2014 Spring Beauty Must Haves

photo 3 (4)Heeeey, friends! This is our first post of the New Year and we are beyond excited. The sis and I want to start the year off right by talking about how to get your face BEAT CHILE! There’s nothing like a simple face made up with some of the best products that don’t cause your wallet to scream. Less expensive does NOT mean junk. Beauty lesson for 2014: Be open to try new things and have fun!!!!

Spring is coming upon us. Ladies, we have to embrace color & use makeup that makes us look fab from day to night.

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NO foundation–only blush, eyeshadow, and fierce lips. We both rocked Starlooks on our eyes & Cate McNabb on our lips!

A belle has been dabbling around in a few beauty products and just had to share them with y’all. If you missed our segment on Fox 6 News, don’t fret because a belle has you covered.

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New to makeup? Well, before putting on any makeup, start with a clean face. Tamika and I both get lots of compliments on our skin. We always clean thoroughly to remove dirt and oil.

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Our fave beauty gadget that helps us do just that? Revlon’s Advanced Facial cleansing system does the job. It has six interchangeable attachments that will have your face feeling renewed! You can use any cleanser of your choice, but be sure to clean your face every night. Got us? Good!

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Cate McNabb cosmetics are hitting the scene next month. It is a line of beauty products that are all natural (you read right), and encompasses eyeliners, gloss, and more. Tamika and I wore the lip gloss, and let me tell you….it is FAN-TASTIC! We both rocked their “Pink Lady” shade. It’s fun, flirty & can be worn day or night. The sis applied a little more gloss to her lips to achieve a brighter pink color, whereas I did a light application for a subtle daytime look. Either way you cannot go wrong.

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The lighter lip gloss is “Mauve” & she’s just as LOVELY!!! My everyday gloss.

I am often in search of cute colors that don’t peel on my lips or leave a residue. With these lip glosses, we were not disappointed as they actually lasted AND did not peel. Score!

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Eyeliner with a built-in brush? Yep! Easy to use & is smudge-proof. Yeeeees, ladies!!

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We adore this line and will be making some purchases very soon. Aren’t these colored eyeliners adorable? Spring on the fun!!

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Starlooks is an online monthly subscription service of cosmetics: eye-shadow, blush, etc. The monthly “StarBox” is $15 and you may cancel at anytime.  On air, we wore the eye shadows from May 2013’s StarBox. Although our colors were natural, spring is about having fun with color…so we added color liners to our eyes for a pop. When you buy your blush, shadow, or lipstick, keep this in mind. Also, we have an extra StarBox for the 1st beauty to leave a comment & follow/like our latest Instagram post referencing this blog post. Good luck! It pays to read, right?!

So, what colors/products will you rock this spring?

DISCLAIMER: These items were sent to a belle for review over a period of time. This most certainly doesn’t affect our opinion in any way!

Tips on How to Survive Summer Markets/Festivals in Style

A box of 6 ran a belle around $20 for these fun beauties!

Update: There are a few more tips in the video below that I discussed last Saturday!!!

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It’s that time of the year that a belle loves, loves, LOVES to do a lot of outdoor shopping. The weather is perfect, we get in a little exercise & the fresh air is plentiful. We belles adore the fact that we can buy a lot of  fab products & items from small local businesses during festival/market time.

When shopping at various markets/fests it’s important to come prepared so that you can 1. enjoy yourself & 2. save money so you can  shop MORE. The sis & I have a few tips below to help you navigate outdoor shopping like a pro. We do it multuple times of the year & have a simple list for you!



1. Bring your own water, soda, iced coffee, or juice— Always keep in mind that whereever we can save money, we do! Many fests will sell drinks at prices that shouldn’t be legal. Try using a reusable cup like the ones pictured above & fill it with your refreshment of choice. You may do a lot of walking, so this is a must-have. Shopping always makes these belles thirsty. Right?

2. Negotiate because you never know— Ask if the seller is willing to give you a discount if you buy more items. Just because an item has a price on it doesn’t always mean that the seller isn’t willing to give you a few dollars off. If you don’t feel comfy negotiating, have someone who is to do it for you. In my case, I don’t feel comfy doing so, but the sis LOVES it. She eats it up & gets a kick out of always saving extra money this way. I have plenty of cute cheap finds because of her!!

3. Walk past all booths, then purchase items that you can use over & over— This way you know what’s being sold by every vendor. Find items that will bring you enjoyment even after you see it for the 1st time. This may be a candle, a dish that you see/use everyday, etc. These will always remind you of the sweet little treasures you’ve worked so hard to find.

4. Bring a cute/stylish bag to carry your goodies in— When shopping outdoors it’s always a good idea to have a bag that has plenty of room. Besides that, we require that it’s cute, honey! If you rock a stylish reusable bag you are more inclined to wear it.  We adore the ones we have listed below & you can purchase one here from the sweetest local ATL artist. Prices start at $20. I know we’ve told you about him on air at Fox 6 & the blog. He creates the designs & even draws many of them by hand (he creates custom orders too). Also, keep the bag in your trunk so that it’s always waiting on your fab finds.


These handmade soaps are To. DIE. For. Period!! She’s local here in ATL & sale items that work fab on everything from your lips to your body. We’ve purchased  multiple items & can’t wait to blog about them. Check them out here!

Beautiful colors/scents!!
Mr. Owl was priced for $6, but I paid $4 after the sis negotiated.

Isn’t he cute? He’s placed on a table in my bedroom.


We adore these candles. The smells are out of this world. These hand-crafted soy candles are locally made by the sweetest lady we met recently at a fest here. These retail for $10 & you can check them out NOW!

The texture of these candles are unlike any I’ve seen.

Get a tote that’s sturdy & cute. You will NOT go wrong with the design you choose. We have two of the cutest designs that he’s still selling online. Take a look.

Extra large market tote fit for any belle. Go check out his many styles!

 Any great tips you’d like to share? Any cute finds!

Belk Simple Spring Skincare Products + Tips

Happy Sunday, sweet peeps! A belle has had a long weekend but I am making it. I’ve traveled home to B’ham twice this week, Macon and back to our new home in Atlanta so, I am extremely beat. I think I will post up on the couch for the entire day! After having a chance to read many of your emails this a.m. this belle has to tell you about some of the products we use/like. Now that I think about it, this is our 1st Sunday blog post. Yay!!

Belk gave us a bag of beauty goodies to tell you about. Another post to come!!

What better way to celebrate the week than with simple/easy skincare products/tips, right? I am so elated to show you the items I was discussing on TV yesterday. For those of you that asked… the sis had a gala and speaking engagement on Friday & Saturday, which is why she didn’t come to Fox 6 with me. She wanted to come and I even had to hear her dramatic wails every time she thought about not being able to come chat with you all live!

Any hoo, y’all know we are excited that spring is near. This time of year we are not only cleaning our closets, but we are making sure our skin is as clear/clean as it can be. We have some easy tips below, but first I want to talk about 3 must-haves this spring when it comes to skincare. You can find all of these products at Belk and they all are fab, fab, FAB! Here’s why:

Ahava’s Mud Mask and moisturizer is so lovely on the skin. It makes it soft and removes excessive oils which can cause breakouts. If you want to try something that is fast and easy then head to Belk ASAP (order online from them if they aren’t in your hood). These products will work wonders.

The mask only stays on your face for 2 minutes and you’re done. Follow up with their moisturizer and you’re good to go, honey. After using both for a few weeks now, my skin feels even more refreshed and that always make me shimmy!

Oh yeah.. you don’t have to use too much of the moisturizer as a little goes a long way!

Your tips await you! ♥♥ 

1. If you wear makeup or not make sure that you always clean your face at night. What product to use? Find one that you can’t live without!

2. Cleanse your face with a product that purifies your skin. I just told you all about Ahava, so, try it. 🙂

3. Moisturize.
4. If you have thin eyebrows use a brow styler to give your face a fresh even look.
5. Consistency is key. Repeat these steps for glowing spring skin.
If you have thin brows like myself then try this fierce baby out. It will make your face pop as brows set the tone for a clear/happy face, and makes your skin look that much better. This brow styler is the bomb.com. It’s shaped like a pen and has a dual effect. You use the left side to fill in your brows and the right side to blend/brush. Fab combo! Until next time, friends!
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Fab Thrifty Finds: A Challenge with Fox 6 WBRC News

$1.50 well spent

Who said thrifting can’t be fun? When a belle got the call to appear on Fox 6 WBRC news again and talk to viewers about thrifting, we shaked and shimmied. Even the dog was doing a happy dance! If you’ve been reading ArtBLT for some time, you know I’m frugal–and I’ve made Tamika get with the program. I coupon, I deal hunt, I thrift, and my sister joins in on the fun! She’s ALMOST as good as spotting a deal as me. Keyword is almost, y’all. Check out our vid!


Tamika and I had a ball as we explained to viewers how to shop at thrift stores and get more bang for their buck. Fox 6 News challenged us to spend $15 on a complete outfit from the thrift store. We visited the Salvation Army on Hwy 150 in Hoover and went to town! On Wednesday’s, items are 25%, so y’all know Tamika and I had no problem getting our shop on for cheap.

Here is what we found:

Khaki blazer $5.99 less 75%=$1.50 (Jimmy Hale)

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%=$5.24

Blue necklace $0.49 less 25%=$0.37

The sis paid: $7.11 total for her cute finds! 

Purse: Coach

Shoes: Rampage

I love these Rampage shoes. {link:http://artblt.com}This is their Kardinal Leopard print{/link}… She just LOVES the bows!


Since colored pants are in for the season, both Tamika and I went thrifting with that in mind. It’s important to have a game strategy while thrifting so you won’t spend endless hours on the racks. Fortunately, we managed to find what we were looking for, which is a good thing because I am a hard fit.

Black sequined shirt $4.99 less 25%= $3.74

Pink pants $6.99 less 25%= $5.24

Shoes: Aldo

With taxes, I came out at $9.78. Talk about a great deal!

Looks like a belle met the challenge and got an outfit under $15. Whoever said thrifting didn’t look this good? You can find cute threads no matter if you are a size 2 or 22. The thrift store is a treasure hunt. Do you thrift? Check back soon for some great thrifting tips!

Fun Easter Craft Projects

Happy Good Friday write my essay for me everyone!! We are so glad that the weekend is here. Easter is around the corner and we have a few decorating ideas for the holiday to jazz spy app for iphone up your home. Shermika and I adore spring, so you know that we had to have a lot of color on our dining room table.

We’ve finally finished our Easter projects, but haven’t started baking yet as we will probably do it tonight if the power doesn’t go out. Don’t you just love the eggs we have pictured above? Tomorrow we will be showing these cute/fun inedible eggs on Fox mobile spy app 6 News around 8:10 AM so do check us out! Update at 11:48 PM on 4.7.12: Here is the video from Easter Fox 6 segment. Extra pic added below too.   Read More