends.


*Disclosure: This dress was provided, but doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion

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3 Summer DIY Must-Haves for Face, Skin, & Hair

Summer Beauty Posts 012

It is just me or does it seems like summer is almost ready to go back on vacation? These weeks & months are passing by so fast that a belle can hardly keep up. One thing I’ve been keeping up with is my hair/skin care regime. I often switch products & look forward to finding new potions & gadgets to make my life more enjoyable/stress free all while saving a few pennies. If I can save money by doing certain beauty related tasks myself, then I’m all game.

Nothing makes this chick happier than rockin’ a fierce head of curls or walking around with almost flawless skin. Let’s face it, no skin can be 100% flawless all of the time, right? *side eye* At least mine isn’t, honey. I am bound to have a break out or two from time to time.

Recently, the sis & I were sent some fab products to try & we can’t wait to share them with you. Check out some of these must-have items that we’ve been testing/playing with for some time now.

Summer Beauty Posts 002
In the box: measuring cup, facial cone, nasal cone, 1 cucumber mask, & instructions

First up is Beauty Chic’s Facial Sauna. Yes, it’s cute & super easy to use (plugs into the wall). In the past we’ve paid a pretty penny for facials & let me tell you that this little pink cutie gets the job done just as fast/well. The hot steam makes your skin soft & open your pores.

The coolest part is that the steam can be used as hot therapeutic goodness to your nose. How? Well, the steam that’s created when you add water to the device is soooo soothing & it opens your nasal passage. Talk about a top notch DIY gadget, huh?!

Summer Beauty Posts 039
Read/Follow the written instructions because this steam gets really hot!

This sauna has helped this stinkin’ cold I have tremendously. Score for me!!! Woot!!  Also, before I forget, the mask kit smelled divine & was simple to use. My skin felt so much better afterwards. You can find this sauna everywhere from Ulta to Target. It’s less than $30 & can be used with any facial mask of your choosing. Pics below.

Summer Beauty Posts 040
1 mask kit is included. 20ml of H20 + the power makes a soothing mask that will tighten & refresh your skin.

image (2)

The lotions from derma e® pictured below are our #2 must-haves for summer DIY skin care. Why we like ’em?  They work VERY well. Are natural, USA made, are paraben-free, vegan, creamy, & award winning.

Summer Beauty Posts 020

Skip the spa & pamper your own skin at your home. My skin is always extremely dry & sensitive, but these 3 items below are pure sweet heaven on Earth. My fave is the Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Balm. Anything with ‘balm’ in the name is alright with me. LOL 🙂 I even used this after my mini at home spa day with the Beauty Chic Facial Sauna a while back.

Summer Beauty Posts 050

This balm has a very light scent & is filled with all types of nutrients to make your skin softer. You can find it at Whole Foods or by visiting their site here. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now & it’s a keeper that’s used daily. A little of it goes a heck of a long way!!

Summer Beauty Posts 034
More to come on these VERY soon!! Stay tuned!

photo (17)

Last, but certainly not least is Bed Head TIGI’s Rock N Roller. We love this brand & their irons!! They are simply thebomb.com. Did you see my review on another BHT item (here along with a video)? Frankly, y’all, there is no need to spend money on getting your hair professionally curled when you have these babies. They produce great texture & fierce curls. Celeb-like curls in a matter of no time in the comfort of your own bathroom = 2 fist pumps in the air!!

Summer Beauty Posts 053

The Rock N Roller looks a lil’ weird, but is easy to use, come with fab instructions, & have two different curl textures that you can achieve with this one gadget. You can curl your hair in between the grooves or fully around the balls. Once I upload my tutorial on YouTube (hopefully before next week is out), I’ll update this post with it. Sneak peek below!

*Saturday (7.20.2013) morning I’ll be talking about these items live on Fox 6 News for all of our hometown peeps! See you then!!!!

image (1)

So, do you have any DIY gadgets/lotions/etc. that you can’t live without or ones that make your life less stressful? Your fave belles would love to hear about them!!

*Disclose: These items were provided to us, but doesn’t affect a belle’s opinion.

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Who Murdered the Good Doctor?


Friends, I think you know by now that Houston has a superb art scene and a belle couldn’t be happier in my new hometown! Last week, I indulged in a little mystery; I saw Agatha Christie’s The Hollow at the Alley Theatre in Houston’s famed theatre district. If you are visiting Houston or looking for Houston tourism attractions, you should definitely make like a local and visit Houston’s theatre district!

The Alley Theatre is a beautiful facility and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. The set was stunning!

photo (8)

The Hollow follows the story of a group of cousins and a doctor and his wife who meet at the Hollow family estate for a weekend getaway. During the play we find out about scandal, obsession and ultimately murder. Seems like we watch this on tv on the regular right? As the title implies, the good doctor is murdered and it’s up to the detectives (and you dear friend) to figure out whodunit. I have to proudly boast that I figured out who the murderer was!


Christie’s play has lots of comedic relief, along with tense moments in the play that are sure to make you say hmm. Go see it to beat the Houston heat. Go see it to support the arts. And, go see it to solve a nice little mystery. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.

The Hollow runs until August 4th on the Hubbard Stage. Tickets start at $26 and you may buy tickets here.

Images taken by Jann Whaley and courtesy of Alley Theatre

Disclosure: We received tickets to this event. As always, a belle’s opinions are her own! 

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From My Hometown to Yours Review

from my hometown

One of the things a belle loves most about Houston is the arts scene! Y’all had to have known that was coming. The city has a museum district and a theatre district that is happening! Last week, I saw a PHENOMENAL musical, From My Hometown, at the Ensemble Theatre in downtown Houston. The musical follows three men from Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia who have dreams of performing at the Apollo and making it big. The Ensemble Theatre dedicates itself to shows that illustrate the African-American experience, and this one did not disappoint.

From My Hometown is the season closer for the Ensemble Theatre, and lemme tell you, you HAVE to go see it. It really ends the season on a feel good note!

If you grew up on real music, and not this cookie cutter stuff they play on the radio nowadays, you will enjoy this musical! Expect to hear a little Otis Redding, Donny Hathaway, and other artists whose names I don’t know but songs I can sing .

The three performers (Jobari Parker-Namdar, Ron Johnson, Anthony BogessGlover) were absolutely talented. All of their voices harmonized well and the men had that soul that makes you bop your head and tap your feet. The musical incorporates classic songs from the Motown era. Trust me, you will be happy you attended this show!

The show ends on July 28th and you can get your tickets here. Tickets range from $20-$45.

Disclosure: We received tickets to this event. As always, a belle’s opinions are her own! 


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Welcome to Houston!

Texas 067

Hi friends! We’ve gotten quite a few emails asking where I’m at since I’ve been a little MIA on the blog and Fox 6 lately. As mentioned here, I’m living in Houston for a short while, but will be back in Atlanta soon! Tamika has been picking up my slack :), but I try to make up for it by tweeting a little.

A belle has been having a ball in Houston! I got the treat of my lil old life when Tamika and the mom came to visit me recently. This post will mark the first in our series of posts regarding our sisterly adventure. Y’all know how we roll!

That’s actually myself and NOT the sis–LOL!!!

H-Town welcomed us properly with our stay in Downtown’s Hotel ICON. Once a former bank, this luxurious hotel boasts an old vault, iconic restaurant (with a to die for breakfast buffet), breath taking Grecian design, and super comfy rooms. Since I’m talking about their breakfast check out what we had below. We have a chair waiting just for you!

Texas 135

Texas 143

Texas 142

Texas 149
Hotel ICON’s Omlettes are made fresh to order!

Check out our temporary digs below, y’all.

Texas 059

Texas 058

Texas 133.

We loved the color scheme outside our hotel room and inside. When you check them out do go and look at the restroom on the main floor. Its Asian theme is so lovely. Our room was cozy, yet roomy and the walls were adorned with pics of cows–only in Texas.

Texas 001

Hotel ICON‘s bathroom is very spacious. It has a tub and shower which is great for days when two belles need to get ready at the same time. Right?!

Texas 019

Texas 009

 Texas 013

Staying in the heart of Downtown Houston is perfect while touring. The sis and I were close to everything, with lots of cool joints within walking distance. We let valet take the car and we headed out to several areas in the city on foot.

Texas 422
More to come next week in regards to this FUN photo!

Texas 119

At night we roamed the streets of H-Town and even checked out this quaint spot that Beyoncé and Jay Z ate at recently called Sparrow Bar. Check out some of what we sipped & chowed down on there.

Texas 086

Texas 084
Ice cold still water out of beakers? These belles will take it!
Texas 087
Lavender buns–We ate a couple of these each! Don’t tell nobody!
Texas 091
Tamika had a corn chowder soup which was yummy & I had a lobster bisque.
Texas 109
Great list of dessert, but I chose the sin in the to-go container below!
Texas 115
Its name? Affogato! Taste? Toooo good. It consisted of: salted caramel sauce, bitter sweet chocolate-pecan toffee, caramel popcorn AND more!

This is just a taste of all of the fun we got into. Pun surely intended 🙂 Please stay connected with us via the channels below…

Stay tuned as we’ll give you the run down of our must see attractions and restaurants to try when you visit Houston! See you soon!!!

Texas 284

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Disclosure: Meals & stay were provided. As always a belle’s opinions are her own!

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