Belk Simple Spring Skincare Products + Tips

Happy Sunday, sweet peeps! A belle has had a long weekend but I am making it. I’ve traveled home to B’ham twice this week, Macon and back to our new home in Atlanta so, I am extremely beat. I think I will post up on the couch for the entire day! After having a chance to read many of your emails this a.m. this belle has to tell you about some of the products we use/like. Now that I think about it, this is our 1st Sunday blog post. Yay!!

Belk gave us a bag of beauty goodies to tell you about. Another post to come!!

What better way to celebrate the week than with simple/easy skincare products/tips, right? I am so elated to show you the items I was discussing on TV yesterday. For those of you that asked… the sis had a gala and speaking engagement on Friday & Saturday, which is why she didn’t come to Fox 6 with me. She wanted to come and I even had to hear her dramatic wails every time she thought about not being able to come chat with you all live!

Any hoo, y’all know we are excited that spring is near. This time of year we are not only cleaning our closets, but we are making sure our skin is as clear/clean as it can be. We have some easy tips below, but first I want to talk about 3 must-haves this spring when it comes to skincare. You can find all of these products at Belk and they all are fab, fab, FAB! Here’s why:

Ahava’s Mud Mask and moisturizer is so lovely on the skin. It makes it soft and removes excessive oils which can cause breakouts. If you want to try something that is fast and easy then head to Belk ASAP (order online from them if they aren’t in your hood). These products will work wonders.

The mask only stays on your face for 2 minutes and you’re done. Follow up with their moisturizer and you’re good to go, honey. After using both for a few weeks now, my skin feels even more refreshed and that always make me shimmy!

Oh yeah.. you don’t have to use too much of the moisturizer as a little goes a long way!

Your tips await you! ♥♥ 

1. If you wear makeup or not make sure that you always clean your face at night. What product to use? Find one that you can’t live without!

2. Cleanse your face with a product that purifies your skin. I just told you all about Ahava, so, try it. 🙂

3. Moisturize.
4. If you have thin eyebrows use a brow styler to give your face a fresh even look.
5. Consistency is key. Repeat these steps for glowing spring skin.
If you have thin brows like myself then try this fierce baby out. It will make your face pop as brows set the tone for a clear/happy face, and makes your skin look that much better. This brow styler is the It’s shaped like a pen and has a dual effect. You use the left side to fill in your brows and the right side to blend/brush. Fab combo! Until next time, friends!
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Fab Frugal Finds: Winter+Sales=Happy Me!

Sweater/Necklace: Macy’s

Earrings: the beehive atlanta

Shoes: Belk

Skirt: Alexis Suitcase

Turtleneck: Stolen from Mom’s closet (Shhhh!)

Purse/blue scarf: Coach/the sis’s

Hey beautiful people! The sis and I hope you had a fab weekend. Was it cold in your hood? All of a sudden winter wants to kick in and these belle’s are happy to finally wear clothes to keep warm. Being in the South, we don’t get a lot of cold weather, but honey we were glad it decided to stop by and hang out!

As always, we’ve been shopping on a budget and wanted to show y’all some recent cute finds. Check out the prices below below!!

Brown sweater: $9, Bangle: $5
Handmade Earrings: $14, Necklace: $7 (both on sale)
$10 on SALE at Belk! LOVE this store.

Find any recent sales that were so good you couldn’t beat it with a stick?

Spring into Style 2013

Well, it’s cold (finally) in Atlanta, but a belle is already planning her Spring wardrobe. I mean, what fashionista isn’t?!

The sis and I were invited to attend Belk’s Spring preview (read fall 2012 here) and were giddy with excitement by all the beautiful things we saw. The uber fashionable Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction, presented on all the new trends.

I apologize we didn’t tweet our looks out that day. If I must say so myself, a belle was super stylish for the event–Tamika even had on 3″ heels!!!

As you all know, we are deeply proud of being Southern. We love shopping at Belk and are always excited with the quality of clothing they have. Without further adieu, let’s go into what’s going to be hot for the Spring. As Goldstein says, GO BOLD OR GO HOME! It’s all about the color!

Chunky necklaces are here to stay, so run out and buy them. Get you a nasty neckpiece. Don’t be afraid of BRIGHT colors when it comes to your jewelry. As the sis likes to say, accessories can make an outfit pop.

For starters, one of the big colors for the Spring is green. Wear green, but don’t be green with envy!

We have some similar shoes we’ll be posing in soon!

Peplum is going to be huge for the season! It is NOT going out of style. You can wear peplum shirts, jackets, dresses, etc. Trust, that Tamika and I will be prancing around town in peplum my darlings.

We’ll talk about more Spring styles in the coming weeks and show you what we’re rocking.  Trust that you’ll want to see a belle in her springtime attire. Stay tuned!

Are you ready for the Spring?

Images courtesy of Belk 

Tête-à-tête Thursdays: Spring Fashion Trends with Arlene Goldstein

A fashion ring is the perfect way to add color to your outfits.


Isn’t spring such a fun time of the year? Bold colors, statement pieces and all the fun in the cool breeze makes the season right. We had the opportunity to interview Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction at Belk, Inc.

With over 25 years in the fashion industry, we had to ask her about you guessed it…spring fashion and trends. The gist of what was shared with us is that a belle should use jewelry, makeup, purses, etc. to add color to your spring wardrobe. Read on, so you can get your spring wardrobe ready. Read More

Shoe Attack: Sam Edelman Interview

Sam Edelman’s spring 2012 Collection

“Fashion is discipline.”– Sam Edelman

What the heck happened to our weekend, friends?! Did you have a great weekend? Shermika and I had a busy, but fab one. As always it went by too fast for a belle. On Saturday alone, we interviewed shoe designer Sam Edelman early in the morning at Belk, spoke at an empowerment conference for teen girls, and then had to do our weekend hobby: shopping! Y’all know we were out and about while loving every second.

Sam, as he asked us to call him, was the hippest, coolest, sharpest dressed shoe designer at Belk. Okay, he was the only shoe designer there, but that’s besides the point. The man is a genius and we’ll tell you why!

We have NEVER seen a dressing room/interview room like this! Cute, cute, CUTE! Like Shermika’s shoes? They’re Sam Edelman’s of course 😉

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