Book Love: I Brake for Yard Sales…

Hope you had a beautiful weekend filled with¬†happiness, shopping, and MORE shopping! Name one thing shopping can’t cure? Didn’t think so. ūüôā This weekend we’ve been a little in and out of the house, but did want to tell y’all about this book a belle loves by Lara Spencer: I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster. If you adore thrifting like us, then this book is perfect for you! Who doesn’t need more¬†thriftiness in their life? I can’t think of one soul!!

If any of you want to¬†start thrifting, but don’t know how–this is your book. It not only teaches you how to spot treasures , but how to make you house a home with thrifted items. It’s filled with tons of beautiful pics/ideas/stories and is perfect for any thrifting belle!

Don’t forget to take it with you when you go shopping because it’s perfect for your purse and you’ll have it as a handy¬†reference¬†when shopping. Happy thrifting, y’all! You can thank us with a cute fist pump!

Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks so much, y’all! Our opinions are a belle’s own. 

Book Love: Home

If you haven’t read Toni Morrison’s work, shame on you. I’ll stop and wait while you go to your local bookstore and purchase one of her works. Got it? Good. I’ve been a fan of Toni Morrison since reading A Mercy. A belle got her hands on Morrison’s phone spy app latest work, Home, and was thoroughly free java homework help impressed.

Fueled with a desire to save his sister Cee and battling his inner demons, Korean War veteran Frank Money (don’t you just love that name?) sets out on a search to find his true home–and ultimately finds himself. I was taken away with Frank’s journey and the delicate way Morrison structured the emotive novel. With her poignant prose and beautiful language, Morrison captivates the reader with scenes of how African American women were used as science experiments, the theory of eugenics, and the pain that comes with having served ones country yet still experiencing the brunt reality of racism.

Morrison leads us on a journey where Frank tells the reader his story and how did writing help shape judaism the reader is told Cee’s story, as well other stories that are woven in between. Her poetic expressions are sprinkled in, causing one to feel both hope and dismay. With her signature style, Morrison explores race relations, family, intimacy, and what it means to be black in America. Anyone can appreciate this book. I was blown away with how Morrison tackled such complex issues with brevity. But then again, this woman is an artist, and with each stroke of her pen, you can see vividly into the souls of each of her characters. Although it is one of her shorter works, I promise you won’t be dissappointed. Home is a quick read, but I always found myself flipping back to earlier chapters just to “get” things. This is one thing I LOVE about Morrison’s work. She pushes the reader to understand what she really means. Add Home to your summer reading list while you lounge poolside in those cute heels. You won’t regret it. You can buy the book on Amazon or download it to your Kindle. Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks, y‚Äôall! Our opinions are a belle‚Äôs own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.

Book Love: By Invitation Only…

It’s fun being invited to something, right? Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, you should have heard of Gilt Groupe by now. If not, keep reading this post and thank me later with heels and gophers. I’ve been a Gilt Groupe member for a while and enjoying oohing and ahhing over designer duds for rock bottom prices. I have yet to buy something (hopefully, that will change) since I’m finicky about ordering clothing/shoes online. Perhaps I’ll find a killer bag however, but then again, by the time I decide upon something it’s gone! Anyhow, a belle got her hands on By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. Similar to its aptly named title, the book delves into the two A’s (as they’re called) backgrounds and how these two women literally changed sample sale shopping (pardon the alliteration). The authors clearly explain how they built Gilt, all while never allowing their friendship to suffer.

By Invitation Only… is a great read for anyone interested in business–especially women. It offers helpful tips such as how to find the right partner for your business, how to ensure you’re getting in business for the right reasons and so on. Alexis and Alexandra give great insight into how they made the company into what is is today. They combined their talents with Alexis working in the tech world and Alexandra working in the fashion sector to create Gilt Groupe, an online shopping site that will make you swoon. The book is extremely inspirational and I REALLY enjoyed reading it. It fueled my desire to someday own my own business and make that dream a reality. If you’re a fashion lover, I know you’ll dig this read. I even learned about the two A’s travel adventures, and y’all know we love to travel. I highly recommend adding this book to your summer reading list. It has the right amount of inspiration and determination. Talk about a recipe for success! You can buy the book on Amazon or get it on your Kindle. Disclosure: The book was sent to us for review. Thanks, y’all! Our opinions are a belle‚Äôs own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.

Book Love: A Rare Titanic Family

It’s been 100 years since the sinking of the once proclaimed “unsinkable” Titanic ship. Long time, right? Y’all know that the sinking of the ship still intrigues people. I’ve enjoyed watching the specials over the years, wondering what treasures lie beneath the sea and lamenting the lives lost.

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the¬†story of the Titanic was made into a famous movie starring Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio that was recently released on the big screen in 3D. Who can forget that scene with DiCaprio and Winslett on the bow of the ship?

Well, a belle got her little hands on a book written by a the great-niece of a Titanic survivor and to say I had a great read is an understatement. A Rare Titanic: The Caldwell’s Story of Survival¬†by Julie Hedgepeth Williams is about Albert and Sylvia Caldwell, former missionaries and survivors of the Titanic.

For all you local readers, Williams is a professor at Samford University. She opens the story by introducing the Caldwell’s educational background and how they became missionaries. The reader is led on a journey with their modest upbringings, Sylvia’s acting and singing and Albert’s hope to be the principal of a school in Siam (now Thailand). We learn about the Caldwell’s cross country sailing to Siam, their fleeing the area due to Sylvia’s mysterious illness, and¬†their time spent on the doomed ship.

The book makes one feel as if they are actually on-board the Titanic¬†with Albert, Sylvia and their son Alden. I could visualize the food the Caldwell’s ate as they dined amongst the ship like royalty. You can feel the fear as the story is told about what happens when the Titanic hits the¬†iceberg and what ensues. Williams does a great job with giving a lot of historical context; she even delves into what happens to the Caldwell’s after the Titanic. I won’t spoil this for you though.

If you are a history buff, or just a nerd like me, I know you’ll enjoy this book. The Titanic is such a fascinating part of history and the book offers an insight into the history of the Caldwell’s true survival. The stories that are told are quite fascinating, and it is refreshing to know Williams cemented her family’s place in history with this book.

You can buy the book on Amazon here or on Kindle. These links are affiliate links. Are you intrigued by the history of the Titanic? What book(s) are you currently reading?

Update: Check out out fun at the Titanic exhibition in Atlanta, GA!!!

Disclosure: The book was sent to us by New South Books for review. Our opinions are a belle’s own. The Amazon link is an affiliate link.

Book Love: The Reverend’s Wife

Y’all, an extremely busy belle has had a little time to do some reading lately. A few weeks ago I received a review copy of The Reverend’s Wife by New York Times Bestselling Author Kimberla Lawson Roby.

The novel centers around a pastor, Curtis Black, and his deteriorating marriage with his wife Charlotte. For all of our lovely B’ham readers, Roby will be here tomorrow for a book signing. Don’t worry, this review is not a spoiler! Read More